Economic Rights

Brian - You asked the cosmos, well, here's part of the cosmos replying.

If people are starving to death, they have an absolute right to steal to save their life. They should not be expected to follow the law to the absolute limit and quite literally starve to death.

As such, if you want to live in a country where theft is almost unheard of (some of the Arab countries are like that, and Singapore too), then a social security net should be provided. If you find that the social security net is so good that people volunteer to be jobless and you have to whack them with a stick to get them to genuinely look for work - then you can be sure the level of payment is sufficient.

If they get the dole AND steal, well, what can I say? Use them as shark bait or something.

People also have the right to live under a proven economic model. If you think communism works, test it on a hippy commune or a small island first, before letting it run rife on an entire fucking continent. To date, the thing that has been proven to be successful is capitalism. So that's what we should see worldwide right at the moment. If you want to protest your current capitalist system, then the two companies that should be in your sights should be IBM for their z/OS monopoly and Microsoft for their Windows monopoly. I have separately explained how to do that. It is outrageous that these American monopolies exist to this day and that no-one has taken genuine action (Linux is a communist scam, not genuine action) to end these monopolies. Where are all the communists when it's time to "give according to your ability"? You can see what I gave to my ability at that link, while operating under a capitalist system.

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