Fascist Australia Part 1

Now that the immediate danger in Libya is over, and it's only a matter of time before Libya is free, I am more-or-less in a mode where I need to reevaluate world threats and devise a new strategy. Especially as to whether China can be freed. After all, I am now in touch with a Chinese student newly arrived in Australia, and at some level I just put ideas into the free marketplace of ideas and see what happens. A bit like that stupid "Law of Attraction" from the "self-help" video called "The Secret".

Anyway, I went quiet for a couple of weeks during the Libyan crisis. Here's why (long story) ...

On the night of 27th Feb, when I wrote Plan D for Libya, where suddenly I was attacking the West instead of an endless assortment of 3rd world despots, I realised I hadn't done due diligence.

You see, most of the people I talk to, I've never actually met. I don't really have any friends in Sydney. I have friends (or at least - associates) in Romania, China, US, Philippines, Russia, UK - but often I haven't even seen a photo of them! For all I know, they could all be the same white male ASIO agent living 2 doors down from me. Do I think ASIO thinks I am important? Hell no! They couldn't give a shit about me, although my recent interactions with Anonymous may have put me on some "annoying kooks" list. But unfortunately this is where I run into the "one percent doctrine", or in this case, the "0.01% doctrine". Freedom is too precious for me to have not done due diligence.

Due diligence in this case is making sure some of these people exist and that my blog is accurate and my blog is even visible outside of Australia or any other country that would assist Australia in subterfuge. So e.g. Russia or China would be the sort of place that are truly independent. North Korea too. Unlikely to cooperate with ASIO to fool an Australian citizen (even assuming ASIO was into that sort of thing). Obviously on the night of 27th Feb with Libya under pressure, it was a bit too late to finally decide to do due diligence! But those were the cards on the table at that point.

I had earlier done things like profusely thank the Chinese for their assistance as if ASIO really was blocking my access and they had saved my life. All these things are more likely to be technical glitches than genuine ASIO interference, although you can't tell for sure. Just like Dilbert's "random numbers" (always 9, and you can never tell for sure if they're really random). The purpose of thanking the Chinese so profusely was not because they had genuinely helped me to such a large extent, but just to "put that meme out there". The meme is that in the same way I am grateful (and ask for) for help (even small help) from a different race/nationality/"family", I also do the same thing myself. Some people just cannot register the concept that I would want to help another country like Libya or China. Because they understand their own tribal nature and cannot believe that others have an ideological (ie non-national/patriotic) tribe. The non-racial tribe is WAY against human nature, and they must necessarily assume it's some kind of huge conspiracy/trick. I'm not sure why they don't register the endless "aid to Africa" black hole as evidence of non-racial tribality - probably because there's some Marxist spin for that action.

Anyway, at some level, I was extremely upset that I couldn't tweet things like "#jihadi" or somesuch. Someone was filtering my speech. In my opinion we need something to replace twitter, as we shouldn't allow a US corporation to decide what words are appropriate for a "world voice". It should probably reside in Russia, vigorously defended by nukes. I have started enquiries along those lines.

Anyway, on the 27th Feb I had seen so many anomalies (twitter down etc), that I started wondering if my hyperbole was actually true. I had previously assumed that the small readership of my blog was due to me being long-winded and boring, rather than ASIO intercepting all of my communication. But - due diligence - I needed to ensure my "Plan D" made it to Saif. How can I do that when my own communication is being intercepted? I needed an independent reference point. Sure I have the Iraqi bloggers who speak Arabic, so I can send it to them - but they could all be CIA plants too. Obviously I don't think they are, but due diligence, due diligence, due diligence.

Guess what? My neighbour is Egyptian. Not only that, but he was there before I moved in, so he can't be an ASIO mole. And guess what? There was an unexplained fire that nearly killed his family. Almost like ASIO was trying to drive him away. Just the mere possibility that I could have everything backwards sent a cold chill down my spine. Anyway, I had something specific to do - get onto the Libyan network, bypassing any ASIO controls that may exist on me personally. He was at someone else's house, so after ringing him, I was given a lift to his current place, and he was able to give me access to the internet. I realised I needed to get there quicker than ASIO could intercept his communication. Anyway, that went reasonably well, and I was able to get my message out. I asked him to contact his overseas friends to ensure it was all visible. He was about to talk in English on the phone, but I immediately barked "keep it in Arabic" to make ASIO's life difficult.

