Normally I would give the dictator a way out. That's what my "Plan D" was for. ie normally I would just pay them to fuck off to Saudi Arabia, avoid a real war, and get glorious freedom.

In this case, Gaddafi has gone too far. He didn't surrender when the result was in doubt. What we need dictators to do is surrender (or leave) when the result is still in doubt.

With western planes now flying over Libya, victory is guaranteed. It would be bad to allow Gaddafi to escape now. He must be brought to justice, no matter how many people die in the resulting battle. Because setting a precedent is even worse. The precedents we need confirmed are:

1. If you go into exile without a fight, you won't be pursued, and our children won't be affected, so it's reasonably cool.

2. If you choose to hold your country hostage and battle it out, then you will be hunted down across the globe and brought to justice. The justice will be meted out by those same people who you enslaved, so you'd better watch your step.

Those precedents should cause the least amount of blood between Libya and the Entire World Being Free.

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