Friday Prayers

Now I know why Muslims hold Friday prayers.

It gets all the people onto the streets to pray. With a meeting point for all people, it is impossible for a dictator to seize control of an Islamic State. Because the ruler of an Islamic state can easily be overthrown. That ensured the peaceful Islam that existed for so many centuries and was superior to the Christians at the time.

So this was a sort of "democracy in action". Basically Mohammed was the first person to introduce a sort of democracy. He made it easy to revolt. Thankyou Mohammed. Unfortunately western automatic weapons were then supplied to the rulers of Islamic States. This allowed the rulers to become bad, because even at Friday prayers, the people couldn't revolt against automatic weapons.

It is only cruel westerners who insisted that if the Muslims wanted freedom they should have to rise up "just like we did" which is a complete lie, because they never had to face automatic weapons. This is documented very thoroughly here.

Since Australia is not currently an Islamic state, I do not have this natural protection from my government. Even if I did, once again, the state has automatic weapons, but I have nothing. My government doesn't allow me to keep weapons so that I can revolt against the government at Friday prayers.

So even though I am a Muslim (in the Mu'tazilite sect) in Australia I am completely alone and unsafe and insecure. I have a human right to not live in fear. Currently I am in so much fear and I have all the evidence to prove that my government are a bunch of heartless bastards. Read all my previous posts and any Australian - try clicking on that link to Anonymous and also see how the Australian government is so keen to implement internet censorship. Instead of spending so much effort trying to "protect" us from the "nasty internet" they should spend a shitload more time reading the many letters I have already sent them and which they have totally fucking ignored because they don't give a shit about Australian citizens unless they are famous. They only want to look good on TV. They cry on TV to pretend they care. But I can tell you - when I cry, the tears are genuine.

And now I'm scared. People of the internet - please help me. I am so so scared.

Note that in Australia I don't have freedom of religion. My government locked me up when they found out what my religion was, because it wasn't "mainstream". This is documented in previous posts.

I am now so so scared and can't get to Anonymous to find out what the situation is. Someone overseas please help me. I don't care what you need to do to overthrow the Australian government. I can't say the words I want to say, because the Australian government has implemented a whole lot of "treason" etc laws instead of spending all that effort implementing a Bill of Rights.

Now I'm all alone. I am not famous. No-one knows who I am. No-one cares who I am. And I have no legal protection of my human rights from the Australian government. Anybody out there in internet land, please help me, and why don't you do one of those write-in campaigns/online petitions like you did for those Egyptian/Tunisian etc activists? Why don't Australian activists have equal rights to those activists? Why does no-one care about Australian activists like me? Please. Someone. Anyone. God help me. I am praying to you God right now. Please send someone - anyone at all - to come to my assistance. Do not rely on the existing power structures, because they have NO HISTORY AT ALL at even bothering to ASK the little guy what sort of world he would like to live in. These people don't even respond to the screams of Iraqi women being raped by their own government. They sure as hell aren't going to respond to some unknown white guy who no-one at all cares about. Except maybe Anonymous cares. And individuals on the internet - they might care too. Do you?

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