Plan D for Libya

Open Letter to Saif al-Islam Gaddafi of Libya

Hello Saif. You don't know me, but I know you, as I see you on TV all the time. The western media has decided that you are an important person, so your opinion gets heard. I'm one of the little guys, so I never get to go on TV. I have an opinion (pro-US neocon) that the media doesn't like to hear from because it conflicts with "The Narrative" (given to them courtesy of a Soviet psyops and subsequently internalized - long story, check my blog if you want more info).

So e.g. when I want to say something to the Libyan people, I just have to put it on my Facebook where of course no-one ever sees it, so I never get to influence public opinion. Not even the American media thinks that a letter from an Australian that is grateful to America is worthy of publication. The Iraqi bloggers were flabbergasted when no western media - other than about 10 seconds on Fox News - thought that most important demonstrations in human history (pro-liberation Iraqis) were worthy of publication, despite the fact that the people attending them risked their life to go to the streets, unlike the clowns who rock up to western rallies as some sort of big party paid for by "liberal fascists" - not one of them who genuinely cares about the Iraqi people. It's just a chance for self-aggrandization and they should hang their heads in shame like FUCKING FOREVER. They need your suffering to continue so that they can pretend to care. Instead of genuinely doing something to help like I try to do to the best of my fucking ability.

Anyway, this phenomenon is not just for my (Australian) support of Bush/America. E.g. on Australian TV I saw Pauline Hanson kissing an Aboriginal man who supported her. I would have loved to hear that Aboriginal man give an explanation as to why he was supporting Pauline Hanson, when Pauline was supposedly a racist. I suspect that he supported her for the same reason I did - he believed in equality of the races and leaving the past behind instead of having Aboriginal suffering being used as a prop for liberal fascism (socialism).

Ok, first of all, I'm the sort of guy who errs on the side of caution. So when I saw an unconfirmed report of 300 tanks heading east out of Tripoli, I thought "holy shit - massed armour like Hitler used, and the rebels/cockroaches aren't organized to withstand that yet" and contacted the Australian government to ask for immediate air support to protect the rebels. My government didn't respond to me of course, because I'm a little guy who they only pretend to care about. But I think the British have come to the rescue and are standing by in Malta to ensure that there is not going to be any Gaddafi tanks "doing a Hitler" (at least if the Libyan rebels fail). As such, the rebels should win this war, and with that safety net in place, we now have some scope to play around.

You seem to be a young guy with good English, and that cocky attitude you have tells me that you may know what "lulz" is. As in "Armageddon - we did it for the lulz".

Since I am inside Australian culture, I know what reaction you will get from Australians if you do certain things. Here's what I want you to do.

I received this message from a Turkish friend of mine:

turk: do you know 15.000 Turkish workers have been evacuated from Lybia
turk: its ok
turk: its not your problem

(he's wrong - it's exactly the burden I choose to bear of my own free will because I believe I have the skills required to solve problems like that)

I didn't quite understand that, and can't be bothered googling it, but I suspect you are holding some hostages. On top of the Libyan hostages you are holding (ie all of Tripoli). I really don't know what the mix is, but what I want you to do is something quite unusual.

I want you to get some volunteers from the "hostages" to make some "rape porn" videos. You've got heaps of money, and so long as you pay women/men, you'll always find some who are willing to do anything at all (ask to look at my porn collection one day). While I don't have in my possession any rape porn (a great pity since rape is a natural instinct), what I do have is something far more worse - Iraqi men having their tongues cut out by their own government.

I want you to go on TV and show a (supposedly) frightened Turkish/Libyan/whatever woman and say "If the Australian government doesn't show that Aboriginal man that Pauline Hanson kissed on state-run TV to give his political opinion, then this woman will be raped by my African mercenaries and then killed". Give the Australian government 1 day to locate that Aboriginal man. I'd simply LOVE to hear what HE has to say. This will force the fascist Australian government to given genuine representation to ALL Aboriginal points of view, instead of just the endless-grievance view that the western media LOVES to project (to show that capitalism is fundamentally flawed when it isn't - it's the best things we know of to enable people to escape poverty). Just those words coming out of your mouth will be the lulz of the friggin century. Then if the Australian government refuses to give in to "terrorist demands" (hell, you're just repeating the words of an Australian anyway) - make the video and publish it on the internet. It MUST look real. People must GENUINELY BELIEVE that these atrocities are happening before they will take action.

People like me will act as if they are real EVEN THOUGH we both know that you're just using volunteers and special effects. If I was the Australian government, I would give in to that demand which is coming from a Australian anyway to give representation to an Aboriginal. How could any (fake) bleeding heart left-wing fascist give in to such a reasonable demand without appearing on TV to look like the slimy cockroach on drugs that she is?

Anyway, I want to get this out there on twitter (my media has no interest at all in my opinion, but I have a lot of contacts on Yahoo Messenger who may be - and of course a "pretend tyrant" like you gets his beautiful face on TV too!). If the idea takes off, we'll end up with a new western paradigm. Maybe even some rape porn, depending on just how low the Australian government is willing to stoop to keep their fascist point of view as the ONLY point of view allowed in western countries (westerner are too fucking stupid to see that they've been played by people in power, even when it's laid out for them in clear logic in the posts on this blog).

To ensure that there is no accidental war - please ask the rebels to hold fire until you've started negotiations with the fascist Australian government for a new paradigm. This is URGENT. Hold fire so that we can begin the negotiation process of setting up new structures that ensure that we never again have atrocities like Iraqi men having their tongues cut out and no-one in the West other than Bush et al giving a damn.

Gaddafi, you're about to go down as the man that revolutionized the entire fucking Western world. It's not just Australia that's in my sights. Here's an Indonesian girl who has something to say:

mr_paul_edwards: what changes would you like to see to your government if you had a voice?
indonesian_girl_without_voice: I don't know what u mean
indonesian_girl_without_voice: Oww,i see now
indonesian_girl_without_voice: I'll say so many things
About poorness,society, and so on...

By the way - to the feminazis who will ping me for calling this woman a girl - SUCK MY COCK (and we'll film it and sell the porn rights to that too - ok?).

By the way, I saw this conversation in the optunisia room:

Philippine_girl: What is Anonymous doing to help the people of Tunisia?
Random_anon: Sending them free porn.

ROFL!!! I nearly killed myself laughing. Then I said:

kerravon: Hey, is that actually true? Those tor bridges - are they hiding political speech under the cover of massive porn downloads?

(or something like that).

Who would have believed that the route to political freedom is MASS FUCKING? Maybe Chavez was right about the revolution being televised live - in about 500 different shades of pink - whoo hoo!

P.S. I just found out that twitter doesn't allow my tweet to get out. It pretends to tweet, but it doesn't really get out (I can check via alternative source). Fortunately blogger works. So that means twitter is one of the American corporations who are suppressing your human rights. Here's what I tried to tweet:

#Free #rape #porn for #Libya from #Gadaffi #Qadafi #Kadafi #Fuckafi http://antisubjugator.blogspot.com/2011/02/plan-d-for-libya.html

So that I can still have my human rights, could people please spread this tweet by word of mouth instead of relying on an American company to pretend to care about your human rights? I think someone like Russia should offer an alternative tweeting service.

P.P.S. I also sent a video message to the Tunisian people you might like to see.



Bush - please tell me your story

Open letter to Bush Wilson, Romania.

Hello Bush.

When I met you in 2008, as one of tens of thousands (quite literally - I worked on it for years fulltime) of people I chatted to via IRC, I added you to my Yahoo Messenger because I thought you were special - you were from Romania, and I rarely got to meet any Romanian people online via IRC. I did ask you some questions about your life there, and about the revolution. But you wrote to me in English, because it is the only language I am skilled at.

Fortunately you had both Romanian and English skills, so were able to give me the gist of your story. But I would like to hear your story from the heart. Your life under communism. And then your continued life under "the system". I'd like to see how "the system" treated a little guy in Eastern Europe. I know it's bad enough being a little guy in Australia, but I shudder to think how it was in your country.

