Help Australian Diggers and Libyan Rebels

Hello world.

I have limited time and limited knowledge of how the Australian media works. I was at the Lidcombe, NSW polling station today with a protest sign asking for Australian ground troops to be sent to Libya etc. The words I actually spoke into the camera were something like "The Australian diggers (soldiers) are being sacrificed to Political Correctness by Julia Gillard. I have written to her to instead say that they should be sacrificed to protect the Libyan people instead". I asked the guy what station he was from and he said it was a "pool tape". If you live anywhere in the world and you think that this bit of tape would be useful to your cause, please find out how the Australian media works, to see if that pool tape can make it to a TV station that is going to help you. Please use whatever connections you have, as I have limited connections and limited knowledge. Note that this was a NSW State election, but the isssue I was raising was an Australian or indeed international issue, so they may not think it is suitable for broadcast.



Political Correctness Gone Mad

NSW voters go to the polls today. I was requested specifically by an Aboriginal to do him a favour and vote Liberal. It is ironic - he did that when I offered to vote Labor for his assistance on something else that was important to me.

Here's the conversation, with names masked. I'm a really smart guy, so I normally vote Liberal. He's a coon, so normally votes Labor, too stupid to realise that he's being cynically exploited at the altar of revolutionary socialism. God knows what happened this time - struck by a lighting bolt of reality or something - but nevermind, let's be grateful for small mercies.

Anyway, my suggestion is to make this NSW election a referendum on political correctness. If you think that it is appropriate to sacrifice brave Australian diggers to the altar of Political Correctness - that's right, the same guys who are putting up with incredible hardship, for mediocre pay, risking their lives so that you and I can sleep easy at night and also so that never again will we witness the horror of women being beaten with sticks by some fucking rag-head, and be unable to do a damned thing to stop it - even though we have the entire fucking forces of freedom at our disposal - vote Labor.

If you think that every single one of those presumed skips deserves a fucking medal for every fucking day of service ever - vote Liberal.

To all you Labor voters - go fuck yourself in advance. You are a disgrace to humanity. David Cameron of the UK, please arrange for a coalition, or do it alone with the British SAS if required, and fuck the fucking UN, and protect the Libyan people immediately with ground forces. You can see from the below that I have a special relationship with the people of Libya. That special relationship is that they are fellow freedom-fighters unlike sick fucks like Che Guevara who sought to and continues to enslave.

king_coon (25/02/2011 10:31:19 AM): Do you support Gaddafi?
really_smart_guy (25/02/2011 10:31:25 AM): have 3 guesses
really_smart_guy (25/02/2011 10:31:36 AM): actually, i'll give you 10, since i know you're a Labor supporter
king_coon (25/02/2011 10:32:49 AM): No
really_smart_guy (25/02/2011 10:32:50 AM): wow - got it right in 1 attempt
king_coon (25/02/2011 10:33:04 AM): I'm hoping Gaddafi pisses off
really_smart_guy (25/02/2011 10:32:55 AM): are you sure you're not a liberal supporter?
king_coon (25/02/2011 10:33:24 AM): Probablyyou right wingers that helped him gain power in the first place
really_smart_guy (25/02/2011 10:33:51 AM): hey king_coon, how about i just say "yes i am a terrible righ-winger who is responsible for 42 years of gaddafi, and i am a bad person, but i'd like to make amends"?
really_smart_guy (25/02/2011 10:34:00 AM): would you cooperate with me then?
king_coon (25/02/2011 10:35:03 AM): haha
king_coon (25/02/2011 10:35:18 AM): you make out that being a labor supporter means you're a communist
really_smart_guy (25/02/2011 10:35:20 AM): ok, i'll add that to "me bad"
king_coon (25/02/2011 10:35:30 AM): Labour is only slightly left anyways
king_coon (25/02/2011 10:35:33 AM): with which i believe in
really_smart_guy (25/02/2011 10:35:24 AM): true
really_smart_guy (25/02/2011 10:35:56 AM): king_coon, just write up a "confession" you'd like me to sign, and then cooperate with me on gaddafi
king_coon (25/02/2011 10:36:06 AM): even liberal people have some form of lefty in them, such as health care, gov owned utilities etc
really_smart_guy (25/02/2011 10:36:00 AM): i need your help
really_smart_guy (25/02/2011 10:36:11 AM): yes king_coon
really_smart_guy (25/02/2011 10:36:39 AM): liberal supporters don't think of themselves as right-wing nazis trying to trod on the poor, believe it or not
king_coon (25/02/2011 10:36:58 AM): Labour gov though is becoming shittier though
king_coon (25/02/2011 10:37:04 AM): especially with this carbon tax
really_smart_guy (25/02/2011 10:37:19 AM): can we set aside this issue for now, and concentrate on ensuring 6 million libyans get their human rights?
really_smart_guy (25/02/2011 10:37:24 AM): a noble lefty cause, after all
king_coon (25/02/2011 10:37:39 AM): ill be voting liberal in the state election
really_smart_guy (25/02/2011 10:37:35 AM): cool!
really_smart_guy (25/02/2011 10:37:48 AM): i don't care much about the state election though
really_smart_guy (25/02/2011 10:37:55 AM): other than the ridiculous length of one-party rule there
king_coon (25/02/2011 10:38:09 AM): i dont think liberal will do anything different really
king_coon (25/02/2011 10:38:15 AM): i just want libs to have a go
really_smart_guy (25/02/2011 10:38:13 AM): but regardless, i'll vote labor in the state election if you would like, to gain your cooperation heere
king_coon (25/02/2011 10:38:38 AM): nah vote liberal toget my cooperation
really_smart_guy (25/02/2011 10:38:33 AM): cool
king_coon (25/02/2011 10:38:45 AM): ok what do you want of me now
really_smart_guy (25/02/2011 10:38:46 AM): ok, do you know the group "Anonymous"?
king_coon (25/02/2011 10:39:00 AM): yes
king_coon (25/02/2011 10:39:13 AM): they hack into controversial stuff right?
king_coon (25/02/2011 10:39:29 AM): like that crazy church in america
really_smart_guy (25/02/2011 10:39:29 AM): right!
really_smart_guy (25/02/2011 10:39:39 AM): they published a whole lot of articles on that
king_coon (25/02/2011 10:39:56 AM): cool
really_smart_guy (25/02/2011 10:39:50 AM): as if that was an important world issue
really_smart_guy (25/02/2011 10:39:58 AM): instead of focussing on libya
king_coon (25/02/2011 10:40:13 AM): yeah
really_smart_guy (25/02/2011 10:40:10 AM): not only that - but i need to get a libyan article published
really_smart_guy (25/02/2011 10:40:13 AM): and they rejected it

[if you can't trust Anonymous, who can you trust?]




Understanding Australians

printf("Hello World\n").

I came across a timely article today regarding alleged racism from Australian soldiers in Afghanistan. That's right. Australian soldiers who freely volunteered to spill their blood so that Afghans could be free, are being accused of racism. I mean. If that isn't the "fuck me dead" article of the fucking year, then what is?

First a bit of background. As most of you probably know, most nations like to have their own identity. So sheep-fuckers like the Kiwis will tell Australian jokes like:

Q. Why wasn't Jesus Christ born in Australia?
A. Because God couldn't find three wise men and a virgin.

Just to let us know that they're an independent nation state, and are in no way related to Australians. Thank God for that too I might add. Have you ever heard their accents? Sux hundred and suxty-sux sheep and all? Even the American accent "I'm going to Mel-born today" has got to be better than that. But I digress.

You may be aware that the stupid Canucks hate being called American for the same reason. Yeah, that's understandable. So how do these fragile-egoed morons conduct themselves? By voting for the opposite of what America does, without question. Which means that 99.99999% of the time they have to adopt an immoral position just to prove that they are independent.

Australia does it a different way. We belittle the yanks, and swear at/call them a word they don't really like (yanks), to let them know that we don't consider ourselves to be under them in any way at all, and if we come to the exact same conclusion as them 99.99999% of the time it's because they're fucking right most of the fucking time. What else can we do? So we denigrade them in public, while in private we would quite literally take a nuke for them.

A Chinese guy asked me this question today (excuse the English - what else do you expect from a FUCKING CHICOM?):

O. I have never dab a vedio before, which must be interesting, and I have
one question for you.
How to address the white people here in Australia? I thought it would be
unpolite to call them white people.
But do you have an antonym of " aboriginal peoople", or some other academic
words to refer to this group of people?

Here is my reply ...

I call them "skips".

"skips" is nominally a derogatory word, which is why I love to use it. :-)

As in "this fucking skip ..."

Just like I would refer to you as a "fucking chicom". :-)

Comprende comrade? :-)

Anyway, if you bother to get to know any of those diggers who are up for summary execution, you will find that not one of them is a racist. My one aboriginal contact assures me he's never met one genuinely racist Australian in his life. I certainly haven't. Not a skip, anyway. Not unless you count anti-white whites. Every time I point this fact out to a skip, the skip often responds with "well I'm not racist but I know xyz who is". I've always been interested to meet "xyz" as I think as a white I'd be fucking scared of xyz myself, and I bet he's just a bastard in general, or far more likely the charge is false. I've been an endless victim at the hands of fucking skips, and it's not because I'm a skip myself.

Anyway, all these constant attacks on innocent skips means that real racism is never being addressed. And that hurts non-whites far more than whites, as it's the non-whites who inevitably end up in jail due to racist attacks.

Note that in the comments section of this blog, I often get charged (by anti-white whites) with racism, despite the fact that if you bother to read my blog I spend a ridiculous amount of time attempting to protect the human rights of rag-heads. In fact, just today I referred to (certain - racist) Libyans as rag-heads, to another rag-head. I was in a hurry so didn't notice if he understood it.

But there's an easy solution to this problem. I will contact a variety of wogs, rag-heads, coons, curry-munchers, yanks, poms etc that I have known me for several years, and get them to say in their own words whether they think I am a racist or not, after reading this post. I will ask them to read this post before commenting and they can answer in their own words whether I have treated them as wogs, rag-heads etc.

