Message to Tripoli Residents

I have made a video address to the residents of Tripoli. Transcript below:

Hello Libya.

This is my second message to the Libyan people, and I've decided to leave the dry humour out of this one since people misunderstood it, and freedom is too precious to fool around with. This message is to the people of Tripoli only. If you're from Benghazi, heygumsingla, ok bye-bye.

I believe God speaks to us constantly via ordinary people, if only we pay attention and think about it. An ordinary person in the Anonymous group spoke to the group #oplibya yesterday and said this:

There is a joke circulating amongst Tripoli's men: "When Libya is liberated, our brothers in Benghazi will march to the capital with containers of women's underwear to distribute to us."

In my opinion this is a truly cruel joke, and is told by people who have little understanding of the Laws of Physics. Short story is that you cannot beat a modern military that has automatic weapons in the hands of men who are willing to use them. More info is available on www.mutazilah.org in my “dummies guide to warfare”. Short story is that these successful revolutions you see are largely military coups. Note that even 3 days of bombing by an ALLIANCE of 3 world superpowers is not enough to beat Gaddafi. You never had any chance at all. The Iranians have balls of steel too, but every time they try to stage a revolution they get mowed down.

Beating a loyal military can only be done with combined arms of a superior military. Currently, allied forces are attempting to do this purely from the air, due to artificial constraints. They may not succeed this way, it hasn't been proven yet. Normally you at least need special forces as was done in Afghanistan in 2001. Nobody is doing this because of a different problem.

The problems in today's world are not caused by a lack of men with steel balls. The problems are caused by a lack of both men and women with POLITICAL bravery. Western militaries are all full of brave men with balls of steel too. The trouble is that they are apolitical and will not act without civilian permission. Civilians are not scared of conscription – there's no need for that in the modern world – they are scared of nasty words from nasty commies.

The Canucks have devolved to the point where they instinctively do the opposite of whatever America does, because they're shit-scared of words like “America's slave”. The yanks are too silly to see that they just need to laugh at the Canucks and say “commies' slave” to even up the competition. Too silly or too nice, whatever.

And whites everywhere are too scared to hear words like “imperialist” and “colonialist” and “white supremacist” that the gutless wonders prefer to sit and watch Iraqi men having their tongues cut out rather than taking action.

You may have noticed that the Americans are trying to get out of the lead role in the current air war. They don't want to be seen as the leaders – even though they are the most competent to lead. This is part of the attempt to escape from these nasty words. Ideally someone like the Philippines would be in charge of this operation. No-one ever calls them oil-hungry imperialists, and they are the one country in the entire world that isn't full of anti-white racists. They're also the country that started off the democratic revolutions 25 years ago. Remember the “laban”? “jihad”.

I'm from Australia (see, here is the Australian flag, although it may be replaced by the Eureka flag depending on the results of a referendum that my fascist police state is unwilling to hold). Australia is probably the only country in the world whose “military day” celebrates a military DEFEAT. And the only time I've ever known an Australian sporting team to be booed off the field by Australians was after they WON a game of cricket. Decent Australians are more loyal to the concept of a “fair go” than nationalism.

You do not have a “fair go” if stupid arseholes are telling you to throw your life away against a modern military. As per a recent blog from me (see www.antisubjugator.blogspot.com), you should stay indoors and wait until professional military forces have finished the battle. Only THEN should you come out, and you should show your POLITICAL bravery. To show that, you should thank both the local and foreign forces, and more important than that, you should LEAD the charge of the free world to go and free more people who are in the same position you are in now. The Iranians are a perfect example. There are both western security (“Death to USA”) and humanist reasons (Iranian women being raped by their own government) to liberate Iran.

To show your political bravery, I ask the interim government in Tripoli to unilaterally declare war on Iran as soon as you are free to do so. Don't worry about the military side of things – you have friends in high places. Please do this by May 21st, as I have been reliably informed (by www.familyradio.com) that this is Judgement Day, and if you have not done this by then, I will indeed arrange for women's underwear to be shipped to your government. I'll try to negotiate USED underwear from a Filipina so that whoever in government receives it will be physically unable to throw it away (so long as they are male) while its very existence will be a constant reminder of the shame that you were a bunch of cowards scared of nasty words from the commies/jihadists such as “selling yourself” or “American lackey” or “collaborators” or whatever nasty words they can think of to ensure that Iranians and others remain enslaved.

Also, if you waste your time on intractable problems like the Russian occupation of Georgian territory as an excuse for inaction on solvable problems such as the liberation of Iran, the triumvirate Mu'tazilite Caliphate will see right through that ruse.

By the way, I'm much better at writing than talking, so that is why I need to script things. The message is the same regardless.

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