Plan D for Libya

Open Letter to Saif al-Islam Gaddafi of Libya

Hello Saif. You don't know me, but I know you, as I see you on TV all the time. The western media has decided that you are an important person, so your opinion gets heard. I'm one of the little guys, so I never get to go on TV. I have an opinion (pro-US neocon) that the media doesn't like to hear from because it conflicts with "The Narrative" (given to them courtesy of a Soviet psyops and subsequently internalized - long story, check my blog if you want more info).

So e.g. when I want to say something to the Libyan people, I just have to put it on my Facebook where of course no-one ever sees it, so I never get to influence public opinion. Not even the American media thinks that a letter from an Australian that is grateful to America is worthy of publication. The Iraqi bloggers were flabbergasted when no western media - other than about 10 seconds on Fox News - thought that most important demonstrations in human history (pro-liberation Iraqis) were worthy of publication, despite the fact that the people attending them risked their life to go to the streets, unlike the clowns who rock up to western rallies as some sort of big party paid for by "liberal fascists" - not one of them who genuinely cares about the Iraqi people. It's just a chance for self-aggrandization and they should hang their heads in shame like FUCKING FOREVER. They need your suffering to continue so that they can pretend to care. Instead of genuinely doing something to help like I try to do to the best of my fucking ability.

Anyway, this phenomenon is not just for my (Australian) support of Bush/America. E.g. on Australian TV I saw Pauline Hanson kissing an Aboriginal man who supported her. I would have loved to hear that Aboriginal man give an explanation as to why he was supporting Pauline Hanson, when Pauline was supposedly a racist. I suspect that he supported her for the same reason I did - he believed in equality of the races and leaving the past behind instead of having Aboriginal suffering being used as a prop for liberal fascism (socialism).

Ok, first of all, I'm the sort of guy who errs on the side of caution. So when I saw an unconfirmed report of 300 tanks heading east out of Tripoli, I thought "holy shit - massed armour like Hitler used, and the rebels/cockroaches aren't organized to withstand that yet" and contacted the Australian government to ask for immediate air support to protect the rebels. My government didn't respond to me of course, because I'm a little guy who they only pretend to care about. But I think the British have come to the rescue and are standing by in Malta to ensure that there is not going to be any Gaddafi tanks "doing a Hitler" (at least if the Libyan rebels fail). As such, the rebels should win this war, and with that safety net in place, we now have some scope to play around.

You seem to be a young guy with good English, and that cocky attitude you have tells me that you may know what "lulz" is. As in "Armageddon - we did it for the lulz".

Since I am inside Australian culture, I know what reaction you will get from Australians if you do certain things. Here's what I want you to do.

I received this message from a Turkish friend of mine:

turk: do you know 15.000 Turkish workers have been evacuated from Lybia
turk: its ok
turk: its not your problem

(he's wrong - it's exactly the burden I choose to bear of my own free will because I believe I have the skills required to solve problems like that)

I didn't quite understand that, and can't be bothered googling it, but I suspect you are holding some hostages. On top of the Libyan hostages you are holding (ie all of Tripoli). I really don't know what the mix is, but what I want you to do is something quite unusual.

I want you to get some volunteers from the "hostages" to make some "rape porn" videos. You've got heaps of money, and so long as you pay women/men, you'll always find some who are willing to do anything at all (ask to look at my porn collection one day). While I don't have in my possession any rape porn (a great pity since rape is a natural instinct), what I do have is something far more worse - Iraqi men having their tongues cut out by their own government.

I want you to go on TV and show a (supposedly) frightened Turkish/Libyan/whatever woman and say "If the Australian government doesn't show that Aboriginal man that Pauline Hanson kissed on state-run TV to give his political opinion, then this woman will be raped by my African mercenaries and then killed". Give the Australian government 1 day to locate that Aboriginal man. I'd simply LOVE to hear what HE has to say. This will force the fascist Australian government to given genuine representation to ALL Aboriginal points of view, instead of just the endless-grievance view that the western media LOVES to project (to show that capitalism is fundamentally flawed when it isn't - it's the best things we know of to enable people to escape poverty). Just those words coming out of your mouth will be the lulz of the friggin century. Then if the Australian government refuses to give in to "terrorist demands" (hell, you're just repeating the words of an Australian anyway) - make the video and publish it on the internet. It MUST look real. People must GENUINELY BELIEVE that these atrocities are happening before they will take action.

People like me will act as if they are real EVEN THOUGH we both know that you're just using volunteers and special effects. If I was the Australian government, I would give in to that demand which is coming from a Australian anyway to give representation to an Aboriginal. How could any (fake) bleeding heart left-wing fascist give in to such a reasonable demand without appearing on TV to look like the slimy cockroach on drugs that she is?

Anyway, I want to get this out there on twitter (my media has no interest at all in my opinion, but I have a lot of contacts on Yahoo Messenger who may be - and of course a "pretend tyrant" like you gets his beautiful face on TV too!). If the idea takes off, we'll end up with a new western paradigm. Maybe even some rape porn, depending on just how low the Australian government is willing to stoop to keep their fascist point of view as the ONLY point of view allowed in western countries (westerner are too fucking stupid to see that they've been played by people in power, even when it's laid out for them in clear logic in the posts on this blog).

To ensure that there is no accidental war - please ask the rebels to hold fire until you've started negotiations with the fascist Australian government for a new paradigm. This is URGENT. Hold fire so that we can begin the negotiation process of setting up new structures that ensure that we never again have atrocities like Iraqi men having their tongues cut out and no-one in the West other than Bush et al giving a damn.

Gaddafi, you're about to go down as the man that revolutionized the entire fucking Western world. It's not just Australia that's in my sights. Here's an Indonesian girl who has something to say:

mr_paul_edwards: what changes would you like to see to your government if you had a voice?
indonesian_girl_without_voice: I don't know what u mean
indonesian_girl_without_voice: Oww,i see now
indonesian_girl_without_voice: I'll say so many things
About poorness,society, and so on...

By the way - to the feminazis who will ping me for calling this woman a girl - SUCK MY COCK (and we'll film it and sell the porn rights to that too - ok?).

By the way, I saw this conversation in the optunisia room:

Philippine_girl: What is Anonymous doing to help the people of Tunisia?
Random_anon: Sending them free porn.

ROFL!!! I nearly killed myself laughing. Then I said:

kerravon: Hey, is that actually true? Those tor bridges - are they hiding political speech under the cover of massive porn downloads?

(or something like that).

Who would have believed that the route to political freedom is MASS FUCKING? Maybe Chavez was right about the revolution being televised live - in about 500 different shades of pink - whoo hoo!

P.S. I just found out that twitter doesn't allow my tweet to get out. It pretends to tweet, but it doesn't really get out (I can check via alternative source). Fortunately blogger works. So that means twitter is one of the American corporations who are suppressing your human rights. Here's what I tried to tweet:

#Free #rape #porn for #Libya from #Gadaffi #Qadafi #Kadafi #Fuckafi http://antisubjugator.blogspot.com/2011/02/plan-d-for-libya.html

So that I can still have my human rights, could people please spread this tweet by word of mouth instead of relying on an American company to pretend to care about your human rights? I think someone like Russia should offer an alternative tweeting service.

P.P.S. I also sent a video message to the Tunisian people you might like to see.

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