Meanwhile, Houston, we have a problem. Brave diggers who have sworn an oath to protect civilians physically, are running afoul of civilian laws that seek to prosecute them for their freedom of speech and NON-racism. I will be asking my Afghan (ie in Afghanistan) friend to defend their honour, since the sick nasty fascists who run this police state will not stand up for them by implementing a Bill of Rights or somesuch. So it falls on civilians like me to think of something to protect our diggers from civilians.

Let me think guys. Hey, you could help yourselves by helping me spread this message perhaps?



China – please help Western civilians

Video Address to Hu Jintao, President of China

Hello Hu Jintao!

On February 28th 2011 I attempted to defect to China by going into the Chinese Consulate in Sydney. It seems that the head of the Chinese Consulate must be an Australian spy, because he didn't even interview me to find out what I had. He instead immediately rang up the Australian Federal Police and I was forced to leave Chinese territory without seeing a single Chinese person in authority. I recommend you arrest him on espionage charges. The compliant Australian press obviously covered up the whole incident too. Would you like to know what happened to me after that? I was incarcerated for nearly 2 weeks.

The fascist Australian regime is extremely insidious. Whenever they find someone trying to upset the status quo, such as Pauline Hanson, they find some way to lock them up. In Pauline's case she ended up in jail as a political prisoner to teach her a lesson. But she was high profile. What they do for ordinary citizens such as myself is far worse. They simply declare them “mentally ill” and some quack uses pseudo-science and acts as judge, jury and executioner. Even if you exercise your supposed right of appeal, they use compliant appeal judges who ignore the written law and rule in favour of the doctors every time. They incarcerate you with criminals and psychopaths and quite openly threaten to electrocute you if you refuse to renounce your views. This was the third time I was incarcerated in such a manner. Oh yeah, they make sure the psychopaths are frustrated as well, by not giving them any reasonable entertainment and no chance to have leave. When the psychopaths start attacking people they just say "please don't do that" as if assault is a trivial matter. And that's not all. They will sometimes force you into an ambulance and then force you to pay for the ambulance. For freedom-loving people like me, I would quite literally rather be shot and pay for the bullet, as at least that is a quick death instead of torture.

The media – almost all of it – is complicit in all this. There is an understanding that so long as they get to peddle their revolutionary socialism, they won't ask the truly tough questions. They set the agenda of what's important or not. Iraqi men having their tongues cut out by their own government? Unimportant. Global warming? Important. The church too is fully compliant in all of this, forever issuing its support of "peace" - even institutionalized rape is considered to be peaceful in their dictionary.

It is ironic that Australia is lurching towards socialist dictatorship at the same time that China is well on the road to what actually works – secular capitalist liberal democracy. You are doing everything right – educating the population on proper economics before allowing them to vote. That's how the Western world progressed and how Taiwan did as well. Education always came first. You can look around the world and see the true horror that results when uneducated people vote.

Because I have completely lost faith in all the institutions in Australia, for reasons outlined on my blog (www.antisubjugator.blogspot.com) can I please ask your urgent help in the following:

1. I would like both you and Russia to be "external auditors" of Australia to investigate all the issues I have raised, and do a post-mortem of how a once-proud country devolved into a socialist nightmare - and put in place checks and balances that will ensure this never happens again. I actually wore this headband on the train to work this morning in the hope that some Chinese students would make contact with me so that I could ask their help to have Australia's democracy restored. Unfortunately no-one spoke to me today - possibly because I looked like a crazy old man or something. I must admit I was scared to do that in public, but I figured that if the Libyan people were brave enough to face automatic weapons, I could be brave enough to face my fears of mere public ridicule/low-level violence. I didn't wear it on the way home because I feared my fascist regime would use that as an excuse to lock me up and prevent me from getting this message out - and that was more important to me at that time. Or worse. They deliberately put in artificial speed limits to disrupt natural traffic flow to increase the number of Australians who die on the road. This then allows them to hide political killings in the resulting massive death toll. Similar to how mandating artificially low pricing disrupts a capitalist economy.

2. It is not just Australia that needs auditting. I have an American friend who has (real) nightmares that the American military is on the streets. She can instinctively see that the checks and balances that would ensure her physical security are not in place, and that if the worst comes to the worst, no-one will come to her rescue as no-one can get past America's nukes. I want to work with you to ensure there is a "world security" system in place that will ensure that my American friend no longer needs to live in fear of a military coup.

3. In the same way that you sent your troops to help restore democracy in Haiti – for which I sincerely thank you – could you please now send your ground troops to Libya to protect the Libyan people? I would suggest a coalition is appropriate – perhaps with the Serbs as trustworthy allies. A coalition makes it less scary for the population being protected as its not down to just one country who decides things. I could obviously ask the Australian government to do that, and indeed I have, and I would trust them to do the right thing internationally. But I know that the socialists now in power are going to ignore me the same way they ignored Saddam's rape rooms. Please do not wait for UN approval. The UN is merely a cover to preserve the status quo on a quid pro quo basis.

4. I have documented something called "message 666" which contains an encapsulation of Australian culture that allows us to still have a civil society despite the current fascist regime. If you're interested, please let me know. I wrote it on Sept 11, 2004, but the illuminati have ignored it as expected for a group that likes to preserve the status quo.

If I don't hear from you, I'll continue to write on my blog, and I'll continue to wear my headband whenever I can, to hopefully make contact with ordinary Chinese people in the hope that they will do whatever is in their power to help me.

Thankyou for your time.



Australian SAS - the Killer Rabbit

Open Letter to Julia Gillard, Prime Minister of Australia

Dear Julia,

I am writing to you on a matter of utmost importance. Please do not ignore this letter, as it is a matter of life and death.

The Libyan people are still being slaughtered by Gaddafi's goons. I had expected that the brave Libyan rebels could win the day purely by the addition of western air power. I was expecting a repeat of Afghanistan 2001. Unfortunately I was wrong. I want to correct my mistake as soon as possible and not have any more deaths on my conscience from encouraging the rebels to rise up and ask for air support if it is ultimately futile and ends with Gaddafi seeking a truly terrible revenge. I am sure you feel the same way, because you, like me, are a true blue Australian. The Rats of Tobruk are not just legend, but our blood bond. We are the true Defenders of the Free World, of which Libya is now about to be an eternal member of, and I'm sure they will defend freedom to the last drop of their blood too. You will not turn your back on our Libyan allies. You would rather die than see them fail, as would I.

Neither of us wanted to live in a world where a cruel dictator like Gaddafi can enslave a population for 42 years. But Australians are cunning. We didn't give our hand away. At a personal level we let everyone know that we wanted to be their friend, for we are truly a friendly people, as anyone who has ever actually met and talked in depth to an Australian can attest to. We were also spared the "imperialist" charge that hit the US and the UK as part of the Soviet psyops. For we are an ex-colony nation ourselves. We failed to shake off our colonial rulers at the Eureka stockade, but we eventually succeeded when the colonial ruler became decent enough to let the free-spirited Australians go free. After all, there is a saying - if you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it is yours. If it doesn't, it never was.

You may or may not be aware that the Australian SAS were sent into Iraq to win the entire war, to reduce the number of American nancy-boys who got hurt. The yanks turned up to air bases with a stunned look on their face wondering where all the Saddam loyalists had gone. They had already been dealt with by the Australian SAS who had won the entire war while the yanks were still complaining about their MREs not containing enough cookies. Of course, since we are a magnamious people, we let the yanks take all the credit for what our boys did, but facts are facts.

Due to the disorganized nature of the Libyan resistance, they need the Australian SAS "killer rabbit" punch to be applied again. Please immediately send the Australian SAS into action in the sands of Libya. Do NOT, repeat NOT wait for UN authorization, as this is a matter of life-or-death and the UN is a talkfest specifically set up to preserve the horrific status quo. Also, do not worry about the fact that x% of Libyans will lie and call this an occupation force. Most Libyans are decent people and I consider them to be honorary Australians. Just as brave. Just as beautiful. These people are our natural allies. Also, our troops - same as in Iraq - should be in and out in a matter of days. We are the true Ninjas of the 21st century. Unseen. Unheard. There will be no chance of them being called occupation forces. By the time anyone even realises that Gaddafi's head is now on a pike, they'll be gone. And just like with the yanks in Iraq, the Australian SAS will take zero credit for its participation in the war, and the Libyan rebels will have their day in the sun, as they are the only force that is seen charging into Tripoli.

I had an interesting conversation with my pommy grandfather once. I asked him what Australian soldiers were like. He said that they could be problematic if they didn't have the right man in charge of them, as they were too individualistic, and when you're relying on someone to do a job, that is unacceptable. I asked him who the right man was to put in charge of them. His reply was "Someone who was as good as them - or better! Put someone like that in charge of them and they'll follow him to Hell and back". Julia, in today's world, that man is you. I saw that Wilkie slimebag call you a satrep when you had the guts to stick up for our seppo mates the other day. Fuck him, Julia. Do not let slimebag socialist traitors dictate your actions just because they have near-total control of the media. You can be sure I didn't clap him when I saw him at Sydney's townhall meeting the other day.

Do not let me down, Julia. I know you ignored my previous letters because you knew our independent ground forces would be needed at this point in world history, and reluctantly held back our aircraft while saying the right words. Thankyou for that Julia. Thankyou so much. I will even vote for you at the next elections because you held our forces back so that they could be sent in now. I look forward to seeing tomorrow's news, Julia, I truly do. Godspeed Australian soldiers. Godspeed the finest fighting men that this Earth has ever unleashed. I love you all (in a non-sexual way - since the Australian military is not and will never be a place for social experiments unlike certain pussy militaries that shall remain nameless to avoid any further embarassment).




non-NATO triumvirate

America, humble and honorable as ever, has made its intentions clear that it wishes to reduce its role in the freeing of Libya. The obvious candidate to be taking the lead is France, after its own honorable and brave response to the Libyan revolution.

However, Turkey has vetoed NATO's ability to operate, so we need a way to manage ad-hoc coalitions of liberators. Note that my own country, Australia, currently has the immoral left-wing in power, thanks to the bribing of some right-wing independents (it's as bad as the fucking curry-munchers come to think of it), so my country is not contributing anything except excuses for non-participation. NATO is an interesting beast. Every country has the power of veto, which severely limits its ability to take aggressive action, which is in some ways an advantage for a defensive alliance.

