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The last time I nearly got in a fight with a stranger was around 1999 in Berlin when I saw a German thief stealing some stuff and decided to accost him.

Today (2010-02-04) was the first time since then that it happened again.

Learning about conflict at a personal level gives insights into war at a state level, and vice-versa. I have analyzed the situation from both ends trying to get a handle on the problem. 20 years of analysis culminated in message 666, but let's watch it play out.

Situation was this. I was walking to the train station today, like most days. There were two ethnic Indian (or similar) standing about 1 metre apart. I have never spent any time thinking about why people sometimes stand there, but after thinking about it, I realise that that's the pickup point, and they're probably waiting for their husbands etc to pick them up. I knew that was the pickup/dropoff point, but I had never associated that with people standing idly by. Anyway, they were clearly unrelated women by the way they were standing.

Then there was a clearly agitated white guy walking on and off the road, who I needed to get by, without getting into a conflict. I don't want conflict, so I avoid eye contact etc, yet still keeping an eye on the threat.

I was raised in a violent household, met violence everywhere at school, and I know very well that the only human rights you get to enjoy are those that are being enforced by violence.

Anyway, my wary eye watched this guy head to the lift (I was taking the stairs, they're generally quicker), and on his way to the lift he necessarily travelled behind the Indian ladies and he deliberately elbowed one of them.

Time for war.

One thing that really pisses me off about peaceniks is that they generally can't even control their own anger with their next door neighbour, yet they talk about lofty ideals like world peace. Generally speaking, the state actors they complain about tend to act with far more constraint than they do themselves. They should be asking themselves why they don't act more like America - taking criticism on the chin, and only fighting genuine forces of evil rather than a mere personality clash. Be honest about your own violent nature that produces such hostility towards a guy like Bush in the middle of liberation 52 million people from state-slavery. Let's be honest about the ever-present violence, and make sure it is channelled appropriately.

Logically, the technically correct solution to this problem would have been to call the police quietly while pretending to be calling a friend, and then let heavily armed security forces attack in a posse of overwhelming unchallengable force. I could have also checked the car that the woman got into when she disappeared, so that the police could ensure she could be contacted to file a complaint. It simply makes no sense to approach a dangerous situation with an ambiguous balance of power when an overwhelming power is just a phone call away. In the military they talk of securing flanks using natural obstacles or whatever. In this situation, I have the rule of law protecting my flank.

I was wearing headphones and a backpack, but I could clearly see him mouthing "fuck". I suspect he just wanted some attention. Someone to acknowledge his existence. The Indian women were quietly ignoring him, and this was his way of getting some sort of interaction. Regardless, now was not the time for sympathy. Now was the time for war.

Not only had this guy violated someone's human rights - picking on a weak woman instead of someone his own size - when he should have been trying to protect that woman - he had the audacity to think that no-one could stop him. Everyone was too shit-scared of him to act.

Wrong call.

This is something the Chinese dictatorship simply cannot grasp. When you murder children in Tiananmen Square, brazenly, right in front of our face, to someone like me, it shows utter contempt. You think we're too afraid of you to stop you. Or maybe you think we're all racist sociopaths like Foddy who couldn't give a shit about victims of crime, so long as they're not your skin colour or nationality. And the 9/11 hijackers make the same wrong call. You attack a friend of mine and expect to get away with it? Not while I have air to breathe. You add insult to injury when you not only attack my friends, you think I'm too cowardly to stand up for them. Well fuck you. And yes, I'm willing to put my life on the line.

One thing that doesn't even enter your mind in a country like Australia is the thought that a criminal may have a gun and there's a good chance you'll wind up dead. It's very very rare to encounter an armed criminal in this situation. Altercations always come down to a fistfight, not a gunfight. So when the stupid gun-totin yanks with low IQ tell you how without guns in the hands of citizens there will be an absolute killing spree by criminals, hell on earth, it's complete crap. In Australia you're actually in a position to arrest criminals.

