No Cavalry on the Horizon

I watched this clip about the imminent assault on Aleppo, and cried at the end of it when the reporter said:

The US State Department said that it feared a massacre.
It said the same about Benghazi in Libya, and NATO intervened.
But there's no cavalry on the horizon for Aleppo.

I'm not a soldier, but even I know enough about war to know that external cavalry is exactly what the brave people of Syria need to be victorious. If the Yanks didn't lie about their own history, they would all know that they had zero chance whatsoever of breaking away from the UK in their "glorious" "revolution" without French heavy lifting, and provide heavy lifting to the Syrians now.

To quote an Australian ambassador (or whoever it was that was on TV) ...

Fuck youse all.  Fuck all of youse.

Damn your fucking eyes. (I made up the last bit myself).

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