Tripoli Flyer

Anonymous asked a question "what should be written on flyers dropped to the residents of Tripoli?". Here's the sort of thing on my mind:

Residents of Tripoli,
You will soon be free. War is something that is best left to professional soldiers who have sworn an oath to protect civilians. You are not required to protect them. They will protect you. Please stay indoors instead of believing that you can do anything useful against automatic weapons. We need you to be alive AFTER the liberation. AFTER you are liberated, we need to see you on the streets in force, with flowers so that those brave soldiers know their comrades didn't die for nothing.

AFTER liberation please make contact with the international allies like Anonymous who did everything they could think of to ensure your freedom. Mainly Anonymous made the political case so that the politicians were pressured. Please make the effort to use your freedom and your English-language skills to go into any chat room anywhere and just talk to anyone at all in the West and ASK them for their opinion on the Libyan war. You don't need to thank the international community, but please JUDGE FOR YOURSELF the attitude of westerners. We don't need to tell you who in particular to contact - contact anyone at all in the West. The more the better, so you can do a "straw poll" of foreigners. I am quite certain that if you do that, you will be allies and friends forever. You may wish to join NATO or the European Union too. I think it's about time those organizations and some new blood in them (the Eastern Europeans were very nice too).

Above all, if you allow those who provided what assistance they could to make any request at all, it would be to help other people who have no-one assisting them. People like the Iranians. Please look around and choose a good target that will not be harmful to the cause of freedom. Don't waste time beating dead horses. "Fuck the (insert lefty cause), what about me?" as the Iranians are probably thinking right now if they had freedom of speech to tell us.

If you have a desire to fight, now that you have the ability to fight, join the Libyan military so that it is organized. No more pointless blood needs to be spilt by having you charge automatic weapons. Structured security forces are the way to go. Make sure your armed forces are called "Libyan Liberation Force" instead of "Libyan Defence Force" and ensure that anyone who signs up to the new security forces has to sign a clause that says "I understand that there is little for a military to do within a democracy, and that I fully agree to joining overseas liberation efforts that the civilians think would be worthwhile - I am willing to spill my blood for the freedom of complete strangers - regardless of race, religion, sex or nationality".

Hmmm, maybe a bit long for a flyer? Fine, fine. Just put on the flyer:


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