Deadly Embrace

Here's what needs to happen ...

Every country in the world should provide a port (maintained at that country's expense) for Russian warships to dock. Except Syria. The Russians must stay out of Syria. The deal is also suspended if the Russians ever become hostile towards the country in question. Give them emergency ports right now so that they can get out of Syria.

Next, NATO needs to assemble a liberation forcce in Turkey.

Damascus is about 50km away from the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. It should be possible for an Egyptian-led Arab League force to traverse that distance in about 1 day maximum, which is the quickest war possible, that doesn't scare the Syrians against the external invader.

In order to get the Arab League into the Golan, Israel should open up its entire territory and military bases to the Arab League force. In order for Israel not to be scared about this military occupation, NATO should give a rock-solid security guarantee to Israel, that all Arab League forces will return to their previous positions as soon as Israel requests them to leave. Basically this is the same deal that the US gave Iraq in 2004 - they will leave whenever requested.

And here's the beautiful thing - Israel should never request that the Arab League leave. Israeli citizens should hold occasional protests (just like the nutty South Koreans do about the US presence) saying "end the occupation". But the fact is, although the Arab League will be OCCUPYING Israel, it will not be SUBJUGATING the Israeli people, so it's all sweet. Israel can bludge off the NATO (ie US) guarantee instead of needing to maintain its own military. Just like Iceland does. The guarantee should come from NATO, not the US, as it is more likely that NATO will live up to its written contract. The US has a history (that's how South Vietnam was lost) of not fulfilling its contractual obligations after a change of government.

The Arab League force should enter Syria (from Israel) and occupy Syria to ensure that a LIBERAL democracy is installed. Note the *liberal*. I do not want to see Allawites or other minorities subjected to revenge attacks. The majority Sunni should draw a line under the past. Let bygones be bygones. Not in law, but as individuals, the Sunni majority should be falling over themselves to prove that they consider Allawites to be brothers - special brothers in fact. When the Arab League is sure that the Syrian minorities are protected, it should pull out of Syria and return to bases in Israel, from where it can re-enter if there is any sign that the Syrian majority are carrying out revenge attacks. NATO should also remain poised in Turkey, ready to invade Syria for the same reason, if anything goes wrong with the Arab League force.

My experience at the Auburn mosque demonstrates a "don't ask, don't tell" policy in place. I believe that the mosque is Sunni, based on the fact that I think the Turks are Sunni, but I've never asked (hell, they could be Mu'tazilite for all I know). And they've never told me. At the lectures I've been to, they talk about both Sunni and Shiite beliefs on occasion, seemingly so that we can pick the one we think is most appropriate.

That's it folks. World peace. Spread this to all the governments of the world.

P.S. Someone at the mosque finally spilled the beans - it is a Sufi mosque and they are super-tolerant and accept all sects and even non-Muslims can go there to pray or watch if they wish.

P.P.S. Throw in access to the Turkish Straits for Russian warships as well.

P.P.P.S. Give all this to the Russians first, immediately, and with no strings attached. Then wait a week, without asking for anything or saying anything. Then liberate Syria, regardless of the fact that the Russians oppose that at the UN Security Council. Do NOT give in to Russian blackmail.

P.P.P.P.S. Only countries with a peace treaty with Israel (ie Egypt and Jordan) should be allowed to occupy Israel and the Golan Heights. Egypt is all you need to completely thrash the Syrians. When Egyptian tanks approach Syrian tanks, pause and give the Syrians the opportunity to defect. Hopefully they will turn their tanks around and go and hunt Assad themselves, once they have Egyptian air cover.

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