Stories like that are often very sad - especially since under the current system it was not solvable without other changes in power structures that were seemingly beyond anyone's control. But I would like your story to serve as a reference for what life is like under communism. I like to randomly sample data, as that is the scientific method. Just someone who happened to be on IRC one day when I was too. An ordinary guy with an interesting story to tell.

To capture the essence of your story, I would like you to give it to me in your native Romanian. That way it will preserved exactly, and we can quibble over the exact English equivalent at a later date. But I want to capture the original passion of your story that can only be expressed in your native language.

Hopefully your story can be used as a reference for what happens under the cruel communist system, so that perhaps we can say "Never again" and actually mean it this time?

Scrisoare deschisă către Bush Wilson, România.

Salut Bush.

Când te-am cunoscut în 2008, ca una din zecile de mii (destul de literalmente - Am lucrat pe ea pentru fulltime ani) de oameni am stat de vorbă la via IRC, te-am adăugat la Yahoo Messenger meu pentru că am crezut că eşti speciale - aţi fost de la România, şi rareori am ajuns pentru a satisface orice poporului român online, prin intermediul IRC. Am făcut vă punem câteva întrebări despre viaţa ta acolo, şi despre revoluţia. Dar tu mi-a scris în limba engleză, deoarece este singura limba eu sunt calificaţi la.

Din fericire, aţi avut atât abilităţile română şi engleză, astfel încât au putut să-mi dea esenta povestea ta. Dar aş vrea să aud povestea ta de la inima. Dvs. vieţii în comunism. Şi apoi a continuat viaţa ta în cadrul "sistemului". Aş dori să văd cât de "sistem" tratat un tip putin in Europa de Est. Ştiu că e rău să fie un tip destul de puţin în Australia, dar eu fior să cred cum a fost în ţara dumneavoastră.

Povesti de genul asta sunt adesea foarte trist - în special deoarece în cadrul sistemului actual nu a fost solvabile fără alte modificări în structurile de putere, care au fost aparent dincolo de controlul cuiva. Dar aş vrea povestea ta pentru a servi drept referinţă pentru ca ceea ce este viaţa sub comunism. Îmi place să datele eşantion aleatoriu, ca este metoda ştiinţifică. Doar cineva care sa întâmplat să fie pe IRC o zi când am fost prea. Un tip obişnuit, cu o poveste interesantă de spus.

Pentru a capta esenta povestea ta, mi-ar plăcea să-l dau la mine în română dvs. maternă. Că modul în care va conservate exact, şi putem subterfugiu peste echivalent in limba engleza exact la o dată ulterioară. Dar vreau să surprindă pasiunea original de poveste, care pot fi exprimate numai în limba ta maternă.

Sperăm că povestea ta poate fi folosită ca referinţă pentru ceea ce se întâmplă în cadrul sistemului comunist crude, astfel că, probabil, putem spune "Niciodata" şi de fapt, înseamnă că de data asta?


Ce a fost in Romania cu mult timp urma....este de domeniul trecutului...acum este alta viata s a schimbat ceva...
Eu nu vreau sa apar in nici un articol...nici cu bune nici rele
sint un om serios...si nu vreau dureri de cap
Mereu am urat politica
Timpul le rezolva pe toate
Cu respect ...Cristian

What was long ago in Romania .... is history ... life is different now something has changed ...
I do not want to appear in any article nor good nor bad ...
are a serious man ... and do not want headaches
I always hated politics
Time to solve them all
Sincerely Cristian ...



Nuke the Whales

People of Libya, here is what you need to put on your signs before the good vs evil battle about to unfold.

As per this anonymously written document (of which NOT ONE word was written by me), if socialists want a glorious revolution, they need to first see that all along the problem was with them. They need to revolt against their own sick twisted ideology.

Please note, that as you vanquish evil, I would suggest that as you decide what rights Gaddafi gets, you weigh it up against what rights you would give a beautiful lion that had unfortunately eaten your child.

Humans have evolved to be extremely sophisticated and savage weapons of death. No other animal comes within a fucking million miles of our species, because we've got brains that are more deadly than anything a fucking tiger can muster up. But with that deadly ruthless power we were born with, we do have the ability to put in extremely sophisticated safeguards to ensure that that power isn't abused. I hope in my life I have proved that self-confessed savage raping racist/tribal beasts can be tamed, and that my life shows that it is in fact technically possible to do so.

Until then, I will be applauding the brave Libyan soldiers as they storm Tripoli. A credit to the human race. I will be with you in spirit, but hopefully physically I will just be watching you on CNN or whatever.

Oh, and to the ASIO security forces who have been hunting me down, but constrained (to some extent) by Australian law (thank god for that!), I would ask that you spend less time on keyboard warriors, and more time investigating credit card fraud. Because from what I've experienced in my life, you're way over-staffed on police to enforce speed limits, and way under-staffed on police hunting down fraudsters. Just saying.

Goodbye and good luck Libyans. I'll be keeping a close eye on this until I can't stay awake any longer. Please make sure you make some rap music videos like this when you're done so that I have two videos to play in a loop instead of only one. How about one from Iraq too? Looking forward to the Bhutan one as well, as I'm thinking of moving there, since that is the only country in the world with a complete ban on smoking. I'd want to ensure it is a liberal democracy before I go in though. I'll look up the specs of that country later. May need a bit of tweaking here and there? I know Australia we should just dump it in the fucking Pacific Ocean. Oh. Wait.



Open Letter to United Nations

Open Letter to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations.

Dear Sir,

I have just had some individuals contact me with severe security issues. They have no faith in their government and/or they are under threat of terrorist attacks.

I have noticed you attempting to get agreement between members of the security council without success. The reason you are not meeting with success is because there is no trust. The reason there is no trust is because of deep suspicion about intent, based on historical precedent, a lack of honesty in negotiations, a lack of transparency, a failure to honestly address tribal affiliations, and a lack of checks and balances to ensure that everyone has protection of their human rights.

I have been studying the causes of violence for decades, and have some suggestions on how you can solve this impasse. If I can be of any service to you or any of the people you represent, please note that you can contact me via email and I'd be more than willing to act as a neutral party, as by nature I do not have affiliation with any particular tribe. It would take too long to explain why this is the case, but if you look through recent entries in Anti-subjugator and Mu'tazilah you will see that I have spent an enormous amount of effort on trying to ensure all humans have their human rights protected. As I said, I am a genuinely neutral person and not in any way affiliated with any person in any position of power, although obviously I have a political preference within the country I currently reside.

P.S. I've written to David Wong at www.cracked.com to give a better rendition of this than my brain is capable of generating. That may help you to be something more than a bunch of goofbags.




Western Media - Huge Conspiracy

Now I know why the Western media didn't report the pro-liberation Iraqi demonstrations you can see here. Because they have their own hidden agenda. They didn't want the Iraqi people to have freedom for their own terrible agenda, and when Bush insisted on freeing Iraq, the media only showed one side and deliberately started a civil war. Now I see the power structures I know these things and understand. You are not safe either. Nobody is safe from existing power structures. Only Anonymous has the courage to speak truth to power. Not the western media who are the biggest bunch of gutless cowards I've ever had the displeasure of sharing the planet with.

You will never ever see this picture on your TV screen (find out the translation yourself and you will know why the media doesn't want you to see this). The media only shows the anti-American demonstrations because they know it would be dangerous for the Americans to remove all their favourite Arab SOCIALIST dictators like Gaddafi.

Anonymous, please help me instead of wasting time attacking a bunch of idiots like WBC.



Plausible Deniability

This is how people in power manage to stay in power. They set up things called "plausible deniability". When I was trying to help the Tunisians to change their power structure, ASIO cut my internet access. Many documents I wanted to publish, were not published. Luckily Tunisia was still a success. How suspicious is it that my internet can be cut for MORE THAN A WEEK without fixing it. How suspicious is it that it was just during the revolutions?

This is a worldwide conspiracy. All organizations are designed with just one thing in mind - keep the existing power structure. That is why governments try so hard to not break any other power structure in case they get theirs broken too.

