Western Media - Huge Conspiracy

Now I know why the Western media didn't report the pro-liberation Iraqi demonstrations you can see here. Because they have their own hidden agenda. They didn't want the Iraqi people to have freedom for their own terrible agenda, and when Bush insisted on freeing Iraq, the media only showed one side and deliberately started a civil war. Now I see the power structures I know these things and understand. You are not safe either. Nobody is safe from existing power structures. Only Anonymous has the courage to speak truth to power. Not the western media who are the biggest bunch of gutless cowards I've ever had the displeasure of sharing the planet with.

You will never ever see this picture on your TV screen (find out the translation yourself and you will know why the media doesn't want you to see this). The media only shows the anti-American demonstrations because they know it would be dangerous for the Americans to remove all their favourite Arab SOCIALIST dictators like Gaddafi.

Anonymous, please help me instead of wasting time attacking a bunch of idiots like WBC.

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