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With Aleppo, the Syrian resistance may well be wiped out. So long as my scientific understanding of war is correct, the rebels cannot win against a modern military. But we know that they're there. Good Syrian people with freedom in their hearts. Just as there was in Iraq after the failed 1991 uprising. For whatever reason (lack of UN resolution, it seems), the Western powers are unwilling to take action immediately in Syria, while the situation is in progress.

Politics is subject to change, and as such, one day, perhaps when there is a Republic president in the US, the US will see an opportunity (perhaps another terrorist attack), to ramp up the war machine again, and liberate Syria.

Ground troops will probably be required, because there are no convenient rebels to arm. I can assure you that if I were a Syrian, I would have a picture of Assad on my wall in every room of the house, and I would swear blind to anyone who asks that I totally support Assad, and I would be deeply offended if anyone suggested otherwise. Reality is I would be dreaming of an opportunity to slit Assad's throat. That's life under a cruel dictatorship. That's what the Syrians are about to return to unless there is a last-minute cavalry charge.




Source of Terrorism Found

Open Letter to Mr A, hirer of McMahons Point Lavendar Bay Community Centre, 165 Blue Point Rd, North Sydney NSW 2060, Australia for Friday 1:15pm prayers

cc: NSW and Australian police, shock jocks around the world, et al.

Dear Sir,

On 2012-07-08 I said the shahada at the Auburn Gallipoli mosque (in Auburn, Sydney, Australia), formalizing my entry into the Islamic faith. Interestingly, my Chinese friend said I was crazy to go there, that it was a tight-nit community, and there was a less than 1% chance that they would accept me. Things couldn't be further from the truth. They accepted me with open arms. They gave me literature, they invited me to itfar dinner, they gave me a prayer mat, they (mainly one guy actually, let's call him E) gave me one-on-one training in the Arabic alphabet pronunciation (although an Iraqi Arab Shia who is also my friend told me that this is totally unnecessary and that it would be better if I used English, which I actually understand, when talking to God). I later found out that this is a Turkish Sufi mosque, but it welcomes anyone, and even non-Muslims can go and pray there if they wish. No-one checks IDs or anything. There's no certificate for saying the shahada either, so there's no way to prove you're a Muslim. You just have to self-identify as one.

But I work in North Sydney, nowhere near Auburn mosque, so I needed to find a prayer centre close to where I work. E to the rescue - he pointed me towards the McMahons Point Community Centre. He gave this to me on 2012-07-15, meaning I skipped the first Friday prayers since reversion (2012-07-13). E warned me of dire consequences if I skipped 2 Friday prayers in a row, so I asked work to rearrange 2 meetings that clashed with the prayer times, which they did, although I probably stretched the relationship by inconveniencing them like that. So I attended the prayers (+ sermon - sermons are only given Friday lunchtime) on 2012-07-20. This was the start of Ramadan (which I am observing - 12 hours without even water!), and the speech was something about Muslims who are only Muslims during Ramadan are doing the wrong thing. As harmless as the "the lord is my shepherd" inanity I was compelled to sit through for years at a Christian prison camp (BBC in Brisbane). So far all my experience with Islam had been good. It was just like the spokespeople say - the vast majority of Muslims are great people, just like non-Muslims, and just as loyal to the country they live in as any non-Muslim, and there's no need for Islamophobia just because of a rare instance of terrorism from Muslims on 9/11.

However, along came Friday prayers on 2012-07-27. And boy oh boy, was I in for a shock. Some "brother", probably of Burmese descent, but I'm not sure, went into an anti-western tirade. Let's call him Mr X. I say "brother" because just because he's a Muslim, doesn't mean I consider him to be my brother. I only accept people as my real brother if we share a common ideology. And I could not be further from this guy. I wish I had recorded his sermon, but here's roughly what I remember of it:

Brothers (presumably anyone self-identifying as "Muslim") are being oppressed around the world, predominantly by the West. Examples include Syria and Afghanistan (and I'm pretty sure he's not referring to the draconian Afghan laws that murder anyone who converts away from Islam, or the extreme religious bigotry in the Afghan constitution that superfluously?! says the president must be a Muslim), but also the lesser-known Burma, where the religiously-bigotted Buddhists are oppressing and driving out the Muslims. They try to escape into Bangladesh (a Muslim country), but the Bangladeshis, who are controlled by the US, like everyone else, force them to return to Burma and close the borders. The West says nothing of this, and only issues hollow words for other brothers being oppressed, e.g. Syria - the West doesn't really care about Syrians, and the entire (his emphasis - as if all Westerners are the same and speak with one voice) West is complicit in this oppression.

That's about it. I rolled my eyes during the anti-western diatribe, and sought to seek quick smirks with others who were also rolling their eyes at this insane anti-western diatribe, as I assume 99% of the 100-200 people there were as equally as appalled about this anti-Western (and by corollary - anti-Australian - ie against the very country that allowed him migrate here, regardless of his religion, when we could have instead taken some non-racist, non-religious-bigotted Christian Filipinos instead) diatribe. But no-one caught my eye, probably because they were too focussed on kicking themselves for not bringing some rotten tomatoes to the sermon, just in case there was a rare anti-western sermon, as I assume that given that 99% of Muslims are nice, tolerant people, that 99% of the sermons are nice, pro-western in nature, and this is just the 1% terrorist-inciting speeches that are allowed due to freedom of speech, and I was just unlucky enough to get the 1 upfront, and the next 99 will be painstakingly debunking every single terrorist meme. Mr A, is that also your understanding of what happens at the prayer centre? Because I understand you don't attend personally at the hall you hire, so you are probably completely innocently unaware that the 1% bad apples are getting air time with a large audience, in a place of worship no less, instead of being relegated to shouting alone in chat rooms like other terrorist-paradigm people need to do.

Please don't assume that I am blindly pro-western. I am far from that. E.g. I wrote a post where I railed against both the right-wing and the left-wing Australian parties. But if anyone with a brain reads that, they can clearly see that its mostly hyperbole. E.g. I even call the Israelis "kikes", just because they didn't immediately implement a plan which I only published on 2012-07-14, and which called for them to allow an Arab occupying force into Israel proper. It's clearly unreasonable to expect that to happen at all, nevermind in just 12 days. That's hyperbole. Hy-per-bol-e.

It's amazing how many people can't see obvious hyperbole though. I was (no joke) arrested by government forces after this post, where I threatened to kill a non-existent wife, and where I said that Assad had both a death ray and a cure for cancer. Yeah, right. And Australia has been allies with Denmark for 7000 years?! Australia only came into existence in 1901. Regardless, the government forces took me to a detention centre, and even tried to deny me my one phone call. They eventually agreed to give what I hope is my statutory right, and I (no joke) used it to dial the Turkish military to come and liberate me, since I know that Australia doesn't have a Bill of Rights that would protect me from government abuses like this. Unfortunately the guy I spoke to in the Turkish military didn't speak much English, so I was held without charge or even ground leave for nearly a week. Oh yeah, and after my phone call, the government forces physically forced me down and injected me with something. So yeah, if the West does something wrong, which they often do, I will be the first to complain, believe me. However, hyperbole aside, the West is almost always a force for good in the world.

It was the West, not some Islamic country (well, except Turkey) that came to the aid of the Bosnian Muslims. It was the West, not Islamic countries (again, sans-Turkey) that came to the aid of the Kosovars. It was the West who tried to help Muslims in Somalia. It is the West that gives the most aid to Africa (for many decades, although I consider that aid to be futile, but the fact is they mean well). It is the West that provided the bulk of the air support to the Libyan rebels. It is the West that liberated (instead of nuking) Afghanistan. It was the West that liberated Iraq. The West is overwhelmingly an extremely valuable force for positive change in the world. And besides Libya (where it was France in particular), it is the US in particular who is the major force for improvement in the state of the world.