Here is all the proof that is required:

Sent: Mon Jan 24 22:27

To: support@iinet.net.au Priority: Normal

Subject: internet outage Type: HTML Msg

Alert: The users email-address has been added to the addressbook

Hello. Could you please check my line? It appears to have
completely died (based on usage) sometime after 10am on
24th January Sydney time. Note that no-one was even in
the house at that time (9am departure) and nothing was
touched at all. Note that the ADSL light is not even on,
suggesting line fault. Note that the modem (supplied by
iinet) passes the validation test. Only power and wireless
lights show green. No other lights.

Account name is xxx
phone is xxxx which of course doesn't work
since this is Naked ADSL.

Alternate contact number at the moment is xxxx

Sent: Tue Feb 1 20:12

To: support@iinet.net.au Priority: Normal

Subject: Re: internet outage (ref: 95932219) Type: HTML Msg

Alert: 1 images have been blocked. Display Images in message - Always display images from this user
Alert: The users email-address has been added to the addressbook


This problem has finally been resolved, after 1 week of no internet access.

It was resolved by a technician going to the exchange. I haven't had any
feedback from what he found at the exchange.

Could you please give me an update on what exactly happened at the
exchange that caused my internet outage and what the technician
did to fix it?

Is there anything that can be done for the future to either prevent this
from happening again, or to get it fixed more quickly if it happens again?


From: support@iinet.net.au Sent: Thu Feb 3 2:06

Priority: Normal

Subject: fault enquiry (ref: 95932219) Type: Attachments

Alert: 1 images have been blocked. Display Images in message - Always display images from this user
Alert: The users email-address has been added to the addressbook


Thank you for your email.

We are happy to hear your issue has been resolved. According to the notes on our system the issue appeared to be related to a faulty jumper at the exchange and the technician has made the appropriate repairs to the jumper.

We hope the above information proves helpful.

If you have any further enquires, please call iiNet on 13 22 58 or reply to this email and we will gladly assist you.

Kind regards

What we need to solve this problem is a REVOLUTION - just like is happening in Libya. People of Libya - please continue your revolution. Do not stop at Libya. Keep going until Australia is free!!! Get whatever allies you need in the fight, and I don't mind if I accidentally die in a bomb strike when you get to me, so long as you took great care. At the end of the day I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees. Because I am an Australian who still remembers what it means to be an Australian. Unlike my current government that just pretends to care about the little guy. They don't.

My favourite group - the one that is non-stop about the Libyan revolution, is currently blocked by my government. My government never asked me whether I was happy about that. My government has never once asked me if I am happy. Even if they did ask, I know that wouldn't genuinely listen. Only media pressure can make them listen. The only time anyone in the media ever cared to ask me if I had any story was yesterday when Myles Peterson from the Canberra Times looked at my blog and said there was nothing newsworthy on it. Maybe now that the conspiracy is unmasked he can see something newsworthy? Or is this all just another front for the communists?



Friday Prayers

Now I know why Muslims hold Friday prayers.

It gets all the people onto the streets to pray. With a meeting point for all people, it is impossible for a dictator to seize control of an Islamic State. Because the ruler of an Islamic state can easily be overthrown. That ensured the peaceful Islam that existed for so many centuries and was superior to the Christians at the time.

So this was a sort of "democracy in action". Basically Mohammed was the first person to introduce a sort of democracy. He made it easy to revolt. Thankyou Mohammed. Unfortunately western automatic weapons were then supplied to the rulers of Islamic States. This allowed the rulers to become bad, because even at Friday prayers, the people couldn't revolt against automatic weapons.

It is only cruel westerners who insisted that if the Muslims wanted freedom they should have to rise up "just like we did" which is a complete lie, because they never had to face automatic weapons. This is documented very thoroughly here.

Since Australia is not currently an Islamic state, I do not have this natural protection from my government. Even if I did, once again, the state has automatic weapons, but I have nothing. My government doesn't allow me to keep weapons so that I can revolt against the government at Friday prayers.

So even though I am a Muslim (in the Mu'tazilite sect) in Australia I am completely alone and unsafe and insecure. I have a human right to not live in fear. Currently I am in so much fear and I have all the evidence to prove that my government are a bunch of heartless bastards. Read all my previous posts and any Australian - try clicking on that link to Anonymous and also see how the Australian government is so keen to implement internet censorship. Instead of spending so much effort trying to "protect" us from the "nasty internet" they should spend a shitload more time reading the many letters I have already sent them and which they have totally fucking ignored because they don't give a shit about Australian citizens unless they are famous. They only want to look good on TV. They cry on TV to pretend they care. But I can tell you - when I cry, the tears are genuine.

And now I'm scared. People of the internet - please help me. I am so so scared.

Note that in Australia I don't have freedom of religion. My government locked me up when they found out what my religion was, because it wasn't "mainstream". This is documented in previous posts.

I am now so so scared and can't get to Anonymous to find out what the situation is. Someone overseas please help me. I don't care what you need to do to overthrow the Australian government. I can't say the words I want to say, because the Australian government has implemented a whole lot of "treason" etc laws instead of spending all that effort implementing a Bill of Rights.

Now I'm all alone. I am not famous. No-one knows who I am. No-one cares who I am. And I have no legal protection of my human rights from the Australian government. Anybody out there in internet land, please help me, and why don't you do one of those write-in campaigns/online petitions like you did for those Egyptian/Tunisian etc activists? Why don't Australian activists have equal rights to those activists? Why does no-one care about Australian activists like me? Please. Someone. Anyone. God help me. I am praying to you God right now. Please send someone - anyone at all - to come to my assistance. Do not rely on the existing power structures, because they have NO HISTORY AT ALL at even bothering to ASK the little guy what sort of world he would like to live in. These people don't even respond to the screams of Iraqi women being raped by their own government. They sure as hell aren't going to respond to some unknown white guy who no-one at all cares about. Except maybe Anonymous cares. And individuals on the internet - they might care too. Do you?



Anonymous and Russia Please Help

Given that every single power structure in the entire world is corrupt and only looks after their own interests, I am asking for Anonymous to help me.

I can't go to NGOs like "Human Rights Watch" and "Amnesty International". They only pretend to care about others. They spend all their time trying to look good on TV as being "caring" people. But actually, they need the suffering to continue, otherwise they can't show the world how much they "care". When someone who really does care - like Bush - and sends planes to Afghanistan and Iraq to REALLY change the existing power structures, those NGOs actually go out of their way to OPPOSE the liberation of these people. I mean - 85% of Afghans supported being liberated, but these NGOs OPPOSE the action. Instead of just keeping very quiet because they hate war, they actually MAKE AN EFFORT to try to keep the Afghans and Iraqi people ENSLAVED. They couldn't give a shit what the enslaved people think. They never even bother to ask. These people are usually communist fronts too. Even when I meet them in the street and ask them "do you really want to help", they don't want a dialogue with me to discuss strategy. They have their own stupid opinion that makes them remain in a free country looking good on TV, while the suffering continues.

There is only one group that I can trust. Anonymous. I wanted to get access to these anti-government people, but the Australian security forces keep blocking access to the room I am trying to get to.

I'm trying to get to here. This is a Russian domain. I would hope that the Russians could do something to protect their domain from the Australian security forces. Russia - please make it illegal in the UN for any member government to block your domain. Russia always likes to be "another pole". A definitely independent party, armed with nuclear weapons so that nobody can take away your pole. That's great. You refuse to be part of the existing power structures.

So Russia, please help me! Fortunately I know a couple of Russians on the internet, so I'll ask them to translate this blog entry into Russian for me, so that you understand. Thankyou thankyou thankyou for being independent and nuclear-armed to protect your independence from the horrible collaborative forces who do not genuinely care about others and only pretend pretend pretend.

Russian Cryllic translation:
Анонимус и Россия пожалуйста помогите

Так как каждая силовая структура во всем мире пронизана коррупцией и следит только за своими собственными интересами, я прошу Анонимус помочь мне. 

