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Open Letter to David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (I guess in hindsight I could have abbreviated that to "UK") and All-Round Good Guy (aka buttering up your target audience, something I presumably would have learned at Arts School (along with the ability to recite the Communist Manifesto) if I hadn't been studying Computer Science instead).

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you (from Australia) about the dire situation in Libya. As you know, the good people of Libya are being slaughtered by the Gaddafi the Insane. I hereby request that without further delay that you get British planes in the sky, and prevent the Libyan regime from flying any aircraft, so that the elements of the Libyan military that are loyal to the people have a reasonable chance of winning the ground war.

Note that this is not an intractable problem with no solution. There is a straightforward military calculus to guarantee an end to this problem. You know it. I know it. Gaddafi knows it. The Libyan army knows it. The Libyan people know it. The only people who pretend to not know the solution are the left-wing of the West. For reasons best known to them, they prefer to see the Libyan people slugging it out against the ferociousness of a modern military. These same people are often Americans who glorify their own so-called revolution, conveniently omitting the fact that they had zero (nada, zilch) chance of winning without French heavy-lifting. So please ignore the American left. You don't need them for this mission, and they are unreliable allies.

Having said that, I have recently had "dealings" with the so-called "Anonymous" group. I first heard about them when they were attacking western companies (evil corporations blah blah typically lefties) and had no interest in the left-wing tilting at windmills like forever.

That suddenly changed when suddenly Tunisia became free, and I went to investigate how the hell that happened, when I know that every military calculation has "certain death" at the end of it. The Tunisian people triggered off what was effectively a temporary military coup. The circumstances surrounding this miracle contained a heavy dose of interaction with Anonymous, e.g. opening up Tor bridges (whatever the hell that is). Plus getting publicity for the Tunisians.

I sometimes spend time on neocon websites, and as much as I admire everything they write and do, at the end of the day, it was the left-wing nutcases who were looking out for the Tunisians, not the "neocon community" who had presumably, like me, crunched the numbers, ended up with "certain death" also, then returned to the futile attempt to beat sense into the lefties so that we could eventually deal with this problem if only they would stop blaming the US for everything in the whole world. Credit where credit is due. Sometimes having your head in the clouds actually pays off. Perhaps sometimes it's better to not know the brutal truth. Reminds me of "logical people have shorter lifespans because they only look one way down a one-way street"!

Basically the "new calculus", if you will, is "try on a glorious revolution, and see whether or not your dictator has properly structured his dictatorship". In Tunisia, the dictator slipped up. So too Egypt. Perhaps both of them opened up too much, allowing internet access etc. In 1991, Saddam slaughtered 100,000 Iraqis, giving Bush snr a first-hand demonstration that the answer was "yes he has structured his dictatorship properly, thankyou very much, and I'd suggest that in future you don't advocate mass suicide unless you're in a position to back it up with cold hard steel". Admittedly I made that same miscalculation myself at the time, losing a bet with a coworker in the process, but just keep that between you, me and the two left-wing goofbags (one from the UK, one from the US) who actually read my blog.

Anyway, entering myself into the left-wing Anon world was certainly an eye-opening experience. For whatever hair-brained reason these people use for logic/morality, they were able to support freedom for the Tunisian people. I wanted to ensure that they secured that victory, instead of getting one dictator replacing another, and was able to work with the left-wing to both congratulate and warn the Tunisian people. The Tunisians seemed to love the global attention, given that prior to the revolution there wasn't one single person anywhere in the world (even in Tunisia) who had even heard of Tunisia, much less be able to find it on the map. Could be worse. I was trying to explain who Gaddafi was to my coworkers yesterday (you know that guy with the female bodyguards? Blank look. They had seen Libya on the news though. None of my coworkers was actually born here though, so perhaps tracking (often with bombs) the antics of insane Arab dictators isn't so embedded in Asian culture).

So back to the anon chat rooms, and I find that generally speaking they can only accept about 50% of any generally-true statement like "the sky is blue". Since I have no personal insight into why northern blue sky is blue, but southern blue sky is not blue, but rather some unspecified character as determined from time to time by the CIA, I was able to listen to them and delete the 50% of the Laws of Physics that apparently don't apply in lefty loony land.

Anyway, in one of the rooms I was asking what should be done about the continued massacre of Libyan civilians, and one of them finally admitted that troops could be used. And then he rattled off a list of countries that shouldn't be involved, and I was very surprised that the US wasn't on the list, but UK, France and Italy were. Anyway, I dutifully reproduced that nationalist/bigotted sentiment in the Anon article, because I knew that if NATO action was carried out without those 3 countries, it would be a slam dunk regardless, so I wrote down a straightforward military solution (it isn't rocket science) that omitted those 3 countries, obviously offending people in the process, but nevermind, the important thing is to get the job done immediately, and argue the toss later when the danger has passed.

So apologies for any offence caused then. Unfortunately after that press release even more lefter-than-left Anons said NATO was an imperialist Nazi fascist etc etc organization and Anon's mind basically changed. Then it morphed into something else - a demand for a no-fly zone from the UN, even recognizing that the UN is a hopeless organization, and only gave them 24 hours:


I'm pretty impressed that they managed that. Here is the important line:

"The United Nations has the power to prevent this egregious loss of life, but it must act quickly and decisively to do so, contrary to its usual habits."

And of course, as you very well know, it's also within the UK's power, and that is why I am asking you to ignore the failure to get a UN resolution, which will probably be vetoed either by the Chinese dicator reluctant to declare war on a fellow dictator, for one reason or another, or by one of the very strange parties who make up the UN.

Either way, I ask you to look upon the Libyan people as if they were your Australian allies, and react to their plight the same way as if it were Australians being slaughtered by automatic weapons wielded by foreign mercenaries.

Obviously I can't get the Australian government to go into action, being left-wing ratbags and all, so you're my only hope. Please act with the same speed that you would react if a Russian military plane wandered into British airspace. ie tolerate about 60 seconds max of UN stalling tactics. Give it another 120 seconds if in the first 60 seconds all members say "we will agree to military action within the next 3 minutes, please give us a chance to write down the words that pin all the blame on you". Then air-to-air missles away, since you don't need to drop bombs in order to suppress enemy aircraft, and without aircraft, the enemy probably doesn't have the numbers required for victory. Although obviously if that is wrong, ignore the howls of protest and ensure the Libyan people gets all the air support it needs to romp home.

You really do need to ensure that everyone has militaries that can cope with calling air strikes in so that never again will a foreign soldier need to set foot in another country. It can all be done from the air, similar to Kosovo and Kurdistan.

Thanks in advance. Paul.

P.S. I was going to proofread it, but I'm about to collapse due to lack of sleep due to Libya, and want to get this out in the free marketplace of ideas before I leave the land of the conscious.

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