Unfortunately I didn't have time to construct an elaborate plan, or think through all these issues. An arsehole just spat in my face, basically. The conversation went like this:

me:"HEY!!!" (that got his attention)

Then I approached him, and took out one of my headphones so that I could actually have a conversation.

me:"What do you think you're doing?"

crim:"Nothing, I was just carrying my coffee"
(he was carrying a coffee in fact)

I had the guy pretty much cornered. If he had made a run for it, I would have tackled him. Oh, wait, the balance of power thing. I am overweight and seriously unfit. However, I appeared to have a height and weight advantage over him regardless. But I did have a backpack on which wouldn't have helped. Anger plays a big role too. He was already angry. I can only speculate why, but my guess is that he has a pretty shitty life in a capitalist society where his skills aren't in any great need. What can I say? Capitalism sucks. It's only virtue is that it sucks less than any other system that's ever been trialled. But I was angry too, and he could presumably see in my face that I was prepared to go all the way. Any wrong move on his part and the violence would commence. You can never tell in these dicey situations, but I would have expected to win. It is in my basic nature to snuff out the enemy, literally, and some fights at school ended when people prevented me from strangling someone to death, in the process of responding to their attack.

As an aside, I do not believe this white guy was attacking the Indian woman due to racial motives. I speculate that it was his probably shitty life that did it, and that he would be more than happy to be best friends with an ethnic Indian, let's say as a partner in crime of some sort, or a fishing buddy or whatever. It will almost always come down to whether someone is willing to accept him as he is and be nice to him. Very unlikely that he would reject friendship with someone out-of-hand due to his skin colour. I've met maybe 1 person in my life who may have done that.

Back to the conversation.

me: "You deliberately hit that woman"

Can't remember what his response was, if anything.

me: "Have you got a problem?"

crim: "No, no. I don't have a problem".

(I'm not really great at smalltalk, and I was running out of ideas)

me: "Shall I call the police?"

crim: "No, no need for that".

I had literally run out of ideas at this point. Without the guy making some sort of move, I didn't know what to do. He was pretty much backed into the fence and hoping for a way out.

He had called the lift and the lift arrived, and he got in. My intention was to get into the lift with him and see how things went from there. What I really wanted was a cop or someone to suddenly appear to take charge of the situation to decide what the appropriate thing to do was.

However, he guessed correctly that staying in the lift could be dangerous for him, and immediately got out.

Basically he had taken the necessary action to defuse the situation and escape his predicament.

The female victim had since walked away. The first thing that came to my mind is that she didn't want to be involved in a petty spat between two apparently violent thugs. In hindsight, it is more likely that her ride had simply arrived. If she had been there to give advice, and say she wanted to press charges, no problem, I'd now have the blessings of the appropriate authorities to do whatever they wanted to resolve the situation to their satisfaction.

The other Indian woman was still there, but she wouldn't have known what the situation was.

So with the crim pacified, the victim gone off in what I thought was a huff about violent men (I actually never even looked at her at all from the moment I saw that guy's elbow - I was totally focussed on the enemy and the expected battle), I was at a loss of what to do. So I just paused for a few seconds and left to catch my train. No idea what happened after that.

Later on I regretted not taking the opportunity to ask him why he would attack a woman, and try to change that anger into something positive - like anger against criminals. However, even later on that that, I can expect that I would have met with the same success in trying to turn state-rape-supporters like Foddy into anti-state-rape campaigners. Human dogma is impenetrable, and there is a 99.99% chance that this is a guy who runs on dogma, like 99.99% of the planet, not logic.

I haven't bothered to read the comments in my previous blog, because I can already predict the "oh look Paul, you're showing your anti-Indian racism" from anti-white racists like the author of the original article. And I probably won't bother reading the comments to this one either, as scum like Foddy try to spin this as yet another example of alleged anti-Indian racism, and that maybe I would have called the police had it been a white victim, or some other such lies that the left-wing live on. I honestly have better things to do with my life than listen to the same racist dogma again and again and again. One of those things was to e.g. go to work instead of being a dork with no plan on what to do with this cornered crim, who'll probably be robbing my house next week anyway.

Interestingly, the German crim was equally as cunning. When I confronted him (after he was gracious enough to speak English to me in his own country), he said that he had paid for the goods and that I should go and ask the shopkeeper. Actually when I went to the shopkeeper and said "do you speak English?" they initially said no. And despite having seen him steal this stuff I still said "I think that guy just stole some of your property". Turns out that one of them did speak English after all, and said thanks, but nothing they could do about it since the goods were outside the shop on display.

Oh well, maybe I wouldn't make a very good cop. And I can see interpersonal disputes going horribly wrong if I was a soldier too. Let me stick with what I am good at - completely and utterly decimating the pathetic arguments that the left-wing scum puts up to oppose good cops like America taking down criminals like Saddam. Even if I'm not a very good implementor personally, I at least can easily identify right from wrong when Saddam is raping women and chopping the tongues out of men. Maybe Foddy will learn that skill one day too. I mean, the only thing standing in the way of him learning that currently is the 99.999999% of his brain that is pure dogma.

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