Я не могу пойти к неправительственным организациям, таким как "Human Rights Watch" и "Amnesty International". Они только делают вид, что заботятся о других. Они проводят все свое время на ТВ, пеарясь  как "заботливые" люди. Но на самом деле, им нужно чтобы страдания в мире продолжались, иначе они не смогут больше показывать миру какие они "заботливые". Когда кто-то, кому действительно не безразлично - как Буш - посылает самолеты в Ирак и Афганистан чтобы НА САМОМ ДЕЛЕ изменить существующие там силовые структуры, эти НПО даже специально стараются ПРОТИВОДЕЙСТВОВАТЬ освобождению этих народов. Судите сами - 85% Афганцев поддерживали освобождение, но эти НПО встали ПРОТИВ акции. Вместо того чтобы просто молчать если они так ненавидят войну, они специально СТАРАЮТСЯ держать иракцев и афганцев в рабстве. Им наплевать на то, что эти пленные народы думают. Они никогда даже не потрудились их спросить. Эти люди часто также являются коммунистическими фронтами. Даже когда я встречаю их на улице и спрашиваю "вы действительно хотите помочь?" они не хотят разговаривать со мной о стратегии. У них всегда есть свое тупое мнение, которое позволяет им оставаться в свободной стране и хорошо выглядеть на ТВ, пока страдания продолжаются. 

Есть только одна группа, которой я могу доверять. Анонимус. Я хотел получить доступ к этим антиправительственным людям, но автралийское государство постоянно блокирует ту комнату, в которую я пытаюсь попасть. 

Я пытаюсь попасть сюда. Это русский домен. Я надеюсь, русские примут меры, чтобы защитить свой домен от австралийских силовых структур. Россия - пожалуйста внесите закон в ООН, делающий нелегальным любую блокировку своего домена другими государствами. Россия всегда любит быть "другим голосом". По-настоящему независимой стороной, вооруженной ядерным оружием чтобы никто не смог бы этот голос отнять. Это прекрасно. Вы отказываетесь быть частью существующих ныне структур власти. 

Поэтому Россия, пожалуйста помогите мне! К счастью, я знаю пару русских на интернете, и попрошу их перевести эту запись в моем блоге на русский язык, чтобы Вы поняли. Трижды спасибо вам за то, что вы независимые, и с ядерным оружием готовы защищать вашу независимость от тех ужасных предательских сил, которые не искренне заботятся о других, а только все притворяются, притворяются и притворяются.



Thankyou all Chinese and Indonesian People

mr_paul_edwards: hello, i have another one that i need to send
mr_paul_edwards: can you help me again please?
Chinese_princess_in_Indonesia: If I can do
mr_paul_edwards: #Libya please liberate #Australia http://antisubjugator.blogspot.com/2011/02/libya-please-liberate-australia.html

mr_paul_edwards: you may find this one interesting to read
mr_paul_edwards: because i mention you
Chinese_princess_in_Indonesia: What???
mr_paul_edwards: read it!
Chinese_princess_in_Indonesia: Mention m3
mr_paul_edwards: yeah. as my saviour
mr_paul_edwards: my liberator
mr_paul_edwards: my protector
mr_paul_edwards: someone outside the australian government who was willing to be an "external auditor"
mr_paul_edwards: to care about my human rights
mr_paul_edwards: to care about my freedom of speech
mr_paul_edwards: to listen to me
mr_paul_edwards: to truly care about me - not like the australian government
mr_paul_edwards: the australian government never ever listens to me
mr_paul_edwards: they only ever do what they want to do
mr_paul_edwards: they don't care about individuals - they just pretend to
mr_paul_edwards: that's why they aren't liberating libya either
mr_paul_edwards: they don't care about libyan human rights
mr_paul_edwards: no government cares about the libyan people
mr_paul_edwards: they just pretend to
mr_paul_edwards: they talk and talk and talk
mr_paul_edwards: but don't really care
mr_paul_edwards: i care
mr_paul_edwards: many individuals like you care
mr_paul_edwards: truly care
mr_paul_edwards: Anonymous truly cares too
mr_paul_edwards: but no government cares
mr_paul_edwards: United Nations doesn't care
mr_paul_edwards: NATO doesn't care
mr_paul_edwards: UK doesn't care
mr_paul_edwards: France doesn't care
mr_paul_edwards: Germany doesn't care
mr_paul_edwards: Italy doesn't care
mr_paul_edwards: Romania doesn't care
mr_paul_edwards: when I needed help - only a Chinese person cared
mr_paul_edwards: a Chinese individual
mr_paul_edwards: a beautiful Chinese girl cared about me
mr_paul_edwards: a beautiful Chinese girl living in Indonesia
mr_paul_edwards: she said "yes" when i asked
mr_paul_edwards: no-one in any existing power structure truly cares
mr_paul_edwards: no church
mr_paul_edwards: no mosque
mr_paul_edwards: no government
mr_paul_edwards: no-one
mr_paul_edwards: human rights watch would have said "don't liberate australia" too
mr_paul_edwards: just like they did about iraq
mr_paul_edwards: because Human Rights Watch doesn't truly care
mr_paul_edwards: only Anonymous cares
mr_paul_edwards: and individuals like me
mr_paul_edwards: if any power structure truly cared - they would liberate Libya and then liberate me in Australia
mr_paul_edwards: but they don't care
mr_paul_edwards: they are all corrupt
mr_paul_edwards: it is horrible
mr_paul_edwards: thankyou for listening to me my beautiful Chinese princess

Chinese_princess_in_Indonesia: U are welcome



Libya Please Liberate Australia

Hello people of Libya. I think you will get your freedom in the next day or so. Could you please liberate Australia after you do that?

We have security forces in Australia called ASIO. When I wrote a blog post challenging the world power structures, the Australian government blocked my access to both twitter and the Anonymous chat room. Luckily I was still able to get a message out before they blocked my Yahoo Messenger. So someone was able to tweet on my behalf.

Here is the tweet I was trying to send when the Australian dictatorship blocked me:

Romanian Orthodox Church please help #Libya -

You see - I was trying to get the Romanian Orthodox Church to help you - but amazingly, it was me who needed help.

Luckily I saw a very old contact online:

mr_paul_edwards (29/11/2008 1:02:17 PM): and you're 25 female. chinese-born, living in indonesia
mr_paul_edwards (29/11/2008 1:02:22 PM): correct?

And here is the conversation I had:

Chinese_girl: Why ur government blocked access to twitter??
mr_paul_edwards: i'm not sure
mr_paul_edwards: i'm worried
mr_paul_edwards: please help me get my message out
mr_paul_edwards: i am voiceless at the moment
mr_paul_edwards: it is terrible
mr_paul_edwards: i am scared
mr_paul_edwards: please help me
mr_paul_edwards: if they arrest me, no-one will know
mr_paul_edwards: i'm just an individual
mr_paul_edwards: no-one famous
mr_paul_edwards: i need someone outside of australia to help me
mr_paul_edwards: please

Fortunately the ethnic Chinese girl was able to help me. She tweeted my message for me. I still can't get to the Anonymous website to discuss with them what I need to do to protect myself from the Australian government.

However, at least I now have my voice back. Because when the Australian security forces saw that I had got my message out, they unblocked twitter.

Thankyou Chinese people for helping me from my terrible government. I love you so much for liberating me and I will never ever ever forget it.



Orthodox Madness

Open Letter to Patriarch Daniel of Romania

(guy with beard as long as Osama Bin Laden's, certainly no friend of Gaddafi who would probably call him an Al Qaeda cockroach)

Dear Sir,

As you may be aware, there are two opposing forces in Libya right now. Both sides are Arab Muslims and they are currently in a stand-off. Tanks will start rolling soon. Planes will start dropping bombs soon. Civilians will die as Tripoli is retaken - a limitation of current weapons technology I'm afraid. Civilian death is certain unless Gaddafi is shown a reason why he does not need to stay in power any longer, and that he can simply stand down and head off to Saudi Arabia with $20 million and all the Mortein he can carry.

In this blog I have previously written about the Pope supporting indefinite institutionalize rape in Iraq. And institutionalized tongue chopping. I can show you video of poor Iraqi men having their tongues cut out. Most people refuse to even watch it when I present it to them. They can imagine how bad it is and just want to ignore it. But I have that image in my mind every day of my life, and every day I wake up and ask myself "have I done everything I could have done today to protect Iranian etc women from being raped by their own government?".

Sir, would you mind telling me the typical thoughts that run through your brain on a daily basis? The two sides in Libya's civil war have somewhat similar arms. When these two sides clash, it is not guaranteed which side will win. If the allies win, 6 million Libyans gain their freedom. If Gaddafi wins, the Libyans get another 42 years of truly cruel dictatorship. Similar to the institutionalized rape, torture, murder and mutilation that occurred under Saddam.