In fact, the only recent bad thing I can think of that the US did, was annex territory from a liberal democracy (Serbia) so that a bunch of racist religious bigots (Kosovars) could have an independent state. But I doubt Mr X sees that the same way. The Russians were rightly incensed though. Speaking of which. Mr X didn't have a single bad word to say about the East (Russia and China), who are the ones actually blocking UN action on Syria. If these two immoral countries would become moral, we could "legally" (for those that recognize the immoral UN as an authority) go and liberate Syria tomorrow.

Anyway, I love freedom of speech, and do not think that Mr X should be denied his right to express an evil terrorist-inciting opinion. I believe the solution to this problem is for mass protests outside the McMahons Point Community Centre, asking people to boycott the place as 1% of the time may be all that is required to incite a terrorist. I told E that I was not going to go to Friday prayers anymore and be associated with this forum that gives anti-western terrorists a platform. But E insists that it is compulsory to go, so I will continue to go. Mr A, it would be nice if you would allow me to give a sermon, as one of the next 99 pro-western sermons that completely expose and destroy Mr X's religious bigotry. I assume (assuming good faith wherever possible) that you're in no way in league with Mr X, so would be happy to give me a "right of reply"? It's a great shame these sermons aren't actually debates, with a panel on each side. Although this really is wtf material - why are political debates being held at a place of worship?!

Ok, next thing. Even though I support Mr X's right to incite terrorism, or at least, some measure of freedom of speech, guaranteed in a Bill of Rights, I am aware that Australia does not have such protection, and I know that Christians have been hauled over the coals (instead of being defended) for (allegedly) anti-Muslim remarks, and whites have been hauled over the coals for (allegedly) anti-Aboriginal remarks. It is about time that minorities (Burmese Muslims would be great!) were made to face the same "justice" that whites and Christians are subjected to. As such, I am reporting this matter to both the NSW police and the Australian police, to see if charges can be laid against Mr X. Even though I don't have a recording of the speech, there are 100-200 witnesses, and hopefully 99% of them are Australians who believe in a fair go, and won't lie under oath when asked to confirm my account of what happened on that terrible day.

I could continue, but it's 7:30pm and the Ramadan fasting ended at 5:21pm but I still haven't eaten because I thought it was more important to get this to the police et al before luxuries like eating dinner.

Thanks.  Paul.

P.S. Unlike Mr X, who probably didn't do a straw-poll of even 1 single westerner, despite living in a western country, I did a straw poll of a random American to find out what she thought about Syria. Here's the conversation:

Edwards, Paul 12:11 PM
hi akakak. non-work-related question. do you care about the syrians being slaughtered by their government, and if you do, what do you think should be done about it?
akakak 12:11 PM
yes I do care
Edwards, Paul 12:12 PM
cool. someone told me on friday that the west doesn't care
you're my straw poll so that i can call him a liar
and ask him for an opinion poll that proves his point
akakak 12:12 PM
Not sure what do, probably the rest of teh Arab countries should step in but they jsut as bad
Edwards, Paul 12:13 PM
so if the other arabs are just as bad, do you think someone good should step in?
akakak 12:14 PM
Edwards, Paul 12:19 PM
someone good like who? the UN is split, so they won't be doing anything. Turkey could unilaterally do something. NATO could do something. There could be an Australian-led multinational force. Indian-led multinational force. US unilateral. etc. what would you suggest?
akakak 12:20 PM
Well, If waiting on Europe, you can forgetit about it, by they tiem they decide tehr e will be no people left in Syria
Edwards, Paul 12:21 PM
akakak 12:21 PM
Others never took actions on their own
but some of them did help US
US and Australia can do it, who needs anybody else
Edwards, Paul 12:22 PM
so your ideal action would be the ANZUS alliance to go in? Not even including the UK?
akakak 12:23 PM
O ya, they would probably join in, I forgot about them
Edwards, Paul 12:23 PM
and who should lead the action out of US, UK and Australia?
akakak 12:23 PM
Edwards, Paul 12:24 PM
ok, thanks for your thoughts. :)
akakak 12:24 PM

P.P.S. I have also made inquiries with the North Sydney Council about renting out the hall prior to 1:15pm so that I can have a pro-western agenda being heard. I can indeed afford the cost of the hall and insurance all on my own, so just need a cooperative Imam, since I am not qualified to do that myself.

P.P.P.S. I don't just offer to protect Syrian Muslims. When I saw the 9/11 jumpers I swore to them that I would leave no stone unturned to ensure that the root cause of what happened to them would be found and utterly destroyed. Obviously they couldn't hear me. But nor could Filipinos see me doing the "laban" sign in 1986. Only my TV saw that.

P.P.P.P.S. There's a chance that I will be arrested by the Australian police for wasting police time or some other trumped up charge. Because I'm only a white Muslim, so I don't get the general protection that Muslims get. If you don't see updates from me in twitter feed "kerravon86" you can assume the worst. Put a comment on this guy's blog if you want to contribute to the effort to free me.

P.P.P.P.P.S. Before anyone tries to make the assertion "Oh, we only mean the governments are bad, not the people", please be aware that Western governments are DEMOCRACIES so in 1/21 millionth of a way I AM the bloody government! Also read this. Even when democracies are doing something bad, like annexing territory from the Serbian liberal democracy to create a terrorist state - that action is supported by a HUGE percentage of the population (not always a majority though).

P.P.P.P.P.P.S. E assures me that the Auburn Gallipoli mosque doesn't have such anti-western diatribes at it.




FSA Funding Offer

Note that just before the end of the Australian financial year (ie ending 2012-06-30), I attempted to contact the FSA to donate $10,000 to them, hopefully in a way that could be registered as a tax deduction. I never received a reply from them, nor did they take my call. I tried contacting a Syrian civilian I know, to try ringing them, but that didn't gain contact either. Shortly after I was arrested for one of my violent blog posts, but even when I was released I still didn't get any reply. Anyway, here's the email chain ...

2012-06-28 16:54 ...

Vvvvv, and I want this to be completely hands off for me.
ie I just want FSA to name an internationally-recognized
charity. One that I can look up for myself on wikipedia, make
sure it's not a terrorists without borders type of deal, and
donate to it.

So what does the FSA want me to choose?

Is Red Cross acceptable?
Red Crescent?
Doctors Without Borders? (are they helping out in Syria?).

Tell me so that I can make an international transfer tonight
(it's 5pm here, so it'll be processed tomorrow now).

Thanks. Paul.

-----Original Message-----
From: Paul Edwards
Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2012 9:17 AM
To: vvvvv
Subject: Re: donations

Hi again Vvvvv.

As you can see from the follow-up, there is an urgency,
and people often take a long time to get around to
answering emails.

Would you be able to phone them on their provided



I have confirmed that "90" is the country code for
Turkey, so the number looks fine, except they haven't
put it in international form. Should be:


Interesting that they added "00" in front. Not sure which
country they got that practice from. 0011 is what we use
here, and the US is 011 I think.

Thanks. Paul.

-----Original Message-----
From: Paul Edwards
Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2012 8:59 AM
To: info@freesyrianarmy1.com
Subject: Re: donations

Actually, I would like to donate $10,000 - which is too much for
my credit card, and too much of a hassle via Western Union.

So instead please provide international banking details so that
I can do a direct bank to bank transfer. I bank with Citibank
Australia, and they're good with international transfers.

I would hope that the bank account you provide would be
based in a reputable country like Turkey, as I want to ensure
that my money does not go to terrorists (Palestinians etc).

Also I want this information to be somewhere on your
website, so that I know it's really the official account of
the FSA.

Also, can you please provide this information quickly, as I
would like to make the transfer before the end of the
financial year, so that I can claim the charitable donation
as a tax deduction.

To that end, could you also provide me a receipt after the
deposit, and date it with the date that I do the transfer,
which will hopefully be the 29th June.