However, medium-term for NATO command - in an environment with no real threat - and also medium-term for adhoc coalitions, I think it would be good to have a triumvirate of the following actors:

1. Serbia - this is a liberal democracy, which means it should be welcome into the western security fold, and at the same time is comprised of Slavs, which are the only race that the Russian Slavs trust. Note that it is human nature to be racist, and acknowledging Russians as natural animals that need to be carefully integrated into the free world, on terms that they understand, is not a bad thing. Nearly surrounded by NATO members already.

2. Iraq - another liberal democracy, and provides some Arab muscle. Note that Arabs are, and have previously been, part of adhoc coalitions. Iraq may not be fully trained to NATO standards, but at least an attempt has been made. Regardless, American troops under Iraqi command is a fitting state of affairs. If Russian troops can be under American command in the past, then so too can Americans come under the Iraqis. Borders a founding NATO member currently.

3. Australia - formerly known as "defender of the free world", currently known as an "also ran". A country that fortunately escaped the anti-UK/anti-US attacks, and tends to be everyone's friend (deservedly or not). Australian Aborigines have deep cultural and spiritual ties to the North Atlantic, and I note that their self-annointed revolutionary socialist "representatives" have so far graciously declined to exercise their right to exclusive maritime rights over the North Atlantic. If such magnamity doesn't get control of NATO, nothing will.

Note that I personally have contacts in each of those 3 categories, so if you need a triumvirate in a hurry, I'm your man!




Message to Tripoli Residents

I have made a video address to the residents of Tripoli. Transcript below:

Hello Libya.

This is my second message to the Libyan people, and I've decided to leave the dry humour out of this one since people misunderstood it, and freedom is too precious to fool around with. This message is to the people of Tripoli only. If you're from Benghazi, heygumsingla, ok bye-bye.

I believe God speaks to us constantly via ordinary people, if only we pay attention and think about it. An ordinary person in the Anonymous group spoke to the group #oplibya yesterday and said this:

There is a joke circulating amongst Tripoli's men: "When Libya is liberated, our brothers in Benghazi will march to the capital with containers of women's underwear to distribute to us."

In my opinion this is a truly cruel joke, and is told by people who have little understanding of the Laws of Physics. Short story is that you cannot beat a modern military that has automatic weapons in the hands of men who are willing to use them. More info is available on www.mutazilah.org in my “dummies guide to warfare”. Short story is that these successful revolutions you see are largely military coups. Note that even 3 days of bombing by an ALLIANCE of 3 world superpowers is not enough to beat Gaddafi. You never had any chance at all. The Iranians have balls of steel too, but every time they try to stage a revolution they get mowed down.

Beating a loyal military can only be done with combined arms of a superior military. Currently, allied forces are attempting to do this purely from the air, due to artificial constraints. They may not succeed this way, it hasn't been proven yet. Normally you at least need special forces as was done in Afghanistan in 2001. Nobody is doing this because of a different problem.

The problems in today's world are not caused by a lack of men with steel balls. The problems are caused by a lack of both men and women with POLITICAL bravery. Western militaries are all full of brave men with balls of steel too. The trouble is that they are apolitical and will not act without civilian permission. Civilians are not scared of conscription – there's no need for that in the modern world – they are scared of nasty words from nasty commies.

The Canucks have devolved to the point where they instinctively do the opposite of whatever America does, because they're shit-scared of words like “America's slave”. The yanks are too silly to see that they just need to laugh at the Canucks and say “commies' slave” to even up the competition. Too silly or too nice, whatever.

And whites everywhere are too scared to hear words like “imperialist” and “colonialist” and “white supremacist” that the gutless wonders prefer to sit and watch Iraqi men having their tongues cut out rather than taking action.

You may have noticed that the Americans are trying to get out of the lead role in the current air war. They don't want to be seen as the leaders – even though they are the most competent to lead. This is part of the attempt to escape from these nasty words. Ideally someone like the Philippines would be in charge of this operation. No-one ever calls them oil-hungry imperialists, and they are the one country in the entire world that isn't full of anti-white racists. They're also the country that started off the democratic revolutions 25 years ago. Remember the “laban”? “jihad”.

I'm from Australia (see, here is the Australian flag, although it may be replaced by the Eureka flag depending on the results of a referendum that my fascist police state is unwilling to hold). Australia is probably the only country in the world whose “military day” celebrates a military DEFEAT. And the only time I've ever known an Australian sporting team to be booed off the field by Australians was after they WON a game of cricket. Decent Australians are more loyal to the concept of a “fair go” than nationalism.

You do not have a “fair go” if stupid arseholes are telling you to throw your life away against a modern military. As per a recent blog from me (see www.antisubjugator.blogspot.com), you should stay indoors and wait until professional military forces have finished the battle. Only THEN should you come out, and you should show your POLITICAL bravery. To show that, you should thank both the local and foreign forces, and more important than that, you should LEAD the charge of the free world to go and free more people who are in the same position you are in now. The Iranians are a perfect example. There are both western security (“Death to USA”) and humanist reasons (Iranian women being raped by their own government) to liberate Iran.

To show your political bravery, I ask the interim government in Tripoli to unilaterally declare war on Iran as soon as you are free to do so. Don't worry about the military side of things – you have friends in high places. Please do this by May 21st, as I have been reliably informed (by www.familyradio.com) that this is Judgement Day, and if you have not done this by then, I will indeed arrange for women's underwear to be shipped to your government. I'll try to negotiate USED underwear from a Filipina so that whoever in government receives it will be physically unable to throw it away (so long as they are male) while its very existence will be a constant reminder of the shame that you were a bunch of cowards scared of nasty words from the commies/jihadists such as “selling yourself” or “American lackey” or “collaborators” or whatever nasty words they can think of to ensure that Iranians and others remain enslaved.

Also, if you waste your time on intractable problems like the Russian occupation of Georgian territory as an excuse for inaction on solvable problems such as the liberation of Iran, the triumvirate Mu'tazilite Caliphate will see right through that ruse.

By the way, I'm much better at writing than talking, so that is why I need to script things. The message is the same regardless.




Tripoli Flyer

Anonymous asked a question "what should be written on flyers dropped to the residents of Tripoli?". Here's the sort of thing on my mind:

Residents of Tripoli,
You will soon be free. War is something that is best left to professional soldiers who have sworn an oath to protect civilians. You are not required to protect them. They will protect you. Please stay indoors instead of believing that you can do anything useful against automatic weapons. We need you to be alive AFTER the liberation. AFTER you are liberated, we need to see you on the streets in force, with flowers so that those brave soldiers know their comrades didn't die for nothing.

AFTER liberation please make contact with the international allies like Anonymous who did everything they could think of to ensure your freedom. Mainly Anonymous made the political case so that the politicians were pressured. Please make the effort to use your freedom and your English-language skills to go into any chat room anywhere and just talk to anyone at all in the West and ASK them for their opinion on the Libyan war. You don't need to thank the international community, but please JUDGE FOR YOURSELF the attitude of westerners. We don't need to tell you who in particular to contact - contact anyone at all in the West. The more the better, so you can do a "straw poll" of foreigners. I am quite certain that if you do that, you will be allies and friends forever. You may wish to join NATO or the European Union too. I think it's about time those organizations and some new blood in them (the Eastern Europeans were very nice too).

Above all, if you allow those who provided what assistance they could to make any request at all, it would be to help other people who have no-one assisting them. People like the Iranians. Please look around and choose a good target that will not be harmful to the cause of freedom. Don't waste time beating dead horses. "Fuck the (insert lefty cause), what about me?" as the Iranians are probably thinking right now if they had freedom of speech to tell us.

If you have a desire to fight, now that you have the ability to fight, join the Libyan military so that it is organized. No more pointless blood needs to be spilt by having you charge automatic weapons. Structured security forces are the way to go. Make sure your armed forces are called "Libyan Liberation Force" instead of "Libyan Defence Force" and ensure that anyone who signs up to the new security forces has to sign a clause that says "I understand that there is little for a military to do within a democracy, and that I fully agree to joining overseas liberation efforts that the civilians think would be worthwhile - I am willing to spill my blood for the freedom of complete strangers - regardless of race, religion, sex or nationality".

Hmmm, maybe a bit long for a flyer? Fine, fine. Just put on the flyer:




Memes into Cosmos

I have spent the last 6 years or whatever injecting memes into cyberspace hoping that someone would get the message if I just managed to find the guy who could link me up to someone who can actually do something in the real world. I've fallen flat at every turn, perhaps because everything I do is a violation of "the narrative". Perhaps Fox News is too stupid to realise that they should be showing foreign neocons to back up the war effort.

Regardless, I was impressed by this where the US is stepping down from the lead as soon as practical. This is what I've asked for for a long time. Let someone else's face go on TV. The US should be the tough guy behind the scenes who is only used when absolutely necessary. Perhaps my message is getting out after all, even if it's via a completely stupid and unbelievable and unproven thing like "Law of Attraction".



Fascist Australia Part 3

Here is the semi-raw diary of what I wrote while incarcerated. A continuation of Part 2

1/3 - Asked for a stereo to listen to the radio - could do so in the Activities room. Actually, earlier in the morning met a guy very difficult to understand who said he thought he was the reincarnation of Buddah. Quite difficult to understand. He wanted me to squeeze his hand as tight as I could. Also he asked for a hug (which I did). Not sure what that was about. Met a guy supposedly from Iraq. I thought he was an Aboriginal. Sam was screaming for a cigarette and I suggested a Nicorette Inhaler. The "Iraqi" (Christian/Chris) showed me what the real Australian flag should be - the Eureka flag from Ballarat. I took this drawing. An external contact finally came good and I was able to get my mobile phone back.

Met doctor. Can't remember what the conversation was about, but I do remember being scared that anything I said may be used against me and I had no lawyer. And these are pseudo-science quacks we're talking about too. How fucking dangerous is that? Australia part of the free world? Hah! Did you know they can electrocute you against your will too? Judge, jury and quite literally sometimes executioner. Hope it doesn't happen to one of your loved ones. These people don't even attempt to out-debate you with logic. Electrocution? Sure, man. That opinion is just too fucking whacky and I can't think of a way around it. They euphamistically call this dangerous environment with violent psychopaths (some with criminal records) a "treatment centre" instead of "incarceration centre" and they euphemistically call us patients instead of inmates. I actually have (semi-forced) health insurance, but it doesn't give me the right to solitary confinement with a fucking MP3 player (I hate ads so can't stand radio too much). And I'm a 185cm tall, 95kg male. If you can see how scared I was - and then realise they even put females into this dangerous environment!

