Memes into Cosmos

I have spent the last 6 years or whatever injecting memes into cyberspace hoping that someone would get the message if I just managed to find the guy who could link me up to someone who can actually do something in the real world. I've fallen flat at every turn, perhaps because everything I do is a violation of "the narrative". Perhaps Fox News is too stupid to realise that they should be showing foreign neocons to back up the war effort.

Regardless, I was impressed by this where the US is stepping down from the lead as soon as practical. This is what I've asked for for a long time. Let someone else's face go on TV. The US should be the tough guy behind the scenes who is only used when absolutely necessary. Perhaps my message is getting out after all, even if it's via a completely stupid and unbelievable and unproven thing like "Law of Attraction".

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