He then had a brief chat to me, saying that there was a lot of anti-Egyptian propaganda in the west, and that Egypt would never break the treaty with Israel as it is against the Muslim religion, and that the concern (never seen in the western media) was Israel not living up to its side of the bargain. A brief look at the 1973 treaty later showed that that appears to be false, but regardless, I told him that if Israel had signed something and wasn't living up to it, that I would chase Israel to the end of time.

One funny thing is that it almost appeared as if he was expecting me to arrive, and had independent Arabic access arranged to ensure my message could get through. I am aware that I could be being played at some level, and don't know who is in on it. Just the way that people contact me via the internet - they pause as appropriate and say "sorry was busy for 2 weeks" or whatever, depending on the circumstance. Even the OS/380 group ground to a halt while I was busy on politics. I even made a post to that effect.

Anyway, when I arrived back home in the early hours of 28th Feb, I noticed a very quiet neighbour still up and seemingly outside to monitor me. The possibility that I really was being monitored by ASIO ramped up even more. The final straw was when I woke up early on 28th Feb and a 9/11 truther kook had sent me some conspiracy theory about "Skull and Bones" and I noticed his profile picture that showed a white and a Chinese in seemingly military uniform eating together. I wondered if in actual fact China was in fact a democracy, and the PLA was full of international freedom fighters, and they wanted me to join them, but they needed to get past ASIO filters, so couldn't directly say words like "we're free, you're not".

That 0.01% chance that my complete worldview was totally wrong was now looming large. The only way I could find out if China was really free would be to get their side of the internet. Their consulate should have an independent internet access that couldn't be intercepted by ASIO, and would be protected by nukes. I needed to immediately defect to China before ASIO intercepted me. And I couldn't trust anyone. I ran from my house, taking just my Chinese "democracy" headband. No phone that could be tracked. Just the clothes on my back. No money either. I tried stopping random people to see if someone could help me get to the Chinese consulate so that I could seek political and religious asylum. No-one was willing to help me, because I looked like a kook. No answer from a nearby church. Someone suggested a taxi - I tried some random taxis but they weren't willing to take me and just referred me to the train.

Fortunately I was let in to the train station by the guard after I said I was after political asylum. I wondered if there was a whole network of Chinese spies who were doing these low-level jobs to ensure that when I realised that I was being monitored by ASIO, I could get to my destination. Basically pretty much anyone who really has to do a low-level job is trustworthy. I had a vague recollection that the Chinese consulate was at Museum station. But I thought that if I went there directly, ASIO would probably be expecting that, and intercept me. So I decided to get off at St James instead. Unfortunately a woman on the train asked me where I intended to go as she could see me intently looking at the sign. I blurted out "St James", but hadn't noticed when she had gotten on. And now she knew my secret plan. As did ASIO if they were monitoring the train. I told her a bit of my story and my web address to try to find me and how no-one in power could be trusted. I apologized for sounding like a kook. Regardless, I was potentially screwed. I tried telling some other passengers where to find me if I didn't make it. I've been incarcerated before, after all.

I was able to follow someone else through the St James turnstile and then I asked a street vendor where Museum was. He pointed me in a particular direction, and it seems that I went through Hyde Park. I touched base with both a woman sitting on a chair, and a homeless woman, to try to get them to see me in the Chinese consulate, and if I wasn't there, to assume that I had been arrested by ASIO. The homeless woman at least said she wasn't interested in seeing me at the Chinese consulate. A bus driver or two got me closer to my destination. And you would be surprised at just how few ethnic Chinese people know that a Chinese consulate even exists, much less where to find it.

At the Museum side of Hyde Park I was somehow contacted by a guy handing out "Big Issue" magazines. He may have seen I was lost or something - can't remember. What I do remember is that this was someone nominally trustworthy, but I suspect he was in fact an ASIO agent. He told me that the last westerners to defect to China ended up in jail. I had to actually ask him "jail in which country?" and supposedly it was China. I can't be bothered verifying/denying that information, but regardless, I said I said I would take my chances with the Chinese. After all, I can see people going back and forth to China. While my hyperbole suggests that the Chinese are my bitter enemy, I do in fact think that they are on a good track and the political reform will come naturally.