I was being fed misinformation by the patients as to where my suburb was actually located. One said it was in the Blue Mountains. I asked for a street directory so that I could ensure reality was how I remembered it. The thing about computer simulations is that reality can change, and if you get it wrong, you can be electrocuted by the state.

I also asked for the white/yellow pages so that I could find the damned school. Good Samaritan college was not where I was expecting it to be. Had I been transported. Only later did I find out where I got "good samaritan" from. I kept insisting that I wouldn't have crossed the street if I hadn't seen that sign which at least allowed me to test the theory of benevolence if nothing else. Of course none of the doctors had any interest in assisting me to get this information I needed. All this "care" is all a farce. They're just after a paycheck basically. Which I wouldn't mind if the bastards had an incentive to release me rather than claiming overtime.

These people seriously jeapordized my continued employment too. They don't give a shit about my wellbeing.

Anyway, back to the cigarette, Brendan "informed" me that not all smokers were nicotine junkies. Funny though. I soon saw lots of people using the inhaler. Maybe there is a silver lining to this cloud after all - it's a forced introduction to the inhaler. I'm very sensitive to cigarette smoke.

Another inmate was an Aboriginal woman who came from Coorparoo, Brisbane, neare where my grandmother used to live. In fact, I was wondering whether she WAS my grandmother in disguise. With a computer simulation, anything is possible.

One "amusing" thing is that despite years of mulling over how I could survive in a hell-hole like this again, I ended up with no way of escaping into my musical or computing world, and even lost mobile phone access. Eventually an ipod gave me a chance of escape.

Another "amusing" thing is that a frustrated inmate was talking angrily to a nurse and turned to me and asked if he was being reasonable just "aggressively defending his position". I said "no, it is not appropriate". When there's a genuine threat of violence, and you're chewing out someone who has no say over what the rules are, it's very inappropriate.

2/3 - Met a new guy - Michael - who asked a lot of strange questions. But those questions teased out some useful info. E.g. what drives me? Human suffering! And Brendan came up with a theory - "Jews provided law, Christians forgiveness and Muslims discipline". He also berated me for calling myself a Muslim. No doctor came to see me today despite a printed form (which they hadn't given me - I had to ask for it) saying I was entitled to AT LEAST ONE visit every 24 hours, not "maximum of one". I started the process of getting someone arrested and jailed for breaking the very clear law in black and white. I started by reporting the problem to the nurse and ringing the Mental Health Advocacy Service.

3/3 - My human rights continued to be violated today. Australian law also continued to be violated as no doctor saw me so I wasn't even in with a chance to escape this prison. There should be some "failsafe" procedure where if the doctors are understaffed, prisoners should be set free, given that Australian law apparently isn't worth the paper it's written on when the Australian government refuses to obey their own fucking laws. This is a repeat of where it says that I have freedom of religion but in practice I don't. And the courts just laugh when I attempt to show them that I have every right to express a religious opinion (even if I express one as a test of the system more than anything else). It is for reasons such as this that I attempted to escape to China because I cannot tell just how corrupt the system is. Also there were some near-violent situations today.

P.S. I did end up seeing a doctor after all, but still no leave. Trumped-up charges appear to be:

1. Police at Rosebank College said I was confused/distracted or something (admittedly I had made up an obviously bullshit story about Libyan oil).

2. At initial interview I had disorganized thought and an elevated mood. Hell, if they had told me they were going to lock me up I would have dropped the elevated mood thing, and disorganized thought just needs me to shut up - I hadn't been read my Miranda rights after all - admittedly that is possibly because I don't live in America).

3. I admitted to having reduced hours of sleep (self-incriminating there - and it was only a vague statement anyway - shit, what fucking hell-hole did this fucking country fall out of?).

4/3 - A major win today as I got a working ipod, although not with my own music loaded. More interestingly, I was entitled to a lawyer. I was all set to present the 24 hr no-show as a violation of the law plus I saw the 3-day limit on incarceration. Then I found out the fine print! That was "mentally disordered". I have been diagnosed as "mentally ill" which apparently means they can lock me up and throw away the key. I'm sure there's a great way for Rowan Atkinson to turn this into a comdey, but the only thing I can think of is that I wish I had a book called "Dummies Guide to being Mentally Disordered". Also today I "smuggled" in some lollies having learnt that the fast track to popularity in cubs/scouts, and handed some of them out.

Ok, found out that "disordered" is for people who are drunk etc. They need the effects worn off so that they can be diagnosed as "ill". So all those rules go out the window and I don't need to see a doctor. But also this means I become a victim of another rule. I have been authorized to go to another ward where I am allowed leave (a precious commodity) but the other ward is full. It is grossly unfair that my freedom should be dependent on someone in the other ward dying. Damn, where's a sniper rifle when you need one?

4/3 - Nothing special today. There were some conflicts that went to physical violence in one case though. Everyone is extremely pissed off at being incarcerated. Now armed with an ipod so I can shut much of this out. They are real bastards exposing me to this danger though. It is a cruel joke that they like to claim they are helping me. These people are little Gaddafis.

5/3 - I hope to get let out soon so that I can make the 9/3 "appointment" some time betwen 8am - 12 noon at Sydney University. Ironically, at the previous meeting with the old guy, I wrote down that I was in danger. But there was never any danger from the Feds/ASIO - but there is the ever-present danger from other frustrated inmates here. I'm just hoping I can make the distance here so tht I can escape to relative security outside rather than having the government forcing me to live in a dangerous environment hoping that someone else will do their dirty work for them. At least now that I have a charger for my ipod I shold be able to keep my cocoon for that time. Someone brought some cards so I played one hand of "two-handed solitaire". News shows that the Libyan result is still uncertain. Need NATO air cover!

6/3 - A glimmer of hope as I got transferred to a different section of the ward (that allows leave). Unfortunately the violent confrontations continue. One incident where some guy gave me the middle finger because I didn't give him my ipod. Another one kicked a bin. I believe that both attackers are smaller than me and I can beat them if push comes to shove. However, I am not the sort of person who underestimates his enemy, and act as if he has as weapons resembling a nuclear bomb up his sleeve. I'll probably need to speak to the doctor/nurse about this in case I am blamed for fighting. Fortunately I can lock myself in my room to minimize possibility of violence from strangers. However, I ended up talking to others instead, about Iraq war etc. One guy - Hugh - even rang up his dad and asked him to read my blog.

I got leave and released soon after this so stopped trying to emulate Ann Franks. Speaking of sexy women, I guess the whole thing was worth it just to see the sexy nurse called Esther who I think was from the Philippines and I probably should have chatted her up with all my knowledge of "laban" etc. She gave me a printout that proved that no-one was reading my blog, and she confirmed that she was a non-reader, so this comment should be safe! I also know a smattering of Hindi that is enough to impress the Indian babes. I've got passing knowledge of English too, but I don't seem to get on well with white chicks. Not that I'm a racist or anything. Maybe they are?

P.S. Question posed by Michael:

Q. Would you commit yourself to a lifetime of slavery in exchange for world freedom?

A. No. Death yes. Unlimited torture - no. (Sorry guys, I'm not claiming to be perfect).

Reconcile why my life is more important than the entire world. Perhaps because of the need to ever have to make such a terrible choice in the first place is why I so desperately want to liberate everyone now, while we have the opportunity.

I consider torture to be far worse than death. If there was some agreement that I gave up my freedom termporarily and that the free world would soon arrive and rescue me, then that would be acceptable. I can't see any evidence of such a pact in the world.

I am willing to take a SMALL percentage RISK of ending up in slavery. E.g. an American soldier being captured by Iraqi insurgents.

But at some level I consider my own rights to be worth more than all the suffering in the world. I am willing to devote ALL of my spare time so that the rest of the world can be free AS WELL *not* INSTEAD OF me.

Also don't forget that that is a hypothetical question. No-one has explained by what mechanism that trade would be possible. What we actually have is westerners with the ability to get others freed for no personal risk, yet refusing to even make that non-trade. And THAT is the real problem we need to address.



Fascist Australia Part 2

Continuing on from Part 1, was a trip immersed in symbolism. Remembering how unfit I am, I needed to walk a bloody long way along Paramatta Rd. As I heard from a comedian - there is a thin line separating success from failure in Sydney. It's called "Paramatta Rd". Apologies for the unfair and probably inappropriate analogy, but the thought that came to me was that this is like Jesus carrying the cross. Hopefully Jesus was fitter than me. I'm just the ordinary guy/slob next door.

Ok, with water in my body (while having minimal impact on a commercial enterprise), I was ready to set off.

On my way home, I came across a park with a flag that I didn't recognize. Still on my list of things to check out. I'm not really impressed with things like the "aboriginal flag" which to me is like a Nazi "white power" flag. I don't mind people displaying those flags pretending to be racial supremacists. I do mind when it is done for any other reason (like you really think your race is special and needs its own flag to separate it from the great unwashed second-class citizens).

I was so tired at one point that I lay down on some grass. Then I got bitten by a fucking ant! I remembered why I hate fucking nature. Lying on a metal grid had its downsides too.

Eventually I came to a place that had both a KFC and a Hungry Jacks. Once again I needed water, and just needed to sneak in to the toilet. This is where the advantage of the faceless corporation could be seen. I was MUCH more comfortable going in here than the first place I went. Even though the water tasted the same. At this point I needed to decide between KFC and Hungry Jacks. What I remembered was "the burgers are better at Hungry Jacks", so that was probably a sign from God or something. I normally don't go to Hungry Jacks though - even though the burgers are allegedly better. I normally go to McDonalds though. Regardless, water from Hungry Jacks and then I'm off again.

I saw a sign on a bus that said "Tell them the war is over" and thought that was God telling me to post something to that effect on the internet. But the furniture store I went into wouldn't give me 10 minutes on the internet. Just as well in fact. The info was quite clearly wrong, another reason why I don't trust messages from God and rely heavily on the scientific method.