Also, if you have a "donors" page, I would like to appear on
that too, so that the Syrian people know that at least one
Australian supported the right of the Syrian people to be
free, even if the damned Australian government didn't do
a damned bloody thing to help. Note that I already tried
writing to my Prime Minister asking her to help, but of
course she didn't reply, and probably didn't even read it.
We have a left-wing government in power at the moment,
and they don't care about human rights - only the right-wing
party (that I vote for) does.

Note that I am just an ordinary Australian citizen. I am not
associated with any government/corporation/etc. I am a
computer programmer by profession, working in the
financial industry. It's a high-paying job, and I think this
would be a reasonable size donation, although obviously
you need a lot more than that to win. I assume other
people are contributing what they can too.

Thanks. Paul.

-----Original Message-----
From: Paul Edwards
Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2012 6:54 AM
To: info@freesyrianarmy1.com
Subject: donations


I'd like to donate money to the Free Syrian Army.

1. Do you have a way I can make a secure credit card payment via
paypal or somesuch? Or maybe I can send it via Western Union?
I didn't see anything on your website:


Although it is all in Arabic. Can you please provide some minimal
English content?

2. I'd like to be sure that my money is going into actual weapons
and bullets, and not "care packs" and "blankets" and other useless
stuff that western governments are already willing to supply in
copious quantities to make it look like they're actually trying to
help. I know that it is expensive weapons that will actually help.
Can I have your assurance that my money will be used purely
for weaponry?

Note that I have also provided my own tips on what I think should
be tried next as a tactic, which you might like to read:


Thankyou for being the bravest men in the whole goddamned world.
I hope I can visit a free Syria one day. :-)




No Cavalry on the Horizon

I watched this clip about the imminent assault on Aleppo, and cried at the end of it when the reporter said:

The US State Department said that it feared a massacre.
It said the same about Benghazi in Libya, and NATO intervened.
But there's no cavalry on the horizon for Aleppo.

I'm not a soldier, but even I know enough about war to know that external cavalry is exactly what the brave people of Syria need to be victorious. If the Yanks didn't lie about their own history, they would all know that they had zero chance whatsoever of breaking away from the UK in their "glorious" "revolution" without French heavy lifting, and provide heavy lifting to the Syrians now.

To quote an Australian ambassador (or whoever it was that was on TV) ...

Fuck youse all.  Fuck all of youse.

Damn your fucking eyes. (I made up the last bit myself).




Manifesto for War

Open Letter to Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister of Turkey
cc: Abdullah Gul, Supreme Military Commander of the Turkish military
in 1 week to be cced to other countries in the free world (most likely)

Dear Sir,

I previously emailed your Sydney consulate with an offer to pay my $2,500 zakat to the Turkish government, in light of all the good work it has done to date, as the most effective form of foreign aid, and ideally for me to not direct the money to any particular place, that I trust the Turkish government to use the money wisely. I have not had a reply from the Sydney consulate (to any of my emails - I don't think they want to commit anything in writing), but I did speak to them in person about it (ie I visited the Sydney consulate in Woollahra on Wednesday 2012-07-18).

It occurred to me today that I could offer a whole lot more. Bear with me, this will take a while.

Note that 1 AUD is approximately 1 USD, so you can assume all figures I quote are in USD, even though they're actually AUD.

I currently have $420,000 in shares + cash, and $250,000 in superannuation. I'd have a whole lot more money to my name, but on the advice of my financial adviser, I had a lot of money invested in TIM and GTP. What neither he or I could possibly expect is that the fascist right-wing Australian government would break the law (the court said so, eventually) and deliberately and maliciously attack the companies I was heavily invested in. A higher court took its time and decided that the government was acting illegally, but only after TIM and GTP went bankrupt because the government forced them to halt operations. This thuggery from the right-wing party is not an isolated event. See what they did to me physically. Anyway, the right-wing party which I vote for wiped out many years of my hard work. But sometimes when you lose, you win. As without this, I probably wouldn't have made the move towards the slums, and would have moved away, as per tradition. I don't think that is appropriate for what I am trying to achieve.

Note - although I have been physically and financially attacked by the right-wing party of Australia, I still vote for them because they are at least better than the slimy commies on the left who betrayed our Iraqi and American allies by withdrawing from Iraq before it was secure. I hope when the right-wing party gets back into power it publicly apologizes for what the treacherous commies did (just as the left-wing apologized publicly for something it didn't do, instead of for something that they did actually do).

Anyway, I don't like being a debt slave. I want to be able to speak out at work if I see something illegal or immoral or simply stupid being done, rather than just change jobs. (Note - I'm not claiming that my employer does any such thing, I think it's a great company, but if that ever changes, I want to be able to speak out without fear of being sacked). As such, I have been saving my money hard, for decades, and I am preparing to cease renting a room in someone else's house, and about to buy my own place, and begin my wonderful new life inviting people from around the world to come to my place, as documented here. I am REALLY looking forward to this, but I am prepared to give it up.

In order to provide the safety net should I be sacked for speaking out or any other reason, my plan is to buy a place for about $300,000 and then my other assets ($120,000 + $250,000) can be used as capital, and I can live off the income from that (at an assumed 4.5%, and low tax rate, that gives me an income of about $200/week. This is less than the $245 available to dole bludgers, but nevermind. I can't actually access my super until I'm 65, so my plan was to run down the non-super (including the house) to near-zero, then hopefully I would have access to my super, and it would all even out. Every month I remained in my job, the closer I could approach the target of the dole, as I don't think it is right for anyone in Australia to live on less than the dole. I consider that to be economic injustice, and don't wish to personally set an example of injustice.

I originally intended living in North Sydney, a low crime rate area, instead of the higher crime rate of Auburn (low income earners), but the government made that choice for me, and in hindsight, I'm glad they did, as I'd rather rub shoulders with brave Arabs than the cowardly Skips who voted the immoral, cowardly and treacherous commies into power while we were at war. I'm planning on introducing Arabs to my favourite song (that I play in a loop for hours and hours, full blast, like right now as I write this post). Apparently part of the song is "It doesn't matter if we die - at least we die like men". Have you ever heard anything more inspiring than that? Arabic rap. Fantastic!

Anyway, instead of just giving the $2,500 zakat, I am willing to give you my entire life's savings of $420,000 to any country that:

1. Has the ability to liberate Syria unilaterally.
2. Is only willing to liberate Syria if I, Paul Edwards, cough up the $420,000 that is all I actually have (I can't access my super until I'm 65, and perhaps there is a good reason why that rule exists). I need this commitment and statement in writing, and independently placed on the Turkish (etc) government website so that I know I'm not being strung along in email, and also it must be announced to NATO (verifiable by me independently ringing someone in NATO). You put me on the spot, and trust me, I'll rise to the challenge. Note that if the Turkish military was going to take a particular action regardless of my opinion, then I don't want to fund 0.01% of the war with my life's savings - I believe I can leverage my relatively small wealth via a different avenue. Only if the go/no-go decision rests on me am I willing to throw my entire life's savings at a problem like this.

In addition to my money, I'm willing to put my life on the line. I am prepared to be shot in cold blood if that is a necessary condition for liberating Syria. The shooting can take place in Syria, by a Syrian, so that the Turkish (etc) government is not legally liable for any war crime. I'd quite literally rather be dead than live in a world where brave Syrians can rise up and fight for 1.5 years and no-one at all comes to their assistance. If my death is required, I would much prefer it if that is delayed until after Syria is liberated, as I really don't want to miss seeing the Turkish military charge to Damascus. Just like this!

If you don't need me to have 100% certainty of death, but just face the same risks as a Turkish soldier, that's fine too. I'm happy to trundle along in the lead tank or whatever. I wouldn't advise letting me drive or whatever though. I'm 44, overweight, unfit, untrained, and when I tried my hand at paintball I got killed every time without killing a single enemy soldier. It's much better that you keep me alive, working as a computer programmer, and with the potential to provide more funding. I won't provide a guarantee of all my future earnings going to you though, as that sounds like slavery to me, and I am NOT willing to become a slave no matter what. I don't mind dying, but I do mind being enslaved very very much. In fact, the danger of becoming a slave, or incarcerated, even in Australia, tempts me to even suicide to avoid the risk. And I'm certainly not willing to have children in this risky world environment. Speaking of which ...