Anyway, to make a long story medium, I got into a debate with him. He was saying that China was a dictatorship, while I was questioning whether that was even true, since in the back of my mind was the photo of skips apparently in the PLA. How did he know that the info we were getting was even true - the whole internet could be rigged/censored by ASIO - how would he know. And guess what he said? Kiddie porn! I smiled at that, because that's exactly what gave me confidence too. If kiddie porn could get through, surely the internet was an unrigged environment? And my reply? Even that can be rigged with photoshop. The technology is so good that it's nearly impossible to tell if any of these images are real. I really really really hope that all the kiddie porn is deliberate fakes, but at the same time I don't trust the government any further than I can throw it. He referred me to www.easygals.com as well. I also noticed that in his position he seemed to be able to chat to women easily.

At that point, I simply asked him why Australia's forces weren't helping Libya already. He said that we had an agreement with the UK in that if our forces go in, theirs automatically follow. I said I wasn't aware of such a formal alliance with the UK, and also please explain why the UK failed to turn up to Vietnam while Australia did. Interesting sideline here - a big hullaballo is made about the fact that "Menzies asked to join the war" rather than being invited. I went and looked at those source documents years ago, and all did was point out the obvious. Although Australia is willing to defend the free world, we need to actually be formally invited to go to a country if we don't want to be accused of - you know - fucking invading a sovereign state!

With his argument collapsed over Vietnam, he instead tried to tell me that the ADF was a DEFENSE force, not an invasion force. I told him nonsense - Australia is a nation of liberators, regardless of the stupid name we may have for the greatest fucking liberators in world history. He told me he was proud to be Australian. I told him I used to be too. It's not me who was about to defect from Australia. It was fucking Australia that has defected from itself!

I was eventually directed (including by an Aboriginal man - there was some Aboriginal thing around the area) to "Lee St", where you can indeed get passports or some sort of emigration. I asked a security guard where the Chinese embassy was, and he directed me to Camperdown. On the way there, I realised I shouldn't take my headband to the Chinese consulate, and needed to throw it in the bin, or give it to someone. After scaring one woman, I decided the bin was the way to go. Then I ran across Sydney University and I knew they had a "Koori Centre" there. I thought that was most appropriate - the Aboriginals knew what it meant to preserve past culture, and valued simple treasures from the past. Someone gave me a map, but it didn't have that listed. I knew it existed, so asked some official, who told me it was at the "Old Teacher's College". Asking for help, I eventually got there, and asked the guy if he could preserve my headband because it was so important to me. He could see how distressed I was, but he basically told me to fuck off. Yet another front for the fucking commies.

I tried giving it to another woman, who wasn't comfortable about that, and then I was about to try to figure out from a map how to get out when an old man with poor eyesight asked me for assistance to get to the Bosch building. We went together, and on arrival he bought me an orange juice. A lot of symbolism seemed to be at play, and I was trying to protect his belongings in two places at once. He is a WW2 vet and I told him how much I appreciated his efforts, and asked him to mind my headband as he would take care of WW2 medals. He said he would be back at this place for a lecture on March 9th (I think) at either 9am or 10am or something confusing. I told him if I was alive and able, I would be there from 8am - 12 noon to get my headband back. Circumstances (ie incarceration by the fascist Australian police state) meant that I was unable to make that appointment, although I did manage about 10am-10:10am with no sign of him in any of the 4 lecture halls.

I wanted him to have my contact details and he gave me a pen to write with. I wrote down "I am in danger. I am going to defect to China now but I don't think I will make it. See www.antisubjugator.blogspot.com" or something similar.

As I was trying to get out of Sydney University, someone else asked me for directions. This was when I noticed something unusual. I was being treated as if they knew everything on my blog and had accepted me as God. Just the expression on some people's faces. This one in particular was almost in tears as I helped her find her classroom on the same day that I was expecting to be killed by ASIO. Certainly under the right circumstances I am extremely kind and willing to put my life on the line. She said "I never expected something like this could really happen" without elaborating. I didn't push her for details, because here's another thing. If I am being treated as God, I want to have "plausible deniability". I think there was a "don't ask, don't tell" principle in operation here. She mentioned that she was in some socialist group and she had it so wrong. I gave her my blog address and also mentioned Iraqi men having their tongues cut out. Interestingly, I have since been back to Sydney University and no longer see the same reaction. It was "one day only" basically. She promised to read my blog, but I have seen no evidence of that. I think she might be under a constraint of her own. She can't do any action outside of what she would have done if I had been a normal individual. So she may never see me again, and that was bringing her sadness. I did try to find her classroom again without success. Her classroom was fairly close to an exit, which I took. Incidentally, this was the first day of Uni so most people didn't know their way around.