I eventually came across a place called "Rosebank College" (which I forgot the name of) which advertised itself as "A Good Samaritan Catholic Co-ed School" or something like that. I honed in on the "Good Samaritan" bit, which was exactly what I was after. What I didn't know at the time was that it is illegal to wander unannounced onto school property, for obvious-in-hindsight reasons. A kid directed me to the principal's office (I wasn't in trouble yet, and they've banned caning now - apparently someone decided that gross unrestrained violence wasn't a cure-all solution). I asked to use the phone, which they allowed, but the numbers I knew off-by-heart weren't answering/available.

I asked them if they had any suggestion on how I could get from here to home when I didn't have any money. Then finally the thought struck me that I could pay the cabbie when I got home when I suddenly regained connection to my wallet and enough to money to travel around the fucking globe. But they said they would get the principal. The principal told me that there was someone who could drop me at my train station. Someone who was going in that direction anyway. I said that would be FANTASTIC. I didn't want to put anyone out, and if I could just be taken close to home, I would do the rest.

The analogy? Libya. The Libyans are not asking for liberation on a fucking platter. They are prepared to do the ground war themselves. They just needed air support from someone who was going in the "we would like worldwide liberal democracies" direction anyway. Libya - I hope when you get your freedom you won't forget all the others who are peaceful people like you (e.g. Iran) and still don't have their freedom. Just saying.

Unfortunately my Good Samaritan turned out to have a hidden agenda. He called the friggin police. So suddenly 4 policemen turned up. However, at that point in time I thought it was all part of God's plan so wasn't disturbed. Instead, I told them that they couldn't possibly imagine how much respect I had for them. Brave men willing to stand up and be counted when it comes to "protect the innocent". Honestly, if these guys were being paid what they were truly worth, I'd just start adding zeros to the end of their dollar wage and ask them to tell me when to stop. Unfortunately there are real world constraints, and doing that is necessarily at the expense of something else such as children's education.

The fuzz asked me what I was doing out in the middle of like FUCKING NOWHERE with no money or ID, and I didn't want to tell them "defecting to China", and something more important was happening. An analogy was brewing. You see, previously I had been told on the Anonymous chat that there were austerity measures in place and the rising cost of fuel meant that we couldn't provide air support to the Libyans. I was incensed by this and said things like "fuck austerity - put it on mastercard" and "i'd rather walk to work if that's what it takes" and "this is the best foreign aid you can possibly give - so stop all the other foreign aid that has zero long-term positive effect - if that's what it takes - in fact, you should have been preparing for this exact possibility all along instead of squandering it on an African black hole".

Anyway, I realised I had the perfect analogy, so couldn't help giving it. My plan was to walk to work (god knows how many km away), to lower Australia's oil consumption so that this wouldn't be a barrier to the liberation of Libya. There's the extreme perfectly moral response which all these "demonstrators" should be doing if they genuinely want to look upon themselves as moral crusaders as they march in favour of gay marriage or whatever the lefty cause of the day is. However, after walking for so fucking long, I gave up, and decided to go home, then go out and buy a BMW, since I'm loaded, and then zoom to work, burning loads of petrol and fuck the Libyans. This gives an "out" to the general population who aren't on either end of the extreme. Yes, do your best, you sure as hell aren't perfect, but no, we understand why you're not trying at all - it is tough, and even if you fail to do any good in this area, maybe you do good in another area, so that's fine. :-) Libya shouldn't be dependent on an individual doing that anyway. Hasn't anyone heard of war reserves?!

Unfortunately the police doubted my story and asked me to come with them and put me in their paddy-wagon with no seatbelt or anything. I wasn't quite sure if they were taking me home or somewhere else. In the trip in the paddy wagon, the passenger cop was actually a beautiful asian woman, so I spent 50% of the trip perving on her in the rear vision mirror, and 50% of the time trying to come up with a scheme to maintain "balance" as to where I should ideally be (e.g. geriatric farm) to test the fairness of the economic system. Incidentally, I've already decided that I should not be part of the Caliphate at all, and instead it should be a triumvirate, and I have the 25 year old, the 43 year old, but not yet the 61 year old, although I'm hoping that Susan will provide that complement.

To my horror I had been taken to the funny farm. However, unlike my last incarceration, this time they admitted that they may have it wrong, and agreed to debate it in the free marketplace of ideas.

And this time something was very different. I could visibly see that the doctors were distressed. The impression that I got from them was that they thought I really was god, but were constrained by their medical laws etc to treat me as a lunatic. This was a game-changing equation. It was time for "don't ask, don't tell" with plenty of hyperbole. I told them that yes, I was in front of their comrades some years ago, as I ***TESTED*** the Australian system. I told them that I came up with some line of bullshit about being Jesus or a prophet or God or something (couldn't quite remember) to see whether the Australian system protected freedom of religion or not. I was testing this on behalf of Australian Muslims who are understandably worried that they might be on the wrong end of religious persecution, although I must admit that a lot of that is probably deserved. Regardless, I now had my line straight, and of course the doctors weren't going to contradict that.

This was the only day that it was obvious they were distressed. From then on they were back to the masked? face that they are God themselves and can lock me up for as long as they damn well please. Regardless, from now on I will be sticking to a "don't ask, don't tell" policy as to whether when I noticed that 666 on 9/11 coincidence that I had a golden opportunity to score some lulz.




The world (aka B-grade movie) has a lot of funny things in it. I can't remember what I was doing - probably blogging about ASIO giving me a hard time - and I saw this ASIO ad. It's for computer programmers like me to join their organization. I was wondering if that was a sign from God that I should join ASIO if I suspected that they were spying on me because of my religion (Mu'tazilah Islam) being outside mainstream. ie get a bird's eye view of who is being spied on. Then I saw their pay rates - $58,968 to $86,791 (plus superannuation) - which is in fact good, but you can get higher in the commercial world if you have an employer who will wring every last ounce of strength out of your body in a constant sudden death match.

The other factor is I think it's probably best I have no association with the government at all ever, so that I can continue to call them a fascist police state without a conflict of interest ie that I'm the fascist police. So - nice try guys - but I'm onto your wheelings and dealings even intercepting the ads that I watch to try to get me to join your Securitate. Man, where would we be without the Nazis and Commies to leverage an endless barrage of verbiage from - am I right or am I right, comrades?

Anyway, it's 5am and I can't get to sleep. I have a long blog post to make tomorrow (ie today) - part 2 of the fascist state - and I was hoping to get to sleep much earlier than this. Plus a bit of extracurricula activity (hey ASIO, not jihad terrorism bombing with C4 or TNT explosives or fertilizer bomb bought from a weapons fair or supplied by Osama Bin Laden aka Usama Bin Laden or Gaddafi/Kaddafi/Qaddafi/Gadaffi/Kadaffi/Qadaffi for attacks against the FBI or CIA or MI5 or MI6 or Luftwaffe so there's no need to check back on my blog for anything dodgy).

P.S. Remember Blackadder Goes Forth where there were "nein" spies?! ROFL!!!





Normally I would give the dictator a way out. That's what my "Plan D" was for. ie normally I would just pay them to fuck off to Saudi Arabia, avoid a real war, and get glorious freedom.

In this case, Gaddafi has gone too far. He didn't surrender when the result was in doubt. What we need dictators to do is surrender (or leave) when the result is still in doubt.

With western planes now flying over Libya, victory is guaranteed. It would be bad to allow Gaddafi to escape now. He must be brought to justice, no matter how many people die in the resulting battle. Because setting a precedent is even worse. The precedents we need confirmed are:

1. If you go into exile without a fight, you won't be pursued, and our children won't be affected, so it's reasonably cool.

2. If you choose to hold your country hostage and battle it out, then you will be hunted down across the globe and brought to justice. The justice will be meted out by those same people who you enslaved, so you'd better watch your step.

Those precedents should cause the least amount of blood between Libya and the Entire World Being Free.



Economic Rights

Brian - You asked the cosmos, well, here's part of the cosmos replying.

If people are starving to death, they have an absolute right to steal to save their life. They should not be expected to follow the law to the absolute limit and quite literally starve to death.

As such, if you want to live in a country where theft is almost unheard of (some of the Arab countries are like that, and Singapore too), then a social security net should be provided. If you find that the social security net is so good that people volunteer to be jobless and you have to whack them with a stick to get them to genuinely look for work - then you can be sure the level of payment is sufficient.

If they get the dole AND steal, well, what can I say? Use them as shark bait or something.

People also have the right to live under a proven economic model. If you think communism works, test it on a hippy commune or a small island first, before letting it run rife on an entire fucking continent. To date, the thing that has been proven to be successful is capitalism. So that's what we should see worldwide right at the moment. If you want to protest your current capitalist system, then the two companies that should be in your sights should be IBM for their z/OS monopoly and Microsoft for their Windows monopoly. I have separately explained how to do that. It is outrageous that these American monopolies exist to this day and that no-one has taken genuine action (Linux is a communist scam, not genuine action) to end these monopolies. Where are all the communists when it's time to "give according to your ability"? You can see what I gave to my ability at that link, while operating under a capitalist system.




A conversation with a Taiwanese gave me some new terms.

This philosophy which I spent decades isolating:

I am AGAINST racism.
I am AGAINST sexism.
I am AGAINST religious discrimination.
I am AGAINST dogma.
I am AGAINST subjugation.
I RESPECT INDIVIDUALS who VOLUNTARILY donate to COMPLETE STRANGERS (ie different race, different sex, different religion, different nationality) using their OWN HARD-EARNED MONEY.
I will FIGHT using my BRAIN subjugation of ANY HUMAN.

I am AGAINST nationalism.
I am AGAINST non-humanist behaviour.

and which I call "message 666" due to a coincidence described elsewhere, is not directly taught to students in Australia. It is part of the culture, and e.g. the anti-dogma shows up when you see Christians being questioned about their whacky religious document complete with talking snakes, and the "anti-religious-bigot" shows up when the Christian majority is tolerant of such intense examination.

So the problem is that places like Taiwan can see that whites are getting impressive results, even if there are other flaws, and they copy the textbooks and hope to get the same impressive results, but don't get all the info they need. That forces them to send their students overseas for the "superior education". I was an English teacher myself for a short time, and I can tell you I threw in a lot of stuff that wasn't in the official textbook. And it's not just what is taught, it's the way that teacher's don't look down on people who aren't as skilled as they are. E.g. a teacher passing a class on to me told me to keep a certain student at the front, as they needed the most help. She didn't get paid any extra to say that. It's innate/part of the culture.