I am completely unattached to anyone in this world. I have no wife, no girlfriend (and do not wish to have a permanent one), and I treat my relatives the same as anyone else. Although I would trust my family to honour a contractual obligation, even with all my money, they do not share my passion for Syria. They'd rather prop up failed African regimes than invest in some smart bombs. I dislike people like that, and I try not to be associated with them in any way. I visited my mother (in Queensland) after 6 years absence. I'll probably make it 10 years this time before the next visit, assuming I'm actually alive. I can't stand these people for more than a few minutes at a time. I'd MUCH rather be spending my time with my ideological allies in Syria. Also I am completely unattached to any particular country, such as where I was born, Australia. In Australia, we are raised to not be nationalist. We celebrate a military defeat (Gallipoli) on ANZAC Day, rather than a military victory (e.g. Beersheba), although I would prefer that we celebrated the 1986 Filipino revolution (25th February), which was the start of the revolutions that introduced a democracy rather than another dictatorship. We have even had groups openly ask people not to bring Australian flags to events, because "only racists wave the Australian flag" (e.g. Cronulla riots). This is not unique to me. I have seen the Australian cricket team booed off the field, by the Australian public, after they WON a game, and even though they legally obeyed the rules. They violated the SPIRIT of the game. Sometimes when you win, you lose.

Also please note that my love for the Syrian people is not just for the Syrian people. I would make the same deal for Iran too. And people used to ask me why I "only" cared about Iraqis in 2003. And again in 2011 it was "why only the Libyans?". It's simply not true. Whenever there is an ability to make a structural government change that is expected to make an improvement, I'm right in there. And also the fact that I formally became a muslim on 2012-07-08 by saying the shahada is completely unrelated to my love for the Syrians. I would have made the same deal even when I was an atheist. I have not changed my morals/ideology ONE IOTA since becoming a Muslim. Just the same as my morals/ideology didn't change at all when I transitioned from Christian to atheist at the age of 13 or whatever. All it was was a minor technical question on whether the balance of probability lay in favour of a God or not. The only thing that changed with the conversion to Islam is that I now have a very annoying requirement to pray 5 times/day, and a very annoying and mildly dangerous requirement to fast during Ramadan. Even those "requirements" I only do to please other Muslims, not because I actually believe God cares one iota whether I do those things. I believe that God is far more interested that I either did, or at least offered to, pay a blood and/or treasure sacrifice to the Syrian people.

I mainly became a Muslim formally because I know that most Syrians are Muslim, and many Muslims have been raised as religious bigots, thinking that non-Muslims are a separate group that can't be their brothers. Rather than spend decades/centuries trying to convert these Muslims to stop being religious bigots, and recognize an atheist as a brother, it's simpler to simply stop arguing the toss. While Mohammed's claims cannot be accepted as per standard scientific method, there's also no actual way to prove them invalid. Maybe Mohammed really did receive revelations from God, and maybe God really told Mohammed that he wanted people to pray 5 times per day, just so that in 2012 he could have a great belly-laugh watching me doing it (which I do). Who the hell knows. I'm happy to just accept Islam as a "working paradigm", knowing full well that it doesn't make me a worse person in any way at all. Being hungry and thirsty has no military effect whatsoever, and it's only military effects that I care about.

Also please note that I provided an alternative to war - a comprehensive peace plan. I sent this to the Israeli government, to show them how they can have peace. But for whatever reason, the immoral kikes decided that they would prefer killing innocent Palestinian children than adopt my peace plan. So now it's time for war.

And one more thing to note - I don't know if the Syrian Sunnis will be willing to forgive the Allawites. They may try to expell them or something (just like after the American war of independence, the 1/3 of Americans who supported that started expelling the 1/3 of Americans who opposed independence by deporting them to Canada, to try to boost their numbers above 50%). If the Syrians do that, I would rather see Turkey rule for a while, or some non-religious-bigotted Syrians (ie my REAL ideological allies) put in charge (and armed to the teeth).

Anyway, ideally what I would like to see happen now, is that Turkey puts its military under the command of the Free Syrian Army. Let THEM decide whether Turkish ground troops should go in, for a quick war, or to slug it out for 7 months like Syria. Perhaps only use volunteers from the Turkish military, but I'm pretty sure most Turks will volunteer for that role. Let a Syrian take the blame for the excess deaths that occur from doing something illogical. However, if Assad uses chemical weapons, forget the FSA. Go in full blast, and anyone who is in any way associated with the chemical weapon use or distribution should get the death penalty. Note that even though the Turks would be under FSA command, it still doesn't mean that the FSA can order them to do something illegal (ie against the Geneva Convention). The same applies if the US President orders US troops to do something illegal - they are REQUIRED to DISOBEY that order.

Ball's in your court for 1 week, then the same deal is offered to any other country able to do the job, which is only UK, France and USA, I think.





I'm trying to arrange for all my zakat money to go to the Turkish government. I trust the Turkish government to be better aid deliverers than any stupid NGO. And if we take care of the Turkish poor via zakat, it will mean the Turkish government has more money available for things like wars of liberation (hint, hint). The very last thing we want to hear is "Turkey refuses to go to war because wars cost a lot of money". As my blog title says - fuck austerity, put it on Mastercard!

P.S. If the Turkish government won't take my money, I'm planning on giving my money to impoverished Filipinas who have been forced to resort to prostitution. To let them know that they are still respected members of society and loved.

P.P.S. Note that the Ramadan fasting is meant to let you know how hungry people feel so that you will contribute to hungry people. The Ramadan fasting has had zero impact on my thoughts about that. We shouldn't be propping up failed African regimes by paying the living expenses of their subjects for eternity.

P.P.P.S. Or maybe I will use my zakat to outbid rental for the anti-western Muslim meeting hall near North Sydney, as this could be an integral part of the War on Terror which ultimately helps end poverty.

P.P.P.P.S. Or maybe I will use part of my zakat to fund PDOS development. I think I need to put the $2500 kitty upfront and let the various parties discuss it and decide on the best way to channel the funds.



African Afterthought

All African countries should have, in addition to the 5 or whatever corrupt and hopeless locals that they have to choose between, an additional set of candidates - "Japan", "EU", "NATO" to choose from. If they choose a corrupt local, or the socialist "EU", on their head be it. Don't give aid to reward gross mismanagement of precious resources. Alternatively, there could be a local who states upfront that he is willing to defer to Japan or whoever. I know a Nigerian who might just fit that bill. And they should have "preferential voting" as well, which is a small IQ test that will probably eliminate 1/3 of the African electorate.




Deadly Embrace

Here's what needs to happen ...

Every country in the world should provide a port (maintained at that country's expense) for Russian warships to dock. Except Syria. The Russians must stay out of Syria. The deal is also suspended if the Russians ever become hostile towards the country in question. Give them emergency ports right now so that they can get out of Syria.

Next, NATO needs to assemble a liberation forcce in Turkey.

Damascus is about 50km away from the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. It should be possible for an Egyptian-led Arab League force to traverse that distance in about 1 day maximum, which is the quickest war possible, that doesn't scare the Syrians against the external invader.

In order to get the Arab League into the Golan, Israel should open up its entire territory and military bases to the Arab League force. In order for Israel not to be scared about this military occupation, NATO should give a rock-solid security guarantee to Israel, that all Arab League forces will return to their previous positions as soon as Israel requests them to leave. Basically this is the same deal that the US gave Iraq in 2004 - they will leave whenever requested.