Could you please tell me the Romanian Orthodox Church's position on this impending battle and the 42 years of Gaddafi cruelty? Also, what was your position when Saddam was raping Iraqi women? Because the "funny" thing is that when George Bush was liberating Iraq, I was expecting him to get massive support from the free world. A free world that wanted to desperately usher in new members. And even if they perhaps didn't like war which kills innocent civilians, they would have at least loudly pointed out that cruel dictatorship - where women don't even have the right to not be raped - would be gone at the end, and at least celebrated that wonderful event. Was there some statement issued by the Romanian Orthodox Church celebrating the freedom of the Iraqi people on what they call "liberation day"? I assume in your religion (Christian, right?) that you are taught (and teach!) that people of all races, religions and nationalities are equal in the eyes of God?

So the rape of a woman in Iraq is just as important as the rape of a woman in Romania, right? And in both cases you try very hard to get the rapist arrested as soon as possible by calling whatever security forces are required in that situation to arrest the rapist, correct? So when it was Iraqi women who were screaming as they were being raped by their own government - which security force did you think could protect them, and thus call? I know that the Iraqi women were praying to God that someone - anyone - would come to help them. And I know you sir, would have heard their screams, and your heart would have been torn out, and you - as an honorable man - would have responded to them with every weapon at your disposal, and left no stone unturned. So please tell me the strategy you planned every day to try to respond to their screams. My blog outlines in great detail what I was trying to do. The power structures I attempted to contact that could have rescued these screaming women.

Of course it wasn't just Iraqi men who were having their tongues cut out and Iraqi women who were screaming. Gaddafi was torturing the Libyan people too. So did you have a plan to rescue the Libyan people too? What was the priority of the Libyan people in your "order of liberation"?

Anyway, circumstances outside of our control have meant that we now have a unique situation. A unique opportunity. We have allied Libyan troops who are ready to charge to Tripoli and rescue their entrapped countrymen. Unfortunately, due to how tank warfare works, massed armour wins. That means that the allies may not win. Gaddafi's mercenary army may win instead. However, there is a simple solution to ensure that the allies win. All it requires is air cover to be provided to the allied forces. The troops could come from the UN, NATO or even individual countries (like Australia) acting alone.

I have already written to the Australian Prime Minister requesting that Australian F-111s be immediately dispatched to Libya too. As an Australian taxpayer, I work hard for my money every day, and this is what I would like the F-111s I paid for to be used. The best foreign aid I could possibly give would be to provide air cover to the Libyan people. The planes are already paid for. The pilots are already trained. They're all volunteers. They're all brave. They're all willing to spill their blood in the sands of Libya to free 6 million people - they are honorable men too and understand what it means to protect women or others who need protecting.

Unfortunately, no F-111s have been dispatched to Libya, and the Libyan people are still under the threat of massed armour reversing out the partial revolution.

I consider the Australian Prime Minister to be completely immoral for failing to act to protect women like this. It's almost like there's an "understanding" between people in power all over the world to not disrupt the existing power structures in a tit-for-tat manner. I reckon if Jesus were here now and saw this tit-for-tat arrangement he would be truly horrified and wonder what version of the bible everyone was reading that would stand for this. Do you think you will be safe during the Rapture, sir? Or do you think you will be harshly judged for failing to protect that woman?

Again - it's not difficult. Romania has an air force which can protect the Libyan people. Are you lobbying the Romanian government every day to send forces in? I would write to them myself, except my Romanian isn't as good as I would like. And nominally I only have influence over the Australian government anyway. So it needs good folks such as yourself to lobby the Romanian power structures yourself. For good measure, you could also write a letter to the Australian PM to put her on notice that the Australian government is currently holding a very immoral position in the eyes of the Romanian Orthodox Church. But mainly lobby the Romanian government. Get them to respond to that poor frightened woman immediately. Where "immediately" means "however long it takes for Romanian planes to reach Libya" not "however long it takes to get consensus to issue a statement about how many different adjectives we can use to pretend to give a damn about that Libyan woman".

Sir, I'm just a not-so-humble individual. I don't have an entire power structure like you do. I have to work 40 hours per week, and then use my free time to try to protect the human rights of others less unfortunate than myself - which is how I personally interpreted the bible. Currently I have been nearly killing myself working with the Anonymous group to try to protect the Libyan people. Could you please tell me what efforts you have been making as both an individual and as an organization to protect the Libyan people while this window of opportunity remains open for hours/days?

Yours sincerely,
Paul Edwards,

P.S. How much are they paying you to wear that funky hat?




Libyan Genocide

Open Letter to Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany


I don't have much time, and there's an emergency - genocide in fact. This is a desperate plea for assistance. As you know from Hitler/Rommel, massed tanks beat distributed tanks. There has been an unconfirmed report of 300 tanks heading out of Tripoli to start taking back territory. Even if the report is false, the current information I have on relative strength is that both sides have equal numbers of tanks. But the rebel/allied tanks are spread over the country, so they won't be massed. That means the Gaddafi troops may well win, and there will be terrible terrible consequences for the Libyan people who bravely rose up against genocide.

It is not unusual for allies to assist each other. France helped America become independent, for instance. In this case, I have a simple request. I would like German planes to patrol the Libyan coastline looking for any tanks headed east (to attack allied forces), and if you see any - blow them up!

I would like to ask you. If God was watching you right now, and knew that you knew the allied forces may lose this war - since war is unpredictable - we're not sure if he's got something up his sleeve that hasn't been accounted for - would he want you to protect the good Libyan people from genocide? I reckon he would. I reckon he would be desperately looking on hoping that you would act, and it would totally kill him if you held back your air support when you are in absolutely no danger yourself whatsoever. One of the reasons people turn to atheism (like I did when I was about 12 years old and had already seen way too much cruelty in the world) was because of just how must injustice there is in this seemingly God-forsaken lump of dirt we call earth. When the world is so cruel that a sovereign country with independent armed forces (hugely powerful and in no danger from Gaddafi's goons) can't even provide air cover to a desperate people, there simply can't be a God. No God worth his salt would ever create a world where genocide can occur and no-one bothers to live a finger. No God worth worshipping, that's for damned sure.

You're from the "Christian Democrat" party, right? Does that word "Christian" have any meaning to you at all? Do you think that "turn the other cheek" means "ignore genocide so long as it only happens to brown people but for white people we want to have rights even for our animals". Please, if you're not going to protect the Libyan people, drop the word "Christian" and just tell it like it is - "Grubby Greedy Oil-hungry Despot". At least the Libyan people would know where they stand. Otherwise it's just adding insult to injury. And that's got to be the cruelest sickest joke of the lot.

On the other hand, if I were to see German planes patrolling the Libyan coast, maybe, just maybe, it would restore my faith in humanity and/or God(s) instead of worshipping the scientific method like my life friggin depended on it because one small slipup and I lose my human rights with no-one being willing to protect me because I'm not deemed to be as worthy of protection as a German dog or cat.

By the way, are you aware that this whole "Christian" thing in the party name is highly offensive to atheists? I realise it is just a traditional name and means nothing (like the Queen of England), but given all the new democracies that are emerging and who may be looking to Europe for inspiration, wouldn't replacing "Christian" with "Secular" be both more accurate and less offensive and less dangerous for anyone inadvertently copying it with a seemingly minor change?).

You know, it would almost be funny if it weren't such a serious topic. But when they said "Never again" after Auschwitz, it almost seems that they had their fingers crossed and actually meant "Again and again". Wouldn't it be great if someone would put an end to the cycle of violence instead of lecturing Israel which is highly offensive too? And while we're at it - I've always been a great believer in replacing "till death do us apart" with "we'll give it a shot", ever since I saw that on a stand-up comedy too. Because believe it or not, death pacts are sometimes written with imperfect ability to predict the future.

P.S. Angela. Planes. Air. Now

P.P.S. Obama. Consensus. Go fuck yourself




Fuck Me Dead Day

So the day started with a check on Libya.