I believe if the Taiwanese etc were to directly teach the above, and artificially throw in some over-the-top "revolutionaries" who constantly accuse their own country (in this case, Australia) as being terribly racist (when it's probably the least racist country on the fucking planet if you ever stopped to talk to an Australian and got to know them - yes nips and chicoms - stop reading your racist textbooks and actually talk to ANY FUCKING SKIP ON THE WHOLE FUCKING PLANET), they may start getting the desired result. Worth investigating, perhaps?



Good God

Based on a bit of prompting, I had an idea today.

What would be good, philosophy-wise, would be if you assumed that every single person you came in contact with, MIGHT be God. Even if someone is smarter than you or kinder than you - it doesn't mean that you can't be God. We don't have any information about how the world is constructed at that level. We could be living in a computer simulation etc, and you (God) may only get your superpowers back in 10 minutes from now.

Do you remember ignoring that street kid in the Philippines? He may be God. Assuming he gets his superpowers back in 10 minutes from now, do you think he will judge you harshly for not giving him any money? And force you to trade places with him as "justice"? Or do you think he will accept the excuse that you were busy addressing the underlying systematic problem rather than dealing with the symptoms of a fundamentally corrupt system, and given the limited funds available, it was necessary to direct all of them to fixing the fundamentals?

So if everyone COULD be God, you'd better treat them pretty damned carefully and make sure you have your ducks in a row. Let us assume that you have some confidence that some jackass on the internet claiming to be God is in fact God. Hell, that happened to me, recently. A woman called Susan Sayler posted something so sublime that I recognized her as God and immediately stated such and emailed her to find out what she wanted me to do. She however denied being God. I don't know whether to trust that non-claim or not. However, I can tell you that I am incredibly lazy, and haven't read very much of her website, even though I think she might be God! Perhaps that is a good thing?

Anyway, my solution to this problem is this - "don't ask, don't tell". ie if you see someone who you think is God, don't ask them if they are. And following Susan's example, don't admit it either. Just keep taking the same action you otherwise would have taken if it had been an ordinary member of the public. This will keep you, and the balance of the system, in check. There should be constraints on power. No-one in power can be trusted. As per previous blog posts from me, not one single existing power structure in the world can be trusted. I attacked the head of the Romanian Orthodox church for a reason - to test as far as I could that indeed, every power structure is corrupt. The media can't be trusted - no-one. Only the scientific method can be tentatively trusted.

Now, when you're pretty sure you've got God in your sights, and you're treating him as you would an ordinary member of society, it is time for you to completely reevaluate how you treat ordinary members of society. In fact, if there is indeed a god, I think he should go to visit random places in the world (using a good maths algorithm for that to ensure randomness), and try to contact some random members of that society, and find out how the power structures are treating them. This will restore balance to the system. The UN website coldly and offensively declares "it's your world", without ever asking you for your opinion. If your favourite internet kook is claiming to be God/Jesus/Mahdi/whatever (and indeed, I am in email contact with such a person right now - I met him when I was incarcerated by my fascist police state) - then ask him to go and visit some random places in the world, speak to them and find out what's bothering them (e.g. "my daughter was raped by the state - institutionalized rape") and then be asked to answer some difficult questions like "ok, so what have you done to end that institutionalized rape that distressed man mentioned?".

Over to you now Michael, it's your claim, and you're not remotely living up to my expectations, and I'm not even asking you to demonstrate superpowers ...



Ideological Clash even in Libya

Remember all those long debates about Bush's "war for oil" and patiently explaining that oil costs the same regardless of whether Iraq is a dictatorship or not? Then the long debates about "not UN-authorized" and patiently explaining that the UN wasn't a moral authority but more a collection of street thugs? It turns out the "real reason" the left-wing were debating had nothing to do with any of those things. Unfortunately it's scary that I can't get people to even agree to protect defenceless women. It means if my daughter is ever in harm's way, there is a large number of people who won't help her.

Anyway, here is (slightly censored) conversation I had with an ideological opponent. Note that where I said "anglo-saxon" note that Iceland had current anglo-saxon ideology a long time before the anglo-saxons. More than 1000 years of democracy in fact. By osmosis or whatever, the anglo-saxons picked up on the idea, and suddenly democratic forces obtained a lot of arms, and the idea was able to be spread much more easily than if Iceland was trying to do it on its own.