And here's the beautiful thing - Israel should never request that the Arab League leave. Israeli citizens should hold occasional protests (just like the nutty South Koreans do about the US presence) saying "end the occupation". But the fact is, although the Arab League will be OCCUPYING Israel, it will not be SUBJUGATING the Israeli people, so it's all sweet. Israel can bludge off the NATO (ie US) guarantee instead of needing to maintain its own military. Just like Iceland does. The guarantee should come from NATO, not the US, as it is more likely that NATO will live up to its written contract. The US has a history (that's how South Vietnam was lost) of not fulfilling its contractual obligations after a change of government.

The Arab League force should enter Syria (from Israel) and occupy Syria to ensure that a LIBERAL democracy is installed. Note the *liberal*. I do not want to see Allawites or other minorities subjected to revenge attacks. The majority Sunni should draw a line under the past. Let bygones be bygones. Not in law, but as individuals, the Sunni majority should be falling over themselves to prove that they consider Allawites to be brothers - special brothers in fact. When the Arab League is sure that the Syrian minorities are protected, it should pull out of Syria and return to bases in Israel, from where it can re-enter if there is any sign that the Syrian majority are carrying out revenge attacks. NATO should also remain poised in Turkey, ready to invade Syria for the same reason, if anything goes wrong with the Arab League force.

My experience at the Auburn mosque demonstrates a "don't ask, don't tell" policy in place. I believe that the mosque is Sunni, based on the fact that I think the Turks are Sunni, but I've never asked (hell, they could be Mu'tazilite for all I know). And they've never told me. At the lectures I've been to, they talk about both Sunni and Shiite beliefs on occasion, seemingly so that we can pick the one we think is most appropriate.

That's it folks. World peace. Spread this to all the governments of the world.

P.S. Someone at the mosque finally spilled the beans - it is a Sufi mosque and they are super-tolerant and accept all sects and even non-Muslims can go there to pray or watch if they wish.

P.P.S. Throw in access to the Turkish Straits for Russian warships as well.

P.P.P.S. Give all this to the Russians first, immediately, and with no strings attached. Then wait a week, without asking for anything or saying anything. Then liberate Syria, regardless of the fact that the Russians oppose that at the UN Security Council. Do NOT give in to Russian blackmail.

P.P.P.P.S. Only countries with a peace treaty with Israel (ie Egypt and Jordan) should be allowed to occupy Israel and the Golan Heights. Egypt is all you need to completely thrash the Syrians. When Egyptian tanks approach Syrian tanks, pause and give the Syrians the opportunity to defect. Hopefully they will turn their tanks around and go and hunt Assad themselves, once they have Egyptian air cover.



Libyan Tartus

Open Letter to Mahmoud Jibril, Prime Minister elect of Libya

Dear Sir,

Congratulations on your resounding victory, according to preliminary results. It was truly a joy watching the beautiful Libyan people lining up to vote. Some couldn't even sleep the night before election day. Totally totally beautiful. And the brave Libyans who stood up against Gaddafi's automatic weapons - in the words of an Australian TV station - "staggeringly brave".

However, now that Libya is on a path to be a permanent and proud member of the free world, let us turn our attention to the poor Syrians, who have been in open revolt for 1.5 years, but simply do not have the technical means to overcome the regime's security apparatus. Libya was only able to do that thanks to NATO air support. And NATO was only authorized to act because the UN authorized it. The chumps at NATO may well have left the Libyan rebels high and dry without that crucial UN resolution, just as they are doing now in Syria. We'll never know.

The UN resolution was only possible in Libya thanks to Russia abstaining. Note that Russia abstaining was a huge step for them, and one that we should be immensely grateful for. Russia is very very wary about the NATO juggernaut, and is looking for someone, anyone, to prevent NATO expansion. Gaddafi was better for them as "the anti-western devil you know". It is a complete miracle that they agreed to abstain. They're certainly not repeating that in Syria!

Anyway, I'd like to ask you a favour. Clearly you have no obligation to grant me a favour, but I'd like to ask anyway.

Would you be able to draw a line in the sand regarding Russia's past bad behaviour, acknowledge that they did a very moral thing by abstaining in that UN vote, and then allowing them to have a permanent port in Libya, so that Tartus (in Syria) is no longer important to them?

We both know that Russia is crazy-a-bonkers for having a Mediterranean fleet at all. I have no idea what they think they are doing. If there was every a conventional war between NATO and Russia, their stupid ships would be sunk in less than an hour. But for some reason, they think that swanning around in the Mediterranean is important. And if it's important to them, it's important to me, as I want to allay their concerns about the NATO juggernaut. It is NOT out to enslave them. The Russians still have a very nationalist mindset, which prevents them from seeing that. Good news is that there is nothing genetically wrong with Russians that is preventing them from joining the free world at some stage in the future. We have a living example of a defecting Russian which proves that.

You can probably get NATO to pay for the base's construction, and perhaps Libya could provide free fuel to the Russian warships.

Have a think about it, and I hope you come to the same conclusion I do. If the Russians are weaned off Tartus, then hopefully it will allow a UN resolution to pass, and Syria can be liberated soon, before the revolution peters out and we're back to endless decades of Syrian dictatorship.

Yours faithfully,
Paul Edwards, Australia.



Libya - Fuck Yeah!

Preliminary results have shown that the Libyans have excelled themselves. They have voted 81% for secular parties vs 19% for Islamists.

Note that Libya came close to passing election laws that would have prevented Islamists from even running. That is in fact the ideal - don't allow religion (or any other dogma) to participate in elections. Let it be a pure left-right economic split instead. However it rescinded those laws.

Anyway, this seems to be the one country in the Middle East not afraid to ally with the Free West, so we should take quick advantage of that, and make them the public face of NATO. Especially the political face. But honestly, it doesn't matter if they take the military face either. No matter how incompetent they are at managing NATO weaponry, NATO is just way too powerful to lose against any of these tinpot countries like Syria. But it is the political face that is most important. The Americans should stay very very quiet, and if they are ever asked "will you be liberating Syria?", should simply say "that is a political question that should be directed to the Libyan government".

But you know what? The first thing I would politely ask the Libyans to do is to host a Russian naval base, so that they are no longer dependent on Tartus in Syria. If the Russians want to waste their time swanning around in the Meditteranean, I say - why not?

Anyway, I was so happy to see this beautiful girl talking about how she couldn't sleep the night before the election she was so excited. Man I love seeing people vote.

I would also suggest to the Libyans that they adopt the preferential voting system that we have in Australia, which is far better than what the US/UK have. They can get the Bill of Rights from the US though, as politicians simply can't be trusted to not put limits on freedom of speech.




Turkish Test

Open Letter to Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister of Turkey

Dear Sir,

I would like Turkey to unilaterally liberate Syria. This would be a win/win situation for Turkey and Syria. Note that I have already appealed to the Turkish military to take action, but there is no indication that my emails have gotten through, so I'm now trying to appeal to the politicians instead of the military, even though I have little faith in politicians. Anyway, here is what I wrote to the Turkish military:


I have asked friends etc to also contact the Turkish military. Some have agreed with me and done so. However, some have been negative. Let me show you some negative responses.

Here is what a pro-Assad Syrian said:

but we got occupied byt Turks (Ottoman) for 400 years and now we are just away from even trying to be civilized
and this is why we don't want turk to come in again
we had them once and it was enough, as we are paying bacuse of that till now

Here is what a pro-NATO-liberation-of-Libya Libyan said:

they are strong , but in history they are well known
do you remmber the first days in our revolution .... did you remmber what Turkey did for us
They werenot as they are now , they were thinknig about finding solutions with the regime , and acted like Russia
but Trust me turkey wont loose her business and international support just to liberate yria , this is the bad side

Here is what a British person said:

I don't like suggesting what opinion the Syrians might hold but
I suspect that the last thing the majority would want is to be hauled
into a reconstituted Ottoman Caliphate.

As you can see, these are very negative views, some of them going back a century in history. I do not go back so far myself. History is history. I'm more interested in CURRENT behaviour. And I like to point out the positive aspects of a country. So e.g. I like to point out that during the Cold War, Turkey stood shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the free world, against the Soviet Union, instead of being an immoral "neutral" like Sweden, or worse, an ally of the USSR, like Syria.