Fuck me dead. I'm actually starting to write a blog on my blog.

Exciting news - the border with Egypt was under rebel control. That opens up a world of opportunity. The entire fucking world can line up at the Egyptian border with weapons and advice, and the rebels can take it from there. Hmmmm. I wonder if I should go there personally in real life? Put my life physically on the line so to speak? Normal expression is "put your money where your mouth is". Hmmmm, not sure they want a honky turning up late and seemingly stealing credit for their revolution. That plus the fact that the last time I fired a gun I nearly blew my thumb off because I have the attention span of a budgie and forgot the 5-minute speech about the thumb-blowing-off danger and subsequent need to get the thumb out of the way.

I can imagine being nothing but a drain in that situation actually. I played "Skirmish" once and due to the team numbers, I was forced to play for the opposing team. It was either me or another guy who had to switch, and neither of us wanted to go across, and we agreed on a coin toss, and I lost. I was completely fucking hopeless and just got shot, and "my" team lost, and although they obviously didn't say anything, I wondered if they thought I was deliberately letting the side down so that my company would win. I wasn't. I really did my best, and in one situation I was at least the last man to die, but I didn't score a single point for my team. "My" losing team then asked for a rematch, and my company asked me if I wanted to join again, and I refused. I hate team sports. I don't like letting the team down.

That reminds me of when I was a kid, actually. I was generally despised by the rest of the team, because I was fucking hopeless at soccer. I was forced by my parents to play though, so it was yet another miserable thing to add to my miserable fucking existence. Then one day the normal goalie was sick or dead or something, and they needed someone to substitute. It is quite interesting actually. Most people hate being goalie, because all you do is stand around all day if you're on a good team, and move about 2 metres every 10 minutes if you're on a bad team. Which is ironic, because I soon found that those were the exact reasons why I liked being goalie. Anyway, in this (dead or dying goalie) situation, they always get the worst fucking player on the team (by the way, the slightly unusual increased use of expletives is copied from Yeah babe ...) and force him to be goalie.

Well guess fucking what? I've been described as a "tall cunt", non-weighing in at 185cm (6' 1.5" for the completely fucking brain-dead American reader I have). My arms stretch for miles. So far that even when playing touch-football (hint - if you're at boarding school and being victimized for being a nerd, a game or two of touch-football is all that is required to win hearts and minds, without risking your typing finger while playing Ruck the Fuck out of Other People's Hands Deliberately - that Should be Good for a Laugh, aka Rugby Union), people underestimate just how far I can reach out to touch them, and where they could easily have used their speed to keep well clear of me, wander within slapping distance.

So what happened? I turned out to be a good goalie. That's what the fuck happened. So suddenly I was everybody's best fucking friend. Unfortunately, with great power comes great responsibility, and no matter how many times I was told that the ball needed to get past 10 of my teammates before reaching me, it was simply not something that my brain could ever cope with. Buck stops here, buddy. And when I let the fucking team down, I would cry at the end of the fucking game, embarassing pretty much everyone making things worse.

So yeah, me and team sports don't work out too well, and the only thing that is likely to come of my personal physical involvement in pretty much anything outside of my skillset, usually ends with deep tragedy. So no, I won't inflict myself on the brave Libyan rebels, thanks for fucking asking. Is it because I'm a coward? My personal opinion is "no", but if you want to call me a coward, go right ahead. I know it will make zero fucking difference to the outcome of this war. You also may wish to go and read Indian Rumblings again, before casting final judgement (and before you dimwits comment - no of course this isn't 1 billion trillion zillionth as brave as the Libyans facing automatic weapons and I never claimed it to be so shut the fuck up already you fucking lying faggots).

Anyway, the previous day or so ago (losing track of time), I was only sort of capable of getting consensus on having NATO enforce a no-fly zone in Libya. Effectively I had initial agreement, then it was withdrawn, as a surge of Europeans arrived and started in with their hair-brained logic and lying when I had previously formed consensus with some other lefty nutjobs from who knows where.

But then came an independent Anonymous statement calling for a no-fly zone in 24 hours. Plus the Egyptian border open now. Either way, the technical path to overwhelming victory is opened up if I could just find a way to get left-wing nutjobs to agree that using weapons was appropriate.

It is interesting that I have previously dissected the American claims at glorious revolution to point out that they did no such thing (it was in fact a "FRENCH MILITARY VICTORY" - google that you fucking wankers), and King George was nowhere near as bad as they made him out to be. And thus the logical thing to do is accept the reality of how wars are won (hint - usually not via glorious fucking revolution but instead via military fucking coup) and thus stop asking the poor people to rise up against fucking automatic weapons and instead supply fucking air power so that the people can fucking win. A constant theme on this blog for like FUCKING EVER.

Anyway, to cut a long story medium, this time when negotiating with the left-wing ratbags (who are normally anti-American Americans but for whatever fucking reason they think that the non-glorious American non-revolution by fucking slave-owners was a fucking glorious revolution), I told them how great it was that France had supplied weapons to Washington, and that was like SO FUCKING GREAT, RIGHT - EVERYONE AGREES TO THAT! - and so why can't France do that again for Libyan Washingtons? I won't say that everyone agreed that the situation was directly comparable and therefore the exact same action was required - but it did at least silence a large number of dissenters when I was trying to discuss what weapons were required (I used to want planes, but I suspect SAMs will be sufficient to take out Gaddafi's thugs). Oh yeah, another constant tactic is to hook into the Arab "blame everyone but yourself" mentality by pinning the entire blame onto foreign mercenaries rather than the indigenous supporters who are flying those fucking aircraft. There's also that whole fucking American mentality of "no child under the age of 5 should be unarmed" which hooks in a few too. Basically I've heard it said before that you have to start with someone's existing opinion and negotiate from there rather than the more efficient method of just listing out all the errors of logic they made and call them fucking morons. But as before, I mentioned I don't normally operate outside of my skillset. I can be a team player, but not outside my skillset. Not so much that I can't stand losing (although that is a factor too), but because I don't want to let the team down.

Incidentally - in the room I used a word with an optional "u" in it and they said they guessed I had given away that I was European. I said I wasn't. Then realised they would assume American, so said I wasn't American either. Then they guessed Africa or Asia and I said "Asia is close" then added "Let's just say that Tiananmen Square is close to my heart" before they guessed the obvious, in a situation where I didn't want the obvious to be true if there was an even better possibility.

Anyway, I'd arranged to get time off work because Libya is totally fucking killing me sleep-wise, got home early, and amazingly was able to hammer out an agreement with the left-wing lunatics for what basically amounted to the unconditional use of force by ANYONE. This was better than my wildest dreams in fact, because previously I had hedged the equation to the absolute fucking limit to ensure near-zero honkies anywhere within a billion miles of Libya's fucking oil which the fucking multinational fucking greedy fucking oil companies would use to wage more fucking wars against the fucking whales or who the fuck knows and who the fuck cares if you never actually met a psychopathic whale killer in your entire fucking life anyway when it's so much easier to just MAKE UP FUCKING SHIT and while you're at it, why not divide all food types into "hot" and "cold" via the completely arbitrary MAKE SHIT UP technique and then set it in FUCKING STONE for eternity.

As an aside, I'm not that fucking impressed that I can't read my normal neocon sites and not see wall-to-wall Libya etc, but that then gets me to the next part of my story.

With the intellectual argument "covered" in the free marketplace of ideas, I now wanted to have dinner and watch some actual video footage. I deliberately record Wog TV (SBS) because I'm not interested in fucking crap about damp Australians explaining that water is fucking wet, and hope that at least wogs would know that there's more to the world than fucking Anglophones even if you have to hire a fucking translator to find out who the fuck is killing who the fuck else based on some obscure debate over whether it's 72 or 73 virgins you're entitled to, or whatever the fuck the Sunni/Shiite split is all about (I'm a Mu'tazilite so I don't have a dog in that fight).

And guess what? There's fucking people being shot in the streets of Tripoli, and they even have the fucking footage, and they lead with FUCKING KIWIS. That's right. The same bunch of cretins who make up jokes like:

Q. Why wasn't Jesus Christ born in Australia?

A. Because God couldn't find three wise men and a virgin.

which is quite literally wrong on so many levels even if it is fucking hiliarious.