paul: how's it going?
stubborn_guy: Very good
stubborn_guy: How are you?
paul: i've been busy with libya
stubborn_guy: You are?
stubborn_guy: How?
paul: petitioning my government
stubborn_guy: ah....ok
stubborn_guy: Well, planes bombed Libya
paul: not a real lot can be done practically
paul: missiles only so far i hink
paul: thing
stubborn_guy: It is all political
paul: think
stubborn_guy: Yes, missiles
paul: do you support using the military in this situation?
stubborn_guy: No
paul: wow
stubborn_guy: I do not support outside interference
paul: even with a UN resolution?
paul: even with the Libyans screaming for help?
stubborn_guy: UN has not resolved anything
stubborn_guy: There is no difference if some Americans in the US screamed for help to fight the federal gov't
stubborn_guy: It is theirs to deal with
paul: there's a big difference
paul: the americans just need to vote to change it
stubborn_guy: There is no big difference
paul: HUGE difference from my perspective
stubborn_guy: Well, so far, that is the case
paul: what do you mean "so far"?
stubborn_guy: America had its civil war to be in a position to vote today
stubborn_guy: Libya is undergoing it now
paul: America had the French doing the heavy lifting in the revolutionary war
paul: now the french are repeating that
paul: the americans had ZERO (zilch, nada) chance of winning without french heavy-lifting
stubborn_guy: Let us face it, France has interest in Libya because Libya supplies oil to France
stubborn_guy: Not for the civil war. France did not aid
stubborn_guy: British tried to aid the South though
paul: did you ask any French people why they support Libya?
paul: you speak French
stubborn_guy: No French opinion matters. Only gov't opinion
paul: hop into a chatroom and speak to some Frogs
paul: what makes you think the govt has an opinion different from the public that elected them?
stubborn_guy: Ordinary French could careless as they have all these Africans in their midst creating chaos
paul: have you asked some ordinary french?
stubborn_guy: I do not believe the gov't is the representative of the people.
paul: "do you care?"
paul: even if the govt is some freakoid alien species, does it make any difference so long as the public get what they want?
stubborn_guy: I care that there is acceptable peace in the world. I do not support the idea a country interfering in another country's affairs, even if it means there is civil war.
paul: it'd be good if you could ring some random french people and see what they have to say for themselves
paul: what is "acceptable peace"?
paul: acceptable by who?
stubborn_guy: True....but I think it would not matter as I said, the gov't usually does not represent the people
stubborn_guy: Yes, people elect these politicians but they are in it for themselves. Never really for the people
paul: i don't believe the govt is that unrepresentative
paul: i think they are fairly ordinary - from the same culture
stubborn_guy: Nah....that is the simplistic view of things
paul: what's simplistic is assuming they are alien space bats without a shred of evidence to support that theory
stubborn_guy: HAHAHAHAHHA
paul: if YOU were elected to office, would you substitute your brain in the first day of office with that of an alien space bat?
paul: if not, why do you assume all these people do?
paul: it's certainly not what they SAY
stubborn_guy: Here is a good example. An American contact told me that in the US, Missouri legislation passed a bill to ban smoking in St Louis in enclosed spaces.
stubborn_guy: BUT, legislators who wrote that bill in the first place, decided to exempt the Missouri capitol from the smoking ban
stubborn_guy: What a crock!
paul: rofl!
paul: ok, but if you asked them why they did that, you might be able to find out why
paul: there will be some logic behind that
paul: they're not ASBs
stubborn_guy: HAHAHHAHA
stubborn_guy: Unfortunately, I believe in an automated way of doing things. You do your stuff and I do my stuff. I assume that you are doing your stuff correctly and I do not need to keep poking at you to find out why you do your stuff that way.
stubborn_guy: Now, if you produce that kind of legislation, then I judge you by it without any need of interviewing you.
paul: you need to poke someone if you want to make disputed claims about them
paul: i dispute what you say about the french government
stubborn_guy: HAHAHHAHA
paul: they are acting admirably at the moment
paul: taking the lead
paul: the way it should be
paul: i'd rather anglo-saxons weren't the front man for operations
paul: anglo-saxons just provide the deadly punch if anything goes wrong
stubborn_guy: Yes, true, just like old time.....European imperialism
paul: and gives the others the confidence they need
paul: it's not imperialism
paul: it's helping allies
stubborn_guy: China was in a mess long time ago.
paul: imperialism existed in the past
paul: i'm not disputing that
stubborn_guy: All those plotting for the overthrow of the Qing dynasty ran to Japan.
paul: it doesn't exist now
stubborn_guy: ...and plotted revolution from Japan.
stubborn_guy: That to me is no different from Afghanistan harbouring Osama Bin Laden and plotting to destroy the US.
stubborn_guy: Japan and Afghanistan should have stopped these people from doing so as they are not supposed to use another country as a base of operation
paul: You're assuming the Afghans had any choice in the matter
paul: about 95% of afghans are against Al Qaeda
stubborn_guy: Are you sure?
paul: that's what polls showed
paul: want to see the polls?
stubborn_guy: Have you surveyed?
paul: others have surveyed
paul: i have contacted afghans in afghanistan myself too
stubborn_guy: Because if they really are, they would have thrown them out themselves
paul: and talked to them about such things
paul: impossible to beat automatic weapons
stubborn_guy: That means they are not
paul: you have a fantasy view of revolution
stubborn_guy: I certainly do
paul: not everyone is lucky like the filipinos
paul: the military changed sides there
stubborn_guy: Because I believe even the military come from civilians.
paul: yes, called "conscripts"
paul: for a reason
stubborn_guy: Their parents and brothers and sisters are equally citizens of the same country.
paul: you have to force people to fight
paul: stubborn_guy, you're not allowing for the true horror of a dictatorship
stubborn_guy: It is idiotic to think that once they are soldiers, they lose their brains to think.
paul: these are real people who have been defeated by automatic weapons
paul: they lose their ability to act the way they want to
paul: if they disobey orders, their wife will be raped
paul: what would you do?
stubborn_guy: It is never hopeless. Maybe not the time, but never hopeless
paul: raped by their government
stubborn_guy: The gov't is nothing if the people turned against it.
stubborn_guy: Look at Egypt
paul: look at iran
paul: egypt had decades of dictatorship anyway
paul: they got lucky at the right time
paul: look at the libyans
stubborn_guy: Same with Iran. The people in Iran believe in their gov't today
paul: even when they do a successful revolt, it's still not enough to get to tripoli
paul: the people of iran do NOT believe in their govt today
paul: look closely at libya now
paul: that's the best example
stubborn_guy: ha!
paul: the people HAVE risen up
paul: the govt has hired foreign mercs
stubborn_guy: The People in Iran do believe in their gov't.
paul: and given them all the good gear
stubborn_guy: They can rise up against their gov't if they do.
paul: that's not true about iran
stubborn_guy: Just like when the Shah was in power
paul: but let's use the real live example - libya
paul: but let's use the real live example - libya
paul: how are the libyans meant to get to tripoli?
paul: 70% of libya is under rebel control right now
stubborn_guy: That means Libya is not ready for a revolution.
stubborn_guy: Revolution happens in a natural manner and not in a forced way
paul: they ARE ready - do you seriously think these people like gaddafi?
paul: they've HAD a revolution
paul: that's why 70% of the country is free
stubborn_guy: Tripoli will fall if the people in Tripoli believe that Khadaffi should be ousted
paul: that is NOT TRUE
paul: Tripoli will fall when the automatic weapons are taken out
stubborn_guy: It is true!
stubborn_guy: Nope
paul: the people of tripoli can't bet them
stubborn_guy: That means the military is not supporting the people
paul: this is a simple derivation of the laws of physics
stubborn_guy: Nope
paul: the military is split
paul: stubborn_guy, let's just make this deal
stubborn_guy: The military is split then it would be fighting of equal strength
paul: if you are ever under a cruel dictatorship, i will not help you. i will insist that you fight the dictatorship on your own and not help you in any way
stubborn_guy: There won't be any need to get outside interference
stubborn_guy: Correct
paul: however, if *I* am ever under a cruel dictatorship, *I* want external help, so please assist *me*
stubborn_guy: Nope
stubborn_guy: You have to do it on your own
paul: if your daughter is being raped by a gang of thugs, shall i ignore that?
stubborn_guy: For anyone outside of Libya, yes
stubborn_guy: Because if many of the people are fed up, they will overthrow the gov't and punish all these culprits.
stubborn_guy: But guess what, if an external force meddles, then, it would be difficult for the people to know what is actually happening.
stubborn_guy: No foreign gov't helps other countries without a price.
stubborn_guy: All exact payment one way or another.
paul: that is not true. america has liberated lots of people, including my australia, and asked for nothing in return
paul: they liberated the philippines in 1989 too
paul: or rather - "safeguarded philippines"
paul: a pretty thankless task
paul: australia liberated the solomon islands too
stubborn_guy: Are you joking?
paul: are YOU?
paul: i gave you evidence
stubborn_guy: The Philippines was liberated by the US in 1989?
paul: you've given nothing except conspiracy theories
stubborn_guy: It never did.
paul: yes - are you familiar with 1989 (not 1986)?
paul: yes it did
paul: you're not even familiar with your own history
stubborn_guy: The US just showed its true color of supporting dictators who were friendly to the US.
paul: wrong
paul: 1989
paul: tell me - if i prove that you are wrong about 1989, will you reconsider all your other negative comments about america etc?
stubborn_guy: Sorry, I misread, 1986
stubborn_guy: For the others, there was request for US assistance.
stubborn_guy: The US should not have offered
paul: US didn't offer
paul: they were just rung up and asked for assistance
paul: they got it
stubborn_guy: I meant agreed
paul: problem solved
paul: that's ridiculous
stubborn_guy: That was wrong in my mind
paul: you'd rather the rebel military won?
stubborn_guy: I would rather the Philippines slug it out
paul: would you rather your daughter slug it out with 5 rapists?
stubborn_guy: Frankly, no. But it would be a clean way of knowing what the Filipino people would want
paul: i know what your daughter thinks of being raped
stubborn_guy: And by the way, a civil war does not only concern itself about rape
paul: and i know what the majority of libyan people think of gaddafi
paul: there's a very good reason why gaddafi didn't hold free and fair elections
paul: he knows he would lose them
stubborn_guy: They can think all they want. But if the military which is maintained by the children of the civilian populace does not believe in what the ordinary people think, no change will occur.
paul: what if he hires foreign mercenaries??
paul: and gives them the best weapons
stubborn_guy: That is a different story.
stubborn_guy: Mercenaries are individual -- not gov't entities.
stubborn_guy: But mercenaries should be condemned
stubborn_guy: That would still mean civilian interference from another country
stubborn_guy: They obviously have passports and belong to a country.
stubborn_guy: Now, take for example, if I am not mistaken, Blackwater.
stubborn_guy: It is a private security group from the US.
stubborn_guy: I believe there are scandals concerning them.
paul: in the current case, gaddafi has hired more-trustworthy foreign mercs from Chad etc
paul: given that there is ALREADY foreign interference, do you accept foreign interference on the side of the good guys?
stubborn_guy: It is sooooo difficult to pass judgment on today's situations. It has been ingrained since long time ago that interference is acceptable.
paul: i wish!
paul: i wish i lived in a world where it was ingrained to protect women from rape no matter where in the world they may be
stubborn_guy: You see, that was how WWI started.
paul: and if that means interfering in another country's affairs, so be it
paul: don't you have an innate desire to protect women?
stubborn_guy: It was first a dispute between Austria-Hungary and Serbia. Then Russia sided with Serbia, then Germany sided with Austria. Then France sided with Serbia, soon countries were siding and interfering as the war was spilling over to everywhere.
paul: if a libyan woman was to look you in the eyes and say "why didn't you help me when i was being raped by my own government", would you answer her "because ... (justification)"???
stubborn_guy: That is the point I am trying to make. It is not good.
paul: WWI the free world wasn't as strong as it is now. now we can see the light at the end of the tunnel
stubborn_guy: If I were a foreigner in Libya and on my own, sure, I would.
stubborn_guy: But the Libyan woman would not expect anyone outside of Libya to help if that were norm of the day
paul: if the libyan woman DOES have that expectation, and you don't, what would you say?
stubborn_guy: Sorry, you are on your own.
paul: my understanding of men is that there is an innate desire to protect women
stubborn_guy: Harsh as it may seem
paul: it is noble
paul: a duty
stubborn_guy: To some
paul: it's not a universal trait of men?
stubborn_guy: But men too are the very people who defile women
paul: only women outside of their tribal protection
stubborn_guy: They bury them alive, they burn them, they rape them.....
paul: only for outside tribes
stubborn_guy: Not true
stubborn_guy: Chinese emperors are known to bury their concubines/wives alive when they die
stubborn_guy: Same with Egyptian pharoahs
paul: hmmm, let me put it a different way - there is a group that is protected from your average rapist. e.g. they normally won't rape their mothers
stubborn_guy: You have a thinking that all humans follow all norms.
stubborn_guy: Well, there are serial killers and rapists
paul: that's a good quote - how about this:
stubborn_guy: They do not respect any boundaries of family or tribe
paul: even though all humans don't follow all norms, we have an expectation that the collective government should be pressured to follow all norms
paul: ?
stubborn_guy: Yes, but who sets these norms? In Papua New Guinea, cannibalism is a norm. The western world thinks it is not and so they have laws against it.
paul: that's why we have war
paul: to see who sets the norms
paul: anglo-saxons have nearly succeeded
stubborn_guy: It Utah (US), some conservative Mormons practise polygamy but the US gov't does not subscribe to it and has laws against it.
stubborn_guy: Correct. Anglo-Saxons set the stage of norms
stubborn_guy: But those are based on Christian norms. Try establishing those Anglo-Saxon norms over the Shariah norms and let us see if they are acceptable in the Arab world
paul: again - that's why we have/need war - i want shariah to be defeated one way or the otther
paul: so do most iranians
stubborn_guy: Interesting concept
paul: but not all
paul: anglo-saxons have been attempting to spread their norms for centuries (as i see it)
stubborn_guy: Again, it is up to the people of the country to decide what they accept or not accept.
paul: the people of each country are divided
stubborn_guy: As for the Arab world, they would not want to get rid of Shariah
stubborn_guy: Then what good will outside interference be?
paul: thus even if we only have 5% support, it's very simply to provide arms to that 5% and they will enforce non-shariah
paul: i would arm the minority if necessary
stubborn_guy: Nah....That will leave your defenseless women and children no peace of mind
stubborn_guy: They will always have to sleep with one eye opened
paul: i start by supporting countries like iraq/libya because i know it is much simpler - arm the MAJORITY
paul: wrong - that 5% protect women as per norm
stubborn_guy: But those majorities do not have Shariah as part of the change they are looking for
paul: i want to protect defenseless women
paul: fuck the majority
paul: if the majority vote for hitler to gas jews, fuck germans too
stubborn_guy: Ha! That is not what I want. Sorry, no can do
stubborn_guy: I do not want a prolonged war.
paul: it won't be prolonged
stubborn_guy: with outside interference
paul: automatic weapons are fantastic
stubborn_guy: Nope, look Iraq and Afghanistan.
stubborn_guy: US can never get out of them
stubborn_guy: So, would nuclear warheads
paul: in iraq and afghanistan, they decided to do nation-building
paul: look at philippines 1989
paul: US did get out
stubborn_guy: Philippines was left to its own devises.
paul: after helping the filipinos in 1989, they were booted out
stubborn_guy: The US did not interfere except when requested
paul: right - so?
stubborn_guy: Iraq and Afghanistan, US is involved in everything
paul: US is getting out of both afghanistan and iraq
paul: nation-building is tough
paul: no need to do that in libya
paul: watch libya
paul: foreign interference will be swift and brief
paul: do you doubt that?
stubborn_guy: Nation building is tough because the people do not believe in the interference in the first place
paul: that's not true according to polls
paul: i have talked directly to earnest afghans
stubborn_guy: I doubt it that it would be swift and brief
paul: would you like to talk to a real afghan in afghanistan?
stubborn_guy: If Chad mercenaries are going in, expect chaos.
stubborn_guy: Then Libya may deteriorate like Sudan and then the world will be in it for the long haul
paul: how about this
paul: i believe libya will be won quickly
stubborn_guy: Ok
paul: gaddafi will be overthrown in a matter of days/weeks
stubborn_guy: Sure.
paul: there will be no civil war after that
stubborn_guy: Then a minority will rule to dominate over the majority.
paul: libya will look like e.g. morocco
stubborn_guy: Then another Khadaffi will rise again
paul: no, there won't be a minority rule
paul: there will be a democracy
stubborn_guy: Keep dreaming
paul: that is my dream which i expect to come true
paul: if my dream comes true, will you admit you were wrong?
stubborn_guy: Yes, I will admit that I was wrong about Libya. But I will still think that foreign interference is still wrong
paul: hmmmm. i only wanted the former to do the latter.
stubborn_guy: We can always dream for the better could we?
paul: you're a tough man to convince. i'll have to have a think about it
stubborn_guy: hahahahah...
stubborn_guy: Although, I would admit, I admire that you have the courage to do what you believe in.
paul: do you mind if i share this conversation?
paul: i'll mask the name
stubborn_guy: I commend you for that
stubborn_guy: Yes.
stubborn_guy: Do not share my name please, but you may share the conversation.
paul: thanks
stubborn_guy: It is a healthy dialogue
paul: yeah, the clash of ideologies is happening right here
stubborn_guy: correct
paul: and i'm obviously a supporter of the anglo-saxon ideology
stubborn_guy: Man believes in whatever he would like to believe in (collectively)
paul: (roughly speaking)
paul: while you represent the damned russians
stubborn_guy: It is what we are used to
stubborn_guy: I do not go with the norm in terms of philosophy.