With more help from bus drivers and pedestrians, and finally a furniture store, I made it to the consulate. Note that by the time I got there, I was shit-scared of being arrested/extrajudicially murdered. So I didn't jaywalk, and I tended to cross at the lights only when there was no major vehicle that could wipe me out, and I crossed with other people on the assumption that the government wouldn't attempt a murder so big.

What a relief to get in the doors of the Chinese consulate! I think it was important for me to experience what an asylum seeker experiences as they leave with nothing but the clothes on their back.

There was a computer monitor with 2 options on it, both of them in Chinese. wtf? Don't these people speak English? Anyway, fortunately there were a lot of Chinese people there, and I asked him what the two things were. It was "visas and passports" or something, and he asked me what I wanted. I said I wanted political asylum. It seems the stupid fucking Chicom programmers didn't think of adding a 3rd option "political/religious asylum" in FUCKING ENGLISH on their stupid computer.

Anyway, the guy I spoke to came back with a white security officer in tow. The white guy asked me to leave, and I was terrified. I yelled out that I wanted asylum for my political and religious rights. I'm normally a quiet, shy person, so this was completely out of my nature obviously. This guy was unarmed, and I probably could have taken him on, so he didn't want to escalate force. I told him I wanted to see an ethnic Chinese person not a white guy. He said to wait near the door and he would sort it out. I negotiated to go away from the door, as I didn't want to be rushed, end up outside Chinese territory, and be locked away for treason or whatever laws fucking Howard had spent so much time creating to hassle innocent Muslims such as myself.

Then I heard him on the phone saying something like "too much drama" and I thought I was being expelled for this reason. I got angry at him (although he denied it and said he was just calling a taxi) and rushed into the next room, where there was a queue of people waiting to be served. I got in that line, but the white guy followed me, so I instead rushed into a corner, beyond the line, so surely I must be in Chinese territory by now and a fucking skip wouldn't follow me there. He seemed to be holding back tears (once again, as if he knew what Australia had devolved into that someone would rather take their chances with the fucking Chicoms than this fascist socialist wasteland - I had mentioned that to the girl at Sydney Uni too - the one who also seemed to be holding back tears as if she knew the whole story).

We were in a stand-off for quite some time, and I asked the guy if I could have a glass of water and he said something along the lines of he could only get me something that wasn't proper drinking water, and I said I would settle for anything, and apparently you can survive for 3 days without water, and I'd rather die here anyway. But instead of getting water, 2 armed cops turned up!

I tried to get into another door to where the Chinese officials were, but it was locked. I then yelled out again to the room that I wanted political and religious asylum. Not one person bothered to see if I needed help. There was probably 60-100 people in the room.

By this stage I was defeated and reluctantly left Chinese territory. I apologized to the cops for disturbing the peace. They asked me if I had ever been in trouble with the police, and I said I didn't think I had a police record, but I was once escorted into an ambulance by the police. And I told them the story (don't know if it is true) that when the Chinese execute someone, they make the family pay for the bullet. Well, when I was forced by the police into an ambulance because they didn't like my religious opinion (note that my religious opinion isn't so whacky that it includes talking snakes, but nevertheless gets the attention of pseudo-science quacks, I was forced by the Australian state to pay for the fucking ambulance!!!

They asked me what I wanted to do now, and I said I didn't have any money, so I would have to walk home, which is about 15km away from where I was. I should have been able to make it, and the other thing I had taken with me was my house keys, since I thought I'd better hedge my bets as I've been in this situation before - expecting God to sort it all out, and being disappointed when the same old fascist regime remained in place.

As I started the walk home, I was really thirsty and saw a guy at a cafe with water, and asked if I could have some. He directed me inside. Inside they were busy, but I saw a bathroom, so got water from there so as to not disturb people for a "free service". Maybe that was the "not proper drinking water" that I was told about but didn't receive. I then set off on my highly symbolic "long march". Note that I am grossly unfit, so a 15km trek is like 5 marathons for me. Unfortunately I don't have much common sense, so I didn't realise that an option open to me at this point was to wave a taxi, ask them to take me home, then pay them from my wallet which was still in the house. To be continued ...

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