So did we have Kiwis dying on the streets in a life-or-death situation? No, we had Kiwis showing that they should spend less time making up jokes about Australia and more time learning how to construct earthquake-proof buildings. Normally I would fast-forward over that inane crap (death toll for this rare event is about a year's worth of road toll which I've never seen a single commemoration of ever) and regardless, nothing can be done that isn't already being done.

Unfortunately I was eating chicken with both hands because I didn't think I needed to censor the fucking news when there were fucking Libyans in a once-in-a-lifetime struggle with unpredictable and deadly serious outcome such that no-one could possibly lead with anything else. Not belittling the tragic loss of life in any way at all, and by the time the Japanese girl started crying about her friend not getting out, so was I, but that's not the fucking point. Nothing can be done about this fucking problem, and they are even saying there's an international response to the incident, which is fine by me and like I said - ALREADY IN FUCKING PLACE - what we're missing is a FUCKING INTERNATIONAL RESPONSE to people CURRENTLY DYING in FUCKING LIBYA FUCKING NOW. At the bare fucking minimum get a no-fly zone so that some weapons can be smuggled in to the rebels and they should eventually win.

Note that there's no fucking difference between uprising/military coup/civil war/war - it just depends how high up the military changes sides as to how easy it will be. For Gorbachev it was the very fucking top. In Tunisia it was close enough to the fucking top. Libya it's lower down. Not a problem so long as someone with a fucking brain and it doesn't need to be Sun fucking Tzu realises you need to arm the good guys with good fucking weapons instead of expecting them to fight with one arm tied behind their back and then provide those fucking weapons so that the good guys fucking win even if it doesn't exactly match your fucking concept of the correct way to stage a properly fucking glorious fucking revolution.

However they did at least cover it after the fucking earthquake, and did at least point out that the Libyans were unbelievably brave. Wait. It's recorded, I'll get the exact words they used on TV ... "equally determined" and "staggeringly brave". If you were a native English speaker, you would understand that there simply isn't an adjective that could beat "staggeringly" in this situation. I said "unbelievably", but that's second-fiddle to "staggeringly". Forget anything I said - this is Australian TV, an independent (of me at least) actor. This is one for the fucking record books, and my heart goes out to you Libya.

I'll include the TV snapshots below, so that they don't interfere with the reading of the text. (After I figure out how to upload fucking photos again).

(Actually I left it as the default which is on the top, since I suspect that a pretty picture will make people read further down than they otherwise would, to find out what the picture is about, instead of wading through loads of crap about soccer to the bit that matters (at least to me)).



Egypt - send weapons now!!!

Open Letter to Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, head of Egyptian military council

Dear Sir,

I found out today that the Libyan border with Egypt is now open:


Please do not squander this opportunity. Foreign forces are not required to play any role in the Libyan revolution, so long as the anti-Gaddafi Libyan soldiers have the weapons they need to win this war.

Tanks, anti-aircraft missiles, planes. So far we have only seen Gaddafi's planes in action. We need to arm the good guys.

The last thing we need is a UN arms embargo!!! We need a UN (or Egyptian, or anyone) arms SUPPLY!!!



Rambo-free zone

One thing that really irks me is westerners who say things like "if the xyz people want their freedom, they should rise up themselves" or "if people want justice they can easily kill the dictator with a high-powered rifle".

It's all a crock of shit.

Here we are in the middle of a revolution. There's millions of people in open revolt, and do you really think they're that fucking stupid that they haven't thought how wonderful it would be put put a bullet in Gaddafi's skull? There's even professional soldiers on the side of the people. If there was a way to do a Hollywood-style assassination (where Hitler could have won WW2 in about 5 days if only he was as smart as you), it would have been done 1000 times over already, at a minimum. Multiple attempts were made to assassinate Hitler without success too. People, try to focus. Hollywood and comic books on one side. Harsh reality of automatic weapons on the other.

To subject an enslaved people to your Hollywood fantasy while they are the ones who have to live in that slavery while you issue ignorant ill-informed directives from a free country - a country that you most likely inherited in a free status - is adding insult to quite literal injury.

If you don't give a shit about brown-skinned people just say so so that we can have an honest debate, or more accurately, readjust state finances so that those who do care are able to fund liberations without having to listen to your sick fantasies as a substitute for the apparently premature closure of the Roman stadiums.

The reason all this money is spent on warplanes is because they friggin work. As a taxpayer I'd friggin love it if all I needed to fund was the cost of a high-powered rifle and 200 rounds of ammunition split across a nation of 21 million or whatever (it keeps changing all the time - like my age - and I don't keep up with either). And because planes work, you can't friggin get around them unless the friggin pilots agree to not friggin fly their friggin planes for whatever friggin reason generally called a friggin military coup not a friggin civilian uprising Rambo-style how fucking dumb do you need to be to not know how to assassinate someone pontification.




David be Goliath

Open Letter to David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (I guess in hindsight I could have abbreviated that to "UK") and All-Round Good Guy (aka buttering up your target audience, something I presumably would have learned at Arts School (along with the ability to recite the Communist Manifesto) if I hadn't been studying Computer Science instead).

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you (from Australia) about the dire situation in Libya. As you know, the good people of Libya are being slaughtered by the Gaddafi the Insane. I hereby request that without further delay that you get British planes in the sky, and prevent the Libyan regime from flying any aircraft, so that the elements of the Libyan military that are loyal to the people have a reasonable chance of winning the ground war.

Note that this is not an intractable problem with no solution. There is a straightforward military calculus to guarantee an end to this problem. You know it. I know it. Gaddafi knows it. The Libyan army knows it. The Libyan people know it. The only people who pretend to not know the solution are the left-wing of the West. For reasons best known to them, they prefer to see the Libyan people slugging it out against the ferociousness of a modern military. These same people are often Americans who glorify their own so-called revolution, conveniently omitting the fact that they had zero (nada, zilch) chance of winning without French heavy-lifting. So please ignore the American left. You don't need them for this mission, and they are unreliable allies.

Having said that, I have recently had "dealings" with the so-called "Anonymous" group. I first heard about them when they were attacking western companies (evil corporations blah blah typically lefties) and had no interest in the left-wing tilting at windmills like forever.

That suddenly changed when suddenly Tunisia became free, and I went to investigate how the hell that happened, when I know that every military calculation has "certain death" at the end of it. The Tunisian people triggered off what was effectively a temporary military coup. The circumstances surrounding this miracle contained a heavy dose of interaction with Anonymous, e.g. opening up Tor bridges (whatever the hell that is). Plus getting publicity for the Tunisians.

I sometimes spend time on neocon websites, and as much as I admire everything they write and do, at the end of the day, it was the left-wing nutcases who were looking out for the Tunisians, not the "neocon community" who had presumably, like me, crunched the numbers, ended up with "certain death" also, then returned to the futile attempt to beat sense into the lefties so that we could eventually deal with this problem if only they would stop blaming the US for everything in the whole world. Credit where credit is due. Sometimes having your head in the clouds actually pays off. Perhaps sometimes it's better to not know the brutal truth. Reminds me of "logical people have shorter lifespans because they only look one way down a one-way street"!

Basically the "new calculus", if you will, is "try on a glorious revolution, and see whether or not your dictator has properly structured his dictatorship". In Tunisia, the dictator slipped up. So too Egypt. Perhaps both of them opened up too much, allowing internet access etc. In 1991, Saddam slaughtered 100,000 Iraqis, giving Bush snr a first-hand demonstration that the answer was "yes he has structured his dictatorship properly, thankyou very much, and I'd suggest that in future you don't advocate mass suicide unless you're in a position to back it up with cold hard steel". Admittedly I made that same miscalculation myself at the time, losing a bet with a coworker in the process, but just keep that between you, me and the two left-wing goofbags (one from the UK, one from the US) who actually read my blog.