paul: one good thing - i'm prepared to pick up a weapon to spread my ideology
paul: you are not prepared to pick up a weapon to stop me
paul: and are only willing to verbally attack from the sidelines

paul: so i will win so long as the anglo-saxons can learn to put cotton buds in their damned ears
stubborn_guy: HAHHAHAHA.
paul: am i right?
stubborn_guy: There are a lot of things in this world as it is now that I do not believe in.
stubborn_guy: I am sure eventually, the anglo-saxon norm will win. Whether naturally or as a consequence of having it forced down people's throats.
stubborn_guy: I prefer the natural way of course
paul: cool. and i promise that after victory, I'll say "I'm really sorry about all that forcing - you were right and i was wrong, and i promise never to do it again". deal?
paul: (in return for you not picking up a weapon)
stubborn_guy: Don't get me wrong, I am not against the US. I do not believe the US should be the police of the world.
paul: i don't believe the US should be either
paul: it should be the damned australians
stubborn_guy: Deal
stubborn_guy: My opinion about Australia, is that it is the US equivalent in the Pacific
paul: it shouldn't be just the pacific
paul: the pacific is boring
stubborn_guy: But that is what it is today
paul: australia was in iraq too, you know?
stubborn_guy: yes
paul: we should have been leading that charge
paul: not just an "also ran"
stubborn_guy: correct.
paul: as an individual, i try to lead the "charge of the grassroots"
stubborn_guy: But the US ran the theatre
paul: because if it's one thing i hate it's people saying that i support bush
paul: when it's bush who supported me
paul: or indepedent actors, whatever
stubborn_guy: Grassroots is the way to go. That means you are convincing the people that will supply both military and gov't with future leaders
paul: i have wanted to clean up the world since i was about 15 years old
paul: right - i'm doing grassroots via my blog
stubborn_guy: I applaud you as other people are afraid to do so



Terrorists - Make My Day

Open letter to terrorists throughout the entire world

Dear Sirs,

As you may have noticed, France (love you l'amour), UK (onya pommie bastards!) and the yanks (nuff said) are currently bombing Libya (an Arab Muslim country in North Africa). Some Arab Muslims will look at this and say "oh no, yet another attack on Arab Muslims) - let's find a way to carry out a terrorist attack on those countries in revenge". To those Arab Muslims I have a simple message - attack Sydney, Australia instead.

Those 3 countries are doing what I personally asked to be done a long time ago. You can see me asking (sarcastically) for that here and un-sarcastically here.

The only reason that it isn't Australian planes there right now is because we have a sick left-wing government in place. Howard would have ensured that Australia at least shared some of the burden. Regardless, I am not left-wing, so as an individual, I am asking that you attack me rather than my friends and allies. It upsets me more than I failed to defend my allies than myself. This goes for a country like Taiwan too. If China were to attack Taiwan unprovoked (and a declaration of independence IS a provocation - do NOT do that, Taiwan), then the equation is the same. China, feel free to nuke Sydney. I'd rather be dead than see my allies and friends in Taiwan hurt. I am happy to turn myself in to the nearest Australian police station and be shot in cold blood than turn my back on an ally. So go ahead pea-brained terrorists. Do whatever you want.

P.S. If I actually get taken hostage by a terrorist, I will be full of tears and asking for the exact opposite. I will say that I was totally wrong, and the western forces should stand down and save my life. I will be very convincing. Please - ignore me. Treat me as if I was dead already, and get some (tempered) revenge for me. Note that the terrorists will be able to torture me to get my blogger password, so this blog may well change. In that case, if you need moral guidance, please speak to the sister of Mohammed Nabbous (RIP). I'm sure she has some ideas about how to prevent situations like that from ever occurring again. Remember the "never again" after Auschwitz? Some people actually live by that, believe it or not.

P.P.S. Wow, it seems other members of the free world are willing to stand up too - thanks Philippines!



Protest Fail

Man, what a balls-up. Believe it or not, "Hyde Park" and "Martin Place" are two different places near Town Hall, and it's NOT sufficient to just turn up to one or the other and expect the cosmos to channel the other one in.

As previously posted, there was a 0.02% of my blog taking off if it got some media attention, and thus hopefully usher in world freedom then peace etc etc.

So when "unrelated" events landed me with a couple of pieces of paper in my hand (stapled together), one of which was "March from Town Hall to Hyde Park on 10th April at 12pm" and the other saying "gathering in Martin Place on 20th March at 11am", what my brain ended up with is "20th March marching from Town Hall to Hyde Park at 11am". ie only 2 of the 4 substitutions hit home. Honestly, it's easier to do root cause analysis of what causes the myth that the mighty US lost to glorious Viet Cong guerillas".

First the enormous preparation. I paid $75 for a sign that said "AUSTRALIA send air support to LIBYAN rebels now !", plus my two internet links. By the time this actually came around, Libya was well under control anyway, so I added "Iran + Syria" to make it clear that I expect action regardless of what the fucking UN agrees to. I wouldn't follow unconscionable laws like that than I would refuse to jaywalk when there's no sign of traffic. My sign contact also made 10 headbands with the Chinese "democracy" characters on it. I had only asked for one, and that it should be tied, since that's what the real official ones (from a Chinese person) said in the 1989 protests. That only cost $10 for a new pair of trousers, cut up. Since the person doing this was also Chinese (only way I had to get the Chinese characters). But an enormous effort spent drawing Chinese characters with possibly non-waterproof ink. Regardless, it was all ready the day before.

First problem. I overslept. In recent times I've been naturally waking up after a few hours sleep, so I thought there would be no problem getting there by 11am. I only woke up around 10:20am. Good news is that real action was being taken in Libya, so the most immediately important stuff was being done already. Unfortunately with this problem being wrapped up, the "real players" (ie Anonymous) will disperse. So we can't solve the big problems until the next big event brings us all together again. Iraq was like that too. The Iraqi blogs provided a venue for the intellectuals of the world to come together. I was surprised to not find those same people in the Anonymous chat rooms. This was where the fight for freedom was being internationally fought (by non-government, non-Libyan actors). The intention was that the civilians who turn up worldwide to these things would be much smarter than a bunch of fucking politicians and have better ideas than the government. E.g. Plan D.

I did manage to make it to Town Hall before 12 noon, but the only thing there was some St Patrick's Day thing (cancelled). I asked a Town Hall security guard, and he didn't know of one either. Fortunately I had my piece of paper and I showed him April 10th and he laughed that I had the wrong month. Then I remembered the other piece of paper and just asked where Hyde Park was. There was a last-minute change of venue - north changed to south, but how difficult could that be? How big can a park in the middle of Sydney be anyway?

Turns out - pretty bloody big when you're walking! At the north end there were St Patrick's Day empty tents. They had no idea about any protest and told me to try the south end. Just my luck to find the end of a rainbow only to be told "wrong end". Unfortunately the other end had no idea either. I did meet someone on the way who asked me what side I was on. I said that I was sort of on Manning's side because of the good that it ended up doing (100 million people freed - twice what Bush managed).

I hadn't brought all my required computer equipment to get back onto gmail to find out the proper instructions, but then rememebered that the piece of paper may have had the phone number on it. It did! So a quick call and Michelle explained that not only had I gone to the wrong place, but it was already over and to "not worry" since "she had my email". Or something like that. Not sure what use that is. What's she going to do? Chew me out via email?

Anyway, back to Town Hall station and I found a bunch of (what turned out to be) Filipinos taking a photo of the revolving "station list thing". Since the stations keep changing, I'm not sure what use the photo was, so I was looking at them like they were a bunch of nutjobs (coming from someone who has lived in Sydney for the majority of his life and is only vaguely aware of Martin Place and Hyde Park, that's probably a case of glass houses). But then I had a brainwave. I'd ask them to take a photo of me and my protest sign. And the Chinese headband. In hindsight I should have given them one of the 10 headbands I had as a souvenir. Nevermind. I gave them my email address and asked them to send it to me (I didn't know how to use my own phone's camera after some fumbling around. Ironic really - normally the camera gets activated accidentally).

Hopefully I impressed them enough with my info on 25th Feb (EDSA revolution) that I would make "international freedom day" and my knowledge of the "laban" that they will at least follow through and send me the photo. At least Town Hall is "public" even though I missed the real rally. No idea how the real one went.


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