And the viewpoint of the Briton is that modern Turkey would occupy Syria permanently, instead of doing the same thing that the US did in Iraq - ie get in, establish democracy, take nothing, get out. I am very sure that Turkey would be a moral actor like the US, but until you actually do the liberation, I can't have 100% proof of that, so that I can go back to the Briton and say "see - I told you so!".

The viewpoint of the Libyan is very recent. Yes, Turkey probably acted immorally there, and the Libyan resents that. Note that France acted immorally in Tunisia too. It almost sent in security forces to suppress the glorious revolution! :-( Instead of sending forces to ASSIST in the revolution! However, France has changed a lot since then. It has instead switched 100% and took the lead in assisting the Libyans gain their freedom. So I try to point out the positive side of modern France, instead of complaining about how it tried to oppose the liberation of Iraq too.

Anyway, the only way that we can prove that modern Turkey is a moral actor in the world today is for Turkey to go in to Syria and overthrow Assad, which should take less than 3 days. Put the Free Syrian Army in charge of setting up democratic elections, then leave immediately. ie in and out in less than a week. It is incredibly important that you do this for the future of the free world. Please act now, without hesitation!

Yours faithfully,
Paul Edwards.

P.S. I attend the Auburn Gallipoli mosque in Sydney where I have some Turkish contacts. I will try to get them to both translate this blog into the Turkish language to make it easier for you to read, as well as to try to contact you via other means.




Paringa Problems

Open Letter to Mary Cuevas, Nurse Unit Manager, Paringa Unit, Cumberland Hospital.

Dear Madam,

As a result of a clearly fictional parable I wrote, full of hyperbole, I was arrested by the NSW Police and sent to Paringa for "psychiatric evaluation". My stay was effectively from 2012-06-30 to 2012-07-05. It's pretty clear Australia needs a bill of rights to protect freedom of speech, as this is not the first time they police have been involved in freedom of speech issues.

Regardless, here is what happened during my stay.

First of all I would like to recommend Maria for "employee of the millenium" or whatever. While all staff were generally polite and helpful, Maria in particular has such a beautiful personality. Even when obnoxious nicotine addicts were taking out their frustration on her, she managed to maintain her pleasant personality. If it were me, I would have just sent them to lock-up. I don't know her surname, but she's certainly Asian, and I think Filipino based on her accent. She knows who she is, as I told her I would be writing to you. So that's the good news out of the way. Now time for the bad news.

On 2012-07-01, one of the patients, who didn't seem to speak English, seemed to be requesting my assistance for dealing with the staff. It seemed pretty clear he needed a translator, and there is a prominent board containing all the different languages that a free translator is available for. So I just took him over to the board so that he could pick out his language. It is not good that the phone number given to ring is an 02 number instead of 1800, so that it is not free to ring. But far worse than that was the fact that the number is actually wrong! That number - +61 2 9840 3456 - has an answering machine that says, very quickly, in English - "the number has changed to +61 2 9912 3800". The first time I rang, I wasn't ready for it, and had no ability to write down the number. So I had to give up. I wasted 50c on a phone call. I didn't have any more coins for the phone either. By 2012-07-03 I had obtained writing material and more 50c coins. It took two attempts (ie cost another $1) but I eventually got the new number. I tried ringing the new number, and was able to get an English-speaking operator who was willing to page out for any language I wanted. So that much at least worked. I don't know how a non-English-speaking person is meant to cope though. It almost looks like a government scam designed to rip off the non-English-speaking people. Because a number is advertised that a non-English-speaker has no chance of succeeding with. So the government doesn't need to provide the actual service, it just needs a "sucker number". I thought this was a terrible state of affairs, and reported the problem to about 3 different staff members, none of whom was willing to ring up the number, get the correct number, and then put a sticker over the old number, containing the new number. As of 2012-07-09 the old number was STILL there, STILL waiting to rip off the non-English-speakers. Note that I stopped trying to help the Iranian guy, because the nurses dobbed me in for "interfering with the treatment of another patient", just because I used my own money to help someone speak in their own language. They make it sound like I was stealing his medication or something?! Pretty weird.

Anyway, now on to the big issue - smoking. I believe the root cause of this problem is an accident. The NSW government has made two independent, reasonable (in their own right) policies:

1. Hospitals should be smoke-free. If anyone wants to smoke, they should do it outside.
2. Mental patients need protection while waiting for evaluation to be completed. They should not be allowed to leave the hospital, which could lead them to harming themselves or others.

This has created a deadly embrace. Mentally ill patients who happen to be nicotine addicts, are suddenly, and the sole group in all of Australia, put into a government-run "cold turkey for smokers" institution. While I really really really detest smoking, I think a government-run cold-turkey program is probably a bit too draconian. And regardless, if a draconian anti-smoking campaign is to be done, the mentally ill should not be the guinea pigs.

Legislation like this should not actually be able to be passed. It should be deemed unconstitutional because we should have a Bill of Rights that guarantees that citizens won't be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment, or that people who are addicted to a legal substance will not be prevented from obtaining that substance while ever the substance itself remains legal.

I am very sensitive to cigarette smoke, so you can't imagine how happy I would be to eradicate it from the face of the earth. But when I look into the eyes of a nicotine addict sufferer, and see that suffering, I recognize that there is a higher right than Australian law. There is a basic human right for a smoker to be able to smoke. In recogntion of that fundamental human right, I have already requested that Turkey lead a military invasion of Australia to give us a bill of rights. Basically I want to see air strikes on Sydney and I am willing to bear any once-off cost (e.g. 1 million dead in collateral damage) in order to ensure that Australia is put onto the right path - institutionally.


I realise that you are just enforcing the rule of law, and that is a very good and noble thing to be doing. It is the fundamental acceptance of the rule of law (changeable by the democratic process) that allows our efficient, productive and fair societies.

However, it is also possible to be over-pedantic. There are laws against jaywalking too, and for good reason - we don't want people to interfere with the flow of traffic. However, in NSW, I don't think you will ever be charged with jaywalking so long as you do it responsibly. In other places (like Germany), you will be charged, even in the absence of any actual traffic. So that's how Australia really runs. The SPIRIT of the rule of law. The only time I have ever seen an Australian sporting team being booed by Australians was after they WON a game of cricket by following the LETTER of the rules, but not the SPIRIT of the rules. (underarm bowling against New Zealand).

In the SPIRIT of the law, you could choose to do what the Hainsworth unit does, and allow smoking in the open area inside the hospital grounds. It could be done at fixed times so that the smokers don't make the grounds permanently inaccessible to senstive non-smokers. Perhaps that would also help smokers understand how they are harming others, not just themselves.

Also note that the smoking ban doesn't stop smoking. It just sends it underground, and the toilets contain the smell of smoke, and due to the inherently discourteous nature of smokers, they even leave ashes behind - in the sink and on the toilet seat.

I realise that you have a duty to do what your boss requests, including implied requests/expectations, but I would have thought that your boss probably doesn't really care, until such time as someone makes an actual complaint to him, and then explicitly asks you to enforce the letter of the law.

Also note that according to Mark Fallon, the only nicotine replacement that actually works is the inhaler, which is the one thing that is not available to patients. Can I suggest you make that available? Note that my own experience in talking to people is that all of the things can work, but for some people, none of them work.

Note that I would write to the government requesting them to change the law, but I have zero confidence they will listen to me (they never have in past requests), and I have no confidence in our democratic process, which is why I have simply rung up the Turkish military and requested them to take matters into their own hands. I don't have any confidence they will listen to me either, but I just want to be able to demonstrate that in my opinion there are higher things than Australian law. Democratic governments have been known to implement laws to gas Jews and make it illegal to harbour Jews. Those are fundamentally wrong too.

