Turkey Please Save Australia and Syria

Open letter to Abdullah Gul, Supreme Military Commander of the Turkish military

Dear Sir,

I wrote to you recently:


And sent the letter to

And followed up with a phone call to:

+90 312 4111118 where I spoke to Ege, who was very nice to talk to, but unfortunately didn't know how to check my email.

Note that I got the contact details by going through these links:


Then following the Turkish address:

Then choosing "English", then "Contact Us".

However, I found out that I got different contact details by going to the the English address:

+90 312 402 61 00

So I will send to that address this time, and attempt to confirm via phone call that you have received my latest letter.

Anyway, here is what I would like to talk to you about this time.

Australia does not have a "Bill of Rights". So we do not have a formal guarantee of our freedom of speech. Another right we do not have is the "right to smoke". There appears to be some failings in Australia's democracy, that although we do indeed have a democracy, it is apparently somehow corrupted, possibly due to apathy, that we do not have our fundamental rights secured. This is very dangerous and unacceptable to me as someone who values his human rights.

Anyway, on 2012-06-30 I sent the following letter:


to NATO, requesting that they take action to liberate Syria. Some aspects of it were clearly fake. They were designed to be read as a parable, not taken literally. I was in fact drawing parallels to the 2003 Iraq war, and the way WMD was given pride of place in way of justification, when there were actually more compelling reasons for war, but not so easily sold.

Anyway, I advertised this letter on the #Syria twitter tag, and someone reported my post to the NSW (Australian) police, and the police came and arrested me on 2012-06-30. I was taken to a hospital for psychiatric evaluation. This was a completely involuntary situation, and I strongly objected to the Australian government having the power to oppress me like that. When I was admitted, I was not allowed to keep my mobile phones, so I needed to write down some important numbers. I wrote down my boss's number, and some of my relatives (who I never called). They told me to hurry up, as I was out of time. So I only had time to write down one more number. The number I chose to write down was that of the Turkish military (above).

When I asked to make a phone call, they said it was too late at night for that. I insisted that even criminals were allowed to make 1 phone call, so I should be able to as well. They relented and let me use the pay phone. I spent $10 or something to call the Turkish military. I asked the person who answered if they spoke English. He said no. First of all, I realise that Turkey is your country, not mine, and you are not required to speak English. But could I please request that, as a favour to the world, you ensure that there is an English-speaking operator available, so that people from around the world can call you to help rescue them. E.g. I assume that lots of Syrian people have been calling you requesting assistance. They are unlikely to know Turkish, but probabably do know English. And the Turkish operator is unlikely to speak Arabic either.

Anyway, even though I was dealing with a non-English speaker, I did my best to communicate. I said "Turkey, NATO come Australia. Please help. Paul Edwards. Help. Help. Turkey come Australia". Then I ran out of money.

Unfortunately nobody came to help me. Instead, I was forcibly injected with some tranquilizer. I told the people who did that to me that they would go to Hell for what they were doing.

Note that it's not just my rights that are being violated. Even though I'm a non-smoker and very sensitive to cigarette smoke, there is no reason why there can't be a dedicated smoking area on the hospital grounds. However, the hospital instead has a no-smoking policy. So smokers who come to the hospital for unrelated reasons are suddenly faced with giving up their cigarettes. While cigarettes look like killers to me, to a smoker they are their best friend, there to comfort them. So the hospital policy causing suffering amongst smokers. And a lot of the activity is not even stopped. It is simply driven underground as people smoke in the toilets instead.

Regardless, I have since been released from hospital, after almost a week of having my human rights violated. And I have no idea when I will next be imprisoned without cause, as that is beyond my control. I have completely lost faith in the Australian political system. I am thus formally requesting that Turkey (probably with NATO assistance) liberates Australia and installs some basic protection of human rights, such as freedom of speech and the right to smoke. I also ran this by a smoker, and he agreed - "bring it on" - although he did stress that he would prefer that only the politicians were bombed, not innocent civilians. I explained that due to the limits of the technology, innocent civilians would also inevitably be killed too, just as they are in car accidents (and yet we don't ban cars).

Anyway, you may be aware that Australia is a multicultural country, and we have people of all races/religions/nationalities here. So one of the people I met in hospital was a nice Turkish lady (older than me). I explained the problem to her, and asked her to speak to the Turkish military in Turkish. So on 2012-07-04 (American independence day (note that the Americans had ZERO chance of getting independence from the UK without enormous assistance from France), and the day we had the State of Origin decider, where I supported NSW, even though I was born in Qld, since NSW is now my home), Hatice rang the Turkish military, to try to explain what I wanted. Unfortunately, even though the operator spoke Turkish, he just kept repeating that this was the wrong number to be calling, and then rudely hung up!

So the short story is that the Turkish military unfortunately failed to respond to my request for liberation. And my request is simple. If you are unwilling or able to liberate Australia, could you please liberate Syria. Their human rights are far more abused than Australians, so they should have priority anyway. In the same way that France (greatly) helped the US become independent, and in the same way that the US greatly helped the Afghan people to overthrow the Taliban, and in the same way that NATO helped the Libyan people gain their freedom, I am requesting that the Turkish military help the Syrians obtain their freedom.

I have already coordinated with a Syrian freedom fighter as to what is expected as part of any liberation. You can read that here:


So please, I beg of you, liberate the Syrian people asap. Note that I am planning on getting my Turkish friend to write "Turkey liberate Syria" in Turkish on a headband, and then I will wear that headband on the train as I travel between Auburn and North Sydney. To try to raise awareness that Syria needs Turkey's help. Also I plan on going to the Auburn Gallipoli mosque (the largest mosque in Australia):


And once there, I will recite the shahada to formally become a Muslim, as I want to be with the Turks in spirit during this great campaign.


I am in the process of purchasing a property very close to that mosque, so that I can easily attend prayers.

One more thing. The immoral Russians have been blocking attempts to free Syria via the United Nations. Worse - they have been in a position to blackmail NATO, by saying that they will close the northern distribution network to get supplies into Afghanistan via Russia. However, that terrible terrible monkey has now been lifted from NATO's back:


So there is no longer any barrier to taking swift action to bring freedom to Syria. Please do not delay any longer. The poor Syrians have been fighting on their own for 1.5 years without any assistance. That is way way too long for these brave, but poor people.

Please help. Please.

Yours faithfully,
Paul Edwards.

P.S. I followed up with a phone call, but the kind and polite English-speaking girl I spoke to (who would not give me her name) could not confirm receipt of the email, because it was Saturday, and suggested that I ring back on Monday. I would have thought the military operated 24 * 7. Let's hope enemies only attack on weekdays?!

P.P.S. I went to the Auburn Gallipoli mosque on 2012-07-08 and brother Ergun and brother Musa witnessed my shahada so I am now officially a Muslim. I attended the 12:07pm prayers.

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