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Open Letter to Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister of Turkey

Dear Sir,

I would like Turkey to unilaterally liberate Syria. This would be a win/win situation for Turkey and Syria. Note that I have already appealed to the Turkish military to take action, but there is no indication that my emails have gotten through, so I'm now trying to appeal to the politicians instead of the military, even though I have little faith in politicians. Anyway, here is what I wrote to the Turkish military:


I have asked friends etc to also contact the Turkish military. Some have agreed with me and done so. However, some have been negative. Let me show you some negative responses.

Here is what a pro-Assad Syrian said:

but we got occupied byt Turks (Ottoman) for 400 years and now we are just away from even trying to be civilized
and this is why we don't want turk to come in again
we had them once and it was enough, as we are paying bacuse of that till now

Here is what a pro-NATO-liberation-of-Libya Libyan said:

they are strong , but in history they are well known
do you remmber the first days in our revolution .... did you remmber what Turkey did for us
They werenot as they are now , they were thinknig about finding solutions with the regime , and acted like Russia
but Trust me turkey wont loose her business and international support just to liberate yria , this is the bad side

Here is what a British person said:

I don't like suggesting what opinion the Syrians might hold but
I suspect that the last thing the majority would want is to be hauled
into a reconstituted Ottoman Caliphate.

As you can see, these are very negative views, some of them going back a century in history. I do not go back so far myself. History is history. I'm more interested in CURRENT behaviour. And I like to point out the positive aspects of a country. So e.g. I like to point out that during the Cold War, Turkey stood shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the free world, against the Soviet Union, instead of being an immoral "neutral" like Sweden, or worse, an ally of the USSR, like Syria.

And the viewpoint of the Briton is that modern Turkey would occupy Syria permanently, instead of doing the same thing that the US did in Iraq - ie get in, establish democracy, take nothing, get out. I am very sure that Turkey would be a moral actor like the US, but until you actually do the liberation, I can't have 100% proof of that, so that I can go back to the Briton and say "see - I told you so!".

The viewpoint of the Libyan is very recent. Yes, Turkey probably acted immorally there, and the Libyan resents that. Note that France acted immorally in Tunisia too. It almost sent in security forces to suppress the glorious revolution! :-( Instead of sending forces to ASSIST in the revolution! However, France has changed a lot since then. It has instead switched 100% and took the lead in assisting the Libyans gain their freedom. So I try to point out the positive side of modern France, instead of complaining about how it tried to oppose the liberation of Iraq too.

Anyway, the only way that we can prove that modern Turkey is a moral actor in the world today is for Turkey to go in to Syria and overthrow Assad, which should take less than 3 days. Put the Free Syrian Army in charge of setting up democratic elections, then leave immediately. ie in and out in less than a week. It is incredibly important that you do this for the future of the free world. Please act now, without hesitation!

Yours faithfully,
Paul Edwards.

P.S. I attend the Auburn Gallipoli mosque in Sydney where I have some Turkish contacts. I will try to get them to both translate this blog into the Turkish language to make it easier for you to read, as well as to try to contact you via other means.

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