Libyan Genocide

Open Letter to Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany


I don't have much time, and there's an emergency - genocide in fact. This is a desperate plea for assistance. As you know from Hitler/Rommel, massed tanks beat distributed tanks. There has been an unconfirmed report of 300 tanks heading out of Tripoli to start taking back territory. Even if the report is false, the current information I have on relative strength is that both sides have equal numbers of tanks. But the rebel/allied tanks are spread over the country, so they won't be massed. That means the Gaddafi troops may well win, and there will be terrible terrible consequences for the Libyan people who bravely rose up against genocide.

It is not unusual for allies to assist each other. France helped America become independent, for instance. In this case, I have a simple request. I would like German planes to patrol the Libyan coastline looking for any tanks headed east (to attack allied forces), and if you see any - blow them up!

I would like to ask you. If God was watching you right now, and knew that you knew the allied forces may lose this war - since war is unpredictable - we're not sure if he's got something up his sleeve that hasn't been accounted for - would he want you to protect the good Libyan people from genocide? I reckon he would. I reckon he would be desperately looking on hoping that you would act, and it would totally kill him if you held back your air support when you are in absolutely no danger yourself whatsoever. One of the reasons people turn to atheism (like I did when I was about 12 years old and had already seen way too much cruelty in the world) was because of just how must injustice there is in this seemingly God-forsaken lump of dirt we call earth. When the world is so cruel that a sovereign country with independent armed forces (hugely powerful and in no danger from Gaddafi's goons) can't even provide air cover to a desperate people, there simply can't be a God. No God worth his salt would ever create a world where genocide can occur and no-one bothers to live a finger. No God worth worshipping, that's for damned sure.

You're from the "Christian Democrat" party, right? Does that word "Christian" have any meaning to you at all? Do you think that "turn the other cheek" means "ignore genocide so long as it only happens to brown people but for white people we want to have rights even for our animals". Please, if you're not going to protect the Libyan people, drop the word "Christian" and just tell it like it is - "Grubby Greedy Oil-hungry Despot". At least the Libyan people would know where they stand. Otherwise it's just adding insult to injury. And that's got to be the cruelest sickest joke of the lot.

On the other hand, if I were to see German planes patrolling the Libyan coast, maybe, just maybe, it would restore my faith in humanity and/or God(s) instead of worshipping the scientific method like my life friggin depended on it because one small slipup and I lose my human rights with no-one being willing to protect me because I'm not deemed to be as worthy of protection as a German dog or cat.

By the way, are you aware that this whole "Christian" thing in the party name is highly offensive to atheists? I realise it is just a traditional name and means nothing (like the Queen of England), but given all the new democracies that are emerging and who may be looking to Europe for inspiration, wouldn't replacing "Christian" with "Secular" be both more accurate and less offensive and less dangerous for anyone inadvertently copying it with a seemingly minor change?).

You know, it would almost be funny if it weren't such a serious topic. But when they said "Never again" after Auschwitz, it almost seems that they had their fingers crossed and actually meant "Again and again". Wouldn't it be great if someone would put an end to the cycle of violence instead of lecturing Israel which is highly offensive too? And while we're at it - I've always been a great believer in replacing "till death do us apart" with "we'll give it a shot", ever since I saw that on a stand-up comedy too. Because believe it or not, death pacts are sometimes written with imperfect ability to predict the future.

P.S. Angela. Planes. Air. Now

P.P.S. Obama. Consensus. Go fuck yourself

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