China – please help Western civilians

Video Address to Hu Jintao, President of China

Hello Hu Jintao!

On February 28th 2011 I attempted to defect to China by going into the Chinese Consulate in Sydney. It seems that the head of the Chinese Consulate must be an Australian spy, because he didn't even interview me to find out what I had. He instead immediately rang up the Australian Federal Police and I was forced to leave Chinese territory without seeing a single Chinese person in authority. I recommend you arrest him on espionage charges. The compliant Australian press obviously covered up the whole incident too. Would you like to know what happened to me after that? I was incarcerated for nearly 2 weeks.

The fascist Australian regime is extremely insidious. Whenever they find someone trying to upset the status quo, such as Pauline Hanson, they find some way to lock them up. In Pauline's case she ended up in jail as a political prisoner to teach her a lesson. But she was high profile. What they do for ordinary citizens such as myself is far worse. They simply declare them “mentally ill” and some quack uses pseudo-science and acts as judge, jury and executioner. Even if you exercise your supposed right of appeal, they use compliant appeal judges who ignore the written law and rule in favour of the doctors every time. They incarcerate you with criminals and psychopaths and quite openly threaten to electrocute you if you refuse to renounce your views. This was the third time I was incarcerated in such a manner. Oh yeah, they make sure the psychopaths are frustrated as well, by not giving them any reasonable entertainment and no chance to have leave. When the psychopaths start attacking people they just say "please don't do that" as if assault is a trivial matter. And that's not all. They will sometimes force you into an ambulance and then force you to pay for the ambulance. For freedom-loving people like me, I would quite literally rather be shot and pay for the bullet, as at least that is a quick death instead of torture.

The media – almost all of it – is complicit in all this. There is an understanding that so long as they get to peddle their revolutionary socialism, they won't ask the truly tough questions. They set the agenda of what's important or not. Iraqi men having their tongues cut out by their own government? Unimportant. Global warming? Important. The church too is fully compliant in all of this, forever issuing its support of "peace" - even institutionalized rape is considered to be peaceful in their dictionary.

It is ironic that Australia is lurching towards socialist dictatorship at the same time that China is well on the road to what actually works – secular capitalist liberal democracy. You are doing everything right – educating the population on proper economics before allowing them to vote. That's how the Western world progressed and how Taiwan did as well. Education always came first. You can look around the world and see the true horror that results when uneducated people vote.

Because I have completely lost faith in all the institutions in Australia, for reasons outlined on my blog (www.antisubjugator.blogspot.com) can I please ask your urgent help in the following:

1. I would like both you and Russia to be "external auditors" of Australia to investigate all the issues I have raised, and do a post-mortem of how a once-proud country devolved into a socialist nightmare - and put in place checks and balances that will ensure this never happens again. I actually wore this headband on the train to work this morning in the hope that some Chinese students would make contact with me so that I could ask their help to have Australia's democracy restored. Unfortunately no-one spoke to me today - possibly because I looked like a crazy old man or something. I must admit I was scared to do that in public, but I figured that if the Libyan people were brave enough to face automatic weapons, I could be brave enough to face my fears of mere public ridicule/low-level violence. I didn't wear it on the way home because I feared my fascist regime would use that as an excuse to lock me up and prevent me from getting this message out - and that was more important to me at that time. Or worse. They deliberately put in artificial speed limits to disrupt natural traffic flow to increase the number of Australians who die on the road. This then allows them to hide political killings in the resulting massive death toll. Similar to how mandating artificially low pricing disrupts a capitalist economy.

2. It is not just Australia that needs auditting. I have an American friend who has (real) nightmares that the American military is on the streets. She can instinctively see that the checks and balances that would ensure her physical security are not in place, and that if the worst comes to the worst, no-one will come to her rescue as no-one can get past America's nukes. I want to work with you to ensure there is a "world security" system in place that will ensure that my American friend no longer needs to live in fear of a military coup.

3. In the same way that you sent your troops to help restore democracy in Haiti – for which I sincerely thank you – could you please now send your ground troops to Libya to protect the Libyan people? I would suggest a coalition is appropriate – perhaps with the Serbs as trustworthy allies. A coalition makes it less scary for the population being protected as its not down to just one country who decides things. I could obviously ask the Australian government to do that, and indeed I have, and I would trust them to do the right thing internationally. But I know that the socialists now in power are going to ignore me the same way they ignored Saddam's rape rooms. Please do not wait for UN approval. The UN is merely a cover to preserve the status quo on a quid pro quo basis.

4. I have documented something called "message 666" which contains an encapsulation of Australian culture that allows us to still have a civil society despite the current fascist regime. If you're interested, please let me know. I wrote it on Sept 11, 2004, but the illuminati have ignored it as expected for a group that likes to preserve the status quo.

If I don't hear from you, I'll continue to write on my blog, and I'll continue to wear my headband whenever I can, to hopefully make contact with ordinary Chinese people in the hope that they will do whatever is in their power to help me.

Thankyou for your time.

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