Note that I am sending this letter to you not because I expect you to actually listen to me and change your mind. No, humans are far too stubborn to do that, so there's only a 1% chance of that happening. No, I am sending this because it is a kick-arse parable, explaining that there are more important things than laws (e.g. I'm a big supporter of the 2003 Iraq war, and don't need UN approval), and demonstrating that I fairly apply principles, even for things that I personally dislike. And also because I'm in love with Maria. :-) And perhaps my previous policy of genocide of smokers is not real either, but also demonstrates a point regarding the harm these people do (to others - I don't care what they do to themselves).

Yours faithfully,
Paul Edwards.



Charitable Weaponry

Open Letter to Tony Abbott, Leader of Opposition, Australia

Dear Sir,

I am very busy at the moment, e.g. operating on 3 hours sleep per day. So I am writing to you instead of Julia Gillard (Australian PM) because:

1. I hope you care. I know Julia doesn't.
2. I hope you will read my letter - I'm pretty sure Julia doesn't - she certainly doesn't reply.
3. I am hoping that you will pass on the concepts in this letter to the two right-wing independents so that they switch allegiance to you, for the good of the country.
4. If there was any way of getting Julia to act, I would expect that you can pass on the message to Julia yourself, since you have staff available to assist, while I am alone.

Anyway, here is my issue. In the financial year just passed, I scrambled at the last minute to find a tax-deductible charity to donate my money to. I want my donated money to go as far as possible to a sustainable cause that has a real effect. When I look around the world right at the moment, what I see is brave Syrian people going up, unarmed, against the automatic weapons of the Assad dictatorship. The freedom and prosperity of 23 million Syrians lies in their ability to perform the once-off task of overthrowing their evil dictatorship. A dictatorship that aligned itself with the evil USSR during the Cold War, and has never had to answer for that malfeasance.

Anyway, ideally the brave Syrian people would have the Turks or someone simply wage a war of liberation in Syria. Australia could do this itself if it had basing rights in some other country near Syria.

Regardless, for whatever reason, it appears that no country has the balls required to overthrow the Assad dictatorship. That means the only alternative is for the Syrian people to slug it out themselves. I've never been in the military myself, but my understanding is that there's simply no way to win without disabling Assad's aircraft. Modern military doctrine requires one to obtain air superiority which then allows ground troops to advance. The Syrian rebels have none of this, so they're unlikely to win. But if they were given SAMs (surface to air missiles) capable of knocking out Assad's superiority in aircraft, then the military equation would change somewhat, and the result less certain.

As such, as far as I can see, the absolute best charity one can donate to in the world today is to purchase SAMs for the Syrian rebels. Please correct me if your military advisers have a different understanding, so that we can try to find common ground.

Anyway, looking around at charities today, I find nothing that is dedicated to the Syrian people. As a Muslim, I am required to pay zakat (2.5% of income) to charity. I would like this to go into weapons for the Syrians. The charities that do exist at the moment are general "we will help the world" type charities, which is code for "left-wing parasites bleeding money from efficient whites to prop up African thugs". My understanding is that 90% of donated money is wasted on the organization itself, and only 10% reaches the people themselves, and that 10% is simply a fungible commodity meaning the dictator/thug doesn't need to deliver that themselves, so has more money for themselves to waste on holiday homes or palaces or their relatives etc. No serious attempt is being done at root cause analysis, which I suspect would conclude "recolonization is the least worst option available given the scale of the problem".

Ideally I would like to donate money to the Free Syrian Army, but their website doesn't have a "donate" button. Also I am not sure that this would be considered tax-deductible. Also it would really kill me to find out that the FSA was channelling money away from the Syrian rebels and using it to support Palestinian terrorists instead. Given the importance of what is happening, I would trust the Australian government more than anyone else to ensure maximum due diligence is done. As such, I would like the Australian government to set up a website that allows the funding of weapons for the Syrian people. I could then place my entire zakat into that website, knowing that to the best of anyone's ability, the money was going to the best bang per buck available anywhere in the world. I would also accept it if the Liberal Party itself set up such a charity, in lieu of the Australian government doing it. Also, if necessary, I would donate to the charity even if it was not tax-deductible, although that is obviously not ideal.

Please provide feedback with further direction. I would also consider donating to the Red Crescent or whatever, with the understanding that money, being fungible, I could ostensibly be funding food aid for starving Guatemalans, while every dollar donated to that cause was internally offset by sending the same amount of money to the Syrian rebels. Again, please advise.

Yours faithfully,
Paul Edwards.




Turkey Please Save Australia and Syria

Open letter to Abdullah Gul, Supreme Military Commander of the Turkish military

Dear Sir,

I wrote to you recently:


And sent the letter to

And followed up with a phone call to:

+90 312 4111118 where I spoke to Ege, who was very nice to talk to, but unfortunately didn't know how to check my email.

Note that I got the contact details by going through these links:


Then following the Turkish address:

Then choosing "English", then "Contact Us".

However, I found out that I got different contact details by going to the the English address:

+90 312 402 61 00

So I will send to that address this time, and attempt to confirm via phone call that you have received my latest letter.

Anyway, here is what I would like to talk to you about this time.

Australia does not have a "Bill of Rights". So we do not have a formal guarantee of our freedom of speech. Another right we do not have is the "right to smoke". There appears to be some failings in Australia's democracy, that although we do indeed have a democracy, it is apparently somehow corrupted, possibly due to apathy, that we do not have our fundamental rights secured. This is very dangerous and unacceptable to me as someone who values his human rights.

Anyway, on 2012-06-30 I sent the following letter:


to NATO, requesting that they take action to liberate Syria. Some aspects of it were clearly fake. They were designed to be read as a parable, not taken literally. I was in fact drawing parallels to the 2003 Iraq war, and the way WMD was given pride of place in way of justification, when there were actually more compelling reasons for war, but not so easily sold.

Anyway, I advertised this letter on the #Syria twitter tag, and someone reported my post to the NSW (Australian) police, and the police came and arrested me on 2012-06-30. I was taken to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation. This was a completely involuntary situation, and I strongly objected to the Australian government having the power to oppress me like that. When I was admitted, I was not allowed to keep my mobile phones, so I needed to write down some important numbers. I wrote down my boss's number, and some of my relatives (who I never called). They told me to hurry up, as I was out of time. So I only had time to write down one more number. The number I chose to write down was that of the Turkish military (above).

When I asked to make a phone call, they said it was too late at night for that. I insisted that even criminals were allowed to make 1 phone call, so I should be able to as well. They relented and let me use the pay phone. I spent $10 or something to call the Turkish military. I asked the person who answered if they spoke English. He said no. First of all, I realise that Turkey is your country, not mine, and you are not required to speak English. But could I please request that, as a favour to the world, you ensure that there is an English-speaking operator available, so that people from around the world can call you to help rescue them. E.g. I assume that lots of Syrian people have been calling you requesting assistance. They are unlikely to know Turkish, but probabably do know English. And the Turkish operator is unlikely to speak Arabic either.

Anyway, even though I was dealing with a non-English speaker, I did my best to communicate. I said "Turkey, NATO come Australia. Please help. Paul Edwards. Help. Help. Turkey come Australia". Then I ran out of money.

Unfortunately nobody came to help me. Instead, I was forcibly injected with some tranquilizer. I told the people who did that to me that they would go to Hell for what they were doing.

Note that it's not just my rights that are being violated. Even though I'm a non-smoker and very sensitive to cigarette smoke, there is no reason why there can't be a dedicated smoking area on the hospital grounds. However, the hospital instead has a no-smoking policy. So smokers who come to the hospital for unrelated reasons are suddenly faced with giving up their cigarettes. While cigarettes look like killers to me, to a smoker they are their best friend, there to comfort them. So the hospital policy causing suffering amongst smokers. And a lot of the activity is not even stopped. It is simply driven underground as people smoke in the toilets instead.

