Rambo-free zone

One thing that really irks me is westerners who say things like "if the xyz people want their freedom, they should rise up themselves" or "if people want justice they can easily kill the dictator with a high-powered rifle".

It's all a crock of shit.

Here we are in the middle of a revolution. There's millions of people in open revolt, and do you really think they're that fucking stupid that they haven't thought how wonderful it would be put put a bullet in Gaddafi's skull? There's even professional soldiers on the side of the people. If there was a way to do a Hollywood-style assassination (where Hitler could have won WW2 in about 5 days if only he was as smart as you), it would have been done 1000 times over already, at a minimum. Multiple attempts were made to assassinate Hitler without success too. People, try to focus. Hollywood and comic books on one side. Harsh reality of automatic weapons on the other.

To subject an enslaved people to your Hollywood fantasy while they are the ones who have to live in that slavery while you issue ignorant ill-informed directives from a free country - a country that you most likely inherited in a free status - is adding insult to quite literal injury.

If you don't give a shit about brown-skinned people just say so so that we can have an honest debate, or more accurately, readjust state finances so that those who do care are able to fund liberations without having to listen to your sick fantasies as a substitute for the apparently premature closure of the Roman stadiums.

The reason all this money is spent on warplanes is because they friggin work. As a taxpayer I'd friggin love it if all I needed to fund was the cost of a high-powered rifle and 200 rounds of ammunition split across a nation of 21 million or whatever (it keeps changing all the time - like my age - and I don't keep up with either). And because planes work, you can't friggin get around them unless the friggin pilots agree to not friggin fly their friggin planes for whatever friggin reason generally called a friggin military coup not a friggin civilian uprising Rambo-style how fucking dumb do you need to be to not know how to assassinate someone pontification.

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