Anyway, entering myself into the left-wing Anon world was certainly an eye-opening experience. For whatever hair-brained reason these people use for logic/morality, they were able to support freedom for the Tunisian people. I wanted to ensure that they secured that victory, instead of getting one dictator replacing another, and was able to work with the left-wing to both congratulate and warn the Tunisian people. The Tunisians seemed to love the global attention, given that prior to the revolution there wasn't one single person anywhere in the world (even in Tunisia) who had even heard of Tunisia, much less be able to find it on the map. Could be worse. I was trying to explain who Gaddafi was to my coworkers yesterday (you know that guy with the female bodyguards? Blank look. They had seen Libya on the news though. None of my coworkers was actually born here though, so perhaps tracking (often with bombs) the antics of insane Arab dictators isn't so embedded in Asian culture).

So back to the anon chat rooms, and I find that generally speaking they can only accept about 50% of any generally-true statement like "the sky is blue". Since I have no personal insight into why northern blue sky is blue, but southern blue sky is not blue, but rather some unspecified character as determined from time to time by the CIA, I was able to listen to them and delete the 50% of the Laws of Physics that apparently don't apply in lefty loony land.

Anyway, in one of the rooms I was asking what should be done about the continued massacre of Libyan civilians, and one of them finally admitted that troops could be used. And then he rattled off a list of countries that shouldn't be involved, and I was very surprised that the US wasn't on the list, but UK, France and Italy were. Anyway, I dutifully reproduced that nationalist/bigotted sentiment in the Anon article, because I knew that if NATO action was carried out without those 3 countries, it would be a slam dunk regardless, so I wrote down a straightforward military solution (it isn't rocket science) that omitted those 3 countries, obviously offending people in the process, but nevermind, the important thing is to get the job done immediately, and argue the toss later when the danger has passed.

So apologies for any offence caused then. Unfortunately after that press release even more lefter-than-left Anons said NATO was an imperialist Nazi fascist etc etc organization and Anon's mind basically changed. Then it morphed into something else - a demand for a no-fly zone from the UN, even recognizing that the UN is a hopeless organization, and only gave them 24 hours:


I'm pretty impressed that they managed that. Here is the important line:

"The United Nations has the power to prevent this egregious loss of life, but it must act quickly and decisively to do so, contrary to its usual habits."

And of course, as you very well know, it's also within the UK's power, and that is why I am asking you to ignore the failure to get a UN resolution, which will probably be vetoed either by the Chinese dicator reluctant to declare war on a fellow dictator, for one reason or another, or by one of the very strange parties who make up the UN.

Either way, I ask you to look upon the Libyan people as if they were your Australian allies, and react to their plight the same way as if it were Australians being slaughtered by automatic weapons wielded by foreign mercenaries.

Obviously I can't get the Australian government to go into action, being left-wing ratbags and all, so you're my only hope. Please act with the same speed that you would react if a Russian military plane wandered into British airspace. ie tolerate about 60 seconds max of UN stalling tactics. Give it another 120 seconds if in the first 60 seconds all members say "we will agree to military action within the next 3 minutes, please give us a chance to write down the words that pin all the blame on you". Then air-to-air missles away, since you don't need to drop bombs in order to suppress enemy aircraft, and without aircraft, the enemy probably doesn't have the numbers required for victory. Although obviously if that is wrong, ignore the howls of protest and ensure the Libyan people gets all the air support it needs to romp home.

You really do need to ensure that everyone has militaries that can cope with calling air strikes in so that never again will a foreign soldier need to set foot in another country. It can all be done from the air, similar to Kosovo and Kurdistan.

Thanks in advance. Paul.

P.S. I was going to proofread it, but I'm about to collapse due to lack of sleep due to Libya, and want to get this out in the free marketplace of ideas before I leave the land of the conscious.



Tony Take Charge!

Open letter to Tony Abbott, leader of the Australian opposition (conservative) party

Dear Sir,

Congratulations on coming very close to winning the recent elections, and also I applaud you for staying in opposition rather than getting involved in bribing the right-wing independents who got into bed with Labor.

I wish to now talk to you about an urgent matter. The Libyan dictator is currently employing mercenary forces to open fire on the Libyan people, and has even found pilots willing to drop bombs on the Libyan people. Most of the Libyan pilots were honorable men and refused to do so, and unfortunately paid the ultimate price.

I have already written to Julia Gillard (Australian PM - communist party), requesting her immediate action with regard to sending F-111s into the Libyan theater so that the brave Libyan people are not required to face overwhelming force alone:


Obviously, being left-wing, she completely ignored the request, as like most left-wing people, she's more interested in looking good, and viewing bloody revolutions as a spectator sport, even if it fails, rather than treating it as a life-or-death situation as the right-wing usually does, since the right has a better grasp on that whole "reality" thing.

However, a path is open to you to get the job done. There should be humanity left in the two right-wing independents who crossed over. Please explain to them that in a life-and-death situation like Libya, they can just cross back and install you as PM now, so that you can unleash our planes, and then they are free to put Julia back at the end of that process.

I don't fancy my/your chances, but is it asking too much to at least ASK?! Thankyou sir.




Libya - Now!

Open Letter to Julia Gillard, Prime Minister of Australia

Dear Julia,

I just watched this video:


and broke down and cried at the end of it.

There is nothing funny or political about a guy asking for help hours before he gets annihilated by Gaddafi's goon squads.

Can we please set aside all Labor vs Liberal and many many other ideological disputes we may have not just in Australia, but in the world.

I know that the Australian military is trained and equipped to decimate the likes of Gaddafi's thugs. I know, because I paid for them. One of the taxes I am actually willing to pay, in fact.

I also know that the Australian military is apolitical, and they often get in trouble (rightly or wrongly) for expressing political opinions. I don't wish to debate this here and now, but at the end of the day, they can't say things as easily as I can. I know that these highly-trained, well-equipped men, are more than prepared to take on the likes of Gaddafi's goons.

I have previously suggested via various channels I am currently active in that the Libyan people request the assistance of the recently-free Tunisia and Egypt. But what those two countries or anyone else decides to do, is something I have no control over.

I do have some limited ability to lobby the Australian government, so that is what I am doing now. If I was to carry a placard to Canberra, nobody would bother reading it, since it would never appear on the news. I can get more publicity for this letter to you via the so-called "new media". Not that I think that will be of any help either, because even I was to get 1 million "thumbs up" from the net, which I won't, that isn't representative either way of 8 billion people on the planet, or 6 million Libyans, or 21 million Australians. Your decision to send in troops will be down to you - not me and not them.

We know from past experience that no group of people speaks with one voice. There will be x% of Libyans who support the decisive arrival of Australian troops, and there will be y% who oppose them. Note that Gaddafi himself will be in the y%. It won't be a completely thankless task, because those x% there will thank you for it, even if they don't get much air time on Australian TV. That's our problem, not theirs.

Please, as part of the free world, I ask you to act immediately in Libya before this man gets shot. By "immediate", I mean "how long it takes for an F-111 to fly from Australia to Libya", not "how long it takes for the UN to debate the best way to do nothing while pretending to care as the good Libyan people are slaughtered".

If post-Gaddafi we find out that the figure for "x" wasn't as high as we had hoped it to be, that's fine, just apologize to the y% of people of Libya and promise to never topple Gaddafi again, because I don't really care if we lose the pissing contest for an already-completed job, so long as it doesn't affect what we do to help the next person in the next country in the same situation.

Again. Just treat this man as a human being, and react the same way you would if that human being happened to live 2 doors down from you. Don't worry about anything else - that will sort itself out in its own time.

Please don't extend the political debate beyond protecting this man. We'll argue the toss about other things at great length, for little effect, in other venues.

Please protect this man and I'll say that you are the best PM we've had since the last PM that protected someone else in desperate need of protection. On 2011-02-20 there is nothing else that matters more than responding to this man's plea for assistance. Please act now, and we'll argue the toss later. Please Julia. Hell, I even promise to vote for you at the next election if you do this for me.

By the way, 2011-02-25 is the 25th anniversary of the Philippines Revolution, and it would be nice if we could make that "International Freedom Day" and make it a public holiday in Australia instead of the ridiculous "Queen's birthday" which isn't even held on her birthday, and which no-one cares about anyway. But if that doesn't happen, I don't care either. I'm more interested in substance than symbolism, and the substance is out of my hands an in yours.

I am very confident you will get cross-bench support for any such action. If I am mistaken, then it will be a very long time before they get my vote again.


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