Regardless, I have since been released from hospital, after almost a week of having my human rights violated. And I have no idea when I will next be imprisoned without cause, as that is beyond my control. I have completely lost faith in the Australian political system. I am thus formally requesting that Turkey (probably with NATO assistance) liberates Australia and installs some basic protection of human rights, such as freedom of speech and the right to smoke. I also ran this by a smoker, and he agreed - "bring it on" - although he did stress that he would prefer that only the politicians were bombed, not innocent civilians. I explained that due to the limits of the technology, innocent civilians would also inevitably be killed too, just as they are in car accidents (and yet we don't ban cars).

Anyway, you may be aware that Australia is a multicultural country, and we have people of all races/religions/nationalities here. So one of the people I met in hospital was a nice Turkish lady (older than me). I explained the problem to her, and asked her to speak to the Turkish military in Turkish. So on 2012-07-04 (American independence day (note that the Americans had ZERO chance of getting independence from the UK without enormous assistance from France), and the day we had the State of Origin decider, where I supported NSW, even though I was born in Qld, since NSW is now my home), Hatice rang the Turkish military, to try to explain what I wanted. Unfortunately, even though the operator spoke Turkish, he just kept repeating that this was the wrong number to be calling, and then rudely hung up!

So the short story is that the Turkish military unfortunately failed to respond to my request for liberation. And my request is simple. If you are unwilling or able to liberate Australia, could you please liberate Syria. Their human rights are far more abused than Australians, so they should have priority anyway. In the same way that France (greatly) helped the US become independent, and in the same way that the US greatly helped the Afghan people to overthrow the Taliban, and in the same way that NATO helped the Libyan people gain their freedom, I am requesting that the Turkish military help the Syrians obtain their freedom.

I have already coordinated with a Syrian freedom fighter as to what is expected as part of any liberation. You can read that here:


So please, I beg of you, liberate the Syrian people asap. Note that I am planning on getting my Turkish friend to write "Turkey liberate Syria" in Turkish on a headband, and then I will wear that headband on the train as I travel between Auburn and North Sydney. To try to raise awareness that Syria needs Turkey's help. Also I plan on going to the Auburn Gallipoli mosque (the largest mosque in Australia):


And once there, I will recite the shahada to formally become a Muslim, as I want to be with the Turks in spirit during this great campaign.


I am in the process of purchasing a property very close to that mosque, so that I can easily attend prayers.

One more thing. The immoral Russians have been blocking attempts to free Syria via the United Nations. Worse - they have been in a position to blackmail NATO, by saying that they will close the northern distribution network to get supplies into Afghanistan via Russia. However, that terrible terrible monkey has now been lifted from NATO's back:


So there is no longer any barrier to taking swift action to bring freedom to Syria. Please do not delay any longer. The poor Syrians have been fighting on their own for 1.5 years without any assistance. That is way way too long for these brave, but poor people.

Please help. Please.

Yours faithfully,
Paul Edwards.

P.S. I followed up with a phone call, but the kind and polite English-speaking girl I spoke to (who would not give me her name) could not confirm receipt of the email, because it was Saturday, and suggested that I ring back on Monday. I would have thought the military operated 24 * 7. Let's hope enemies only attack on weekdays?!

P.P.S. I went to the Auburn Gallipoli mosque on 2012-07-08 and brother Ergun and brother Musa witnessed my shahada so I am now officially a Muslim. I attended the 12:07pm prayers.



Afghan Air Campaign

Open Letter to Hamid Karzai, President of Afghanistan

Dear Sir,

Sorry for not contacting you sooner. You are a truly excellent leader as far as I am concerned, leading the brave Afghan people to victory. Note that I was listening to a song that mentioned Afghanistan just yesterday. You might be interested in knowing about an Australian (I am Australian too) singing about Afghanistan. The band's name is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rose_Tattoo ("Rose Tattoo"). And the song is http://www.lyricsfreak.com/r/rose+tattoo/i+wish_20340147.html ("I Wish"). The words are "Wish I was a tribesman in in the hills of Afghanistan".

So as you can see, Afghanistan is very close to the heart of Australians. In actual fact, when I saw 9/11 on TV, the first thought that came to my mind was "hopefully now we'll have a chance to liberate Afghanistan". Here's are the exact words I used in my first email (to someone called Rod Speed):

> You noticed the massive terrorist attack in the US ?

No, thanks.

I hope the US invades Afghanistan now.

And here is my second email:

> > I hope the US invades Afghanistan now.
> Not a chance. No one has very succeeded in doing that.
> They may well fuck them over from the air tho.

By "invasion" I mean join the northern forces to overthrow the
government, and get an agreement with the northern forces to
install a democracy once done. Not stay there.

You see, during the 1990s when I was watching Afghan women being beaten with sticks by the Taliban, my heart ached. I desperately wanted to attack the Taliban, and protect the Afghan women. But it was not possible for me personally, or even the Australian government, to externally invade Afghanistan. Generally attacks like that are not done unless the enemy government first makes a move against the outside world. Which most dictators are smart enough to not actually do. Which means we have to just sit there watching helplessly. Even when we later find out from polls that 88% of Afghans support the international intervention (versus only 11% opposed)!

Anyway, the reason I am writing to you now is to request that you change military strategy in Afghanistan. First of all, you will need to live with Taliban terrorism for years to come. Just as Iraq is currently living with terrorism, and just as the UK lived with terrorism from the IRA for literally decades. At the end of the day, terrorism is a fairly low-scale problem (e.g. it doesn't prevent the population of the country from growing), and should just be left to the security forces to deal with as best they can.

The only real danger that would exist is if the Taliban were able to overthrow the government. But that is completely ridiculous as a concept. Here's the OOB:

Afghan government forces:
7550 APCs
300,000 Afghan security personnel
145,000 international troops

0 APCs
72,000 insurgents

The Taliban simply has no chance of victory - even if all the international troops were removed tomorrow.

And that's not including planes. Which brings me to my main point. Americans are jackasses. American military pilots in particular. I have watched in horror as American pilots managed to bomb the Red Cross building in Afghanistan twice in a week.I have watched them take potshots at Albanian civilians during the Kosovo war. I have watched them strike Iran when they were supposed to be striking at Iraq. I have watched them bomb Canadian soldiers and then get off scot-free. These pilots are flying well out of harm's way, yet they like to think with their balls instead of their head. They really need to be replaced by professional commercial airline pilots - considering they are travelling outside of the range of ground fire.

What was absolutely devastating was when they recently opened fire on Pakistani forces. It doesn't matter who was really in the right or not - the fact is, the US military can't be trusted, and should not be allowed to fly anywhere near Pakistan. If that means ceding territory to the Taliban, then so be it! Preserving the logistical route (luckily recently restored (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-18719737)) into Afghanistan is what should be given absolute highest priority.

My suggestion on how to accomplish this is to simply use Pakistani aircraft. Pay them to provide air support over both Pakistan and Afghanistan. That way, when mistakes are inevitably made, Pakistan will have to answer for them, and will get used to the idea that mistakes are made in war.

American aircraft should be restricted to protecting military bases, and should not be allowed to travel more than 50km away from a base. And even then, preference should be given to allowing the Pakistani Air Force to defend those bases, because I repeat - Americans are incompetent jackasses that should not be trusted with bombs, unless there is no alternative. It's certainly better to have the American military involved than having no-one at all involved, and the entire Afghanistan ceded to the Taliban, as was close to the case in 2001. But in 2012, we have far more options at our disposal.

The biggest problem with losing the Pakistani supply routes is that it means we are dependent on the Russians for supplies. That means that the Russians can threaten to cut the only supply lines, if e.g. any NATO member were to act against the Syrian dictatorship. It is time to liberate Syria, and we cannot allow the Russians to blackmail us like that. Therefore could you please immediately demand that the US Air Force be stood down, and replaced by either the Pakistani Air Force, or nothing (ie only fight using ground forces - a building can be blown up almost as easily with an RPG as with a bomb)..

Yours faithfully,
Paul Edwards.


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