Rat Race

When Argentina invaded the Falklands, I was surprised that the UK didn't nuke Argentina off the map. I considered the Argentinians to be a rat race, that would spread their dictatorship to part of the UK. And I thought that the whole point of nuclear weapons was to ensure that your territory didn't get invaded. The bluff had been called, and the UK needed to pay the piper.

However, I have the same opinion of Australia. After 9/11 I found that the light-hearted anti-Americanism (and anti-UK for that matter) that Australians (including me) engaged in, was in fact real. This unjustified negativity is completely unacceptable to me, and if America chooses to wipe Australia off the map, as part of its self-defence, I completely understand and do not mind if I am an inadvertant casualty in such an attack. All good Australians should accept such friendly fire, and I couldn't give a shit about how many bad Australians die.




Greater Kurdistan

Iraqi Kurds did the exact right thing by avoiding proclaiming an independent state (and running the risk of Turkish invasion). The ISIS group has provided a great opportunity to the Kurds. The Kurds can now fight ISIS at will and lay claim to any territory they conquer. Note that the borders of Kurdistan are disputed. If the US provides arms and air support to the Kurds we will have an absolutely fantastic result.




John Kerry was a Soviet Agent

For whatever reason, these articles got through to one Democrat voter, who was disgusted by it. The person in question still voted Democrat in 2004, but at least they briefly paused for thought. So here I present the two articles that caused a Democrat to think, which is a rare event that should be celebrated. The articles relate to Kerry's lies in the US Senate.

Ion Mihai Pacepa

John Kerry fisked





It is deeply disturbing to me that atheists face religious discrimination in USA. Australia is much better than that. Our 3rd longest serving Prime Minister was an atheist/agnostic and no-one in Australia gave a rat's arse about that. I consider atheism to be a step along the path to enlightenment. I went from indoctrinated Christian to atheist (for decades) to the strategic Mu'tazilite (about a decade now).





Gaza is an interesting territory. It is effectively an independent state already. It could apply to join the UN, but for whatever reason it doesn't.

The end goal we have for the Gaza territory is that it be a secular capitalist liberal democracy, no different from Denmark.

Unfortunately Gaza is a long way off being like Denmark. The people of Gaza choose between two terrorist organizations instead of left/right economic splits. To move Gaza towards Denmark we need to get the people to support a new order. Unfortunately the people of Gaza are Nazified. So we need a de-nazification program. If we just set up two parties (left and right), there is a good chance that the current Nazified population will refuse to participate in the political process. We were very very lucky that this rejection did not happen in Iraq. But now that we have the Iraq example, there can be some confidence that the Gazans can get a similar government. I don't know how this can be set up though. Could the Israelis set it up, or would it require a US invasion, or would it happen naturally if the Israelis just killed Hamas and PLO personnel such that there is only non-terrorist organizations to choose from.




Impregnable Iraq

The biggest danger democratic Iraq ever faced was a military coup. Now that the Americans are back in Iraq - even in very small numbers - that threat should have abated. I would congratulate the Iraqis on managing to maintain that no-coup situation for more than 2 years. That was an interesting data point.

The small numbers of US forces in Iraq at the moment is similar to the situation that existed in Afghanistan where a small number of US special forces were able to assist the Northern Alliance to a stunning victory.

ISIS seems to have been successful by getting some disgruntled Sunnis to stand up and assist them, and Sunni soldiers being unwilling to fight fellow Sunnis. They aren't going to have the same success in the Shiite areas, especially not with US backing.

Sadr's Mahdi Army was a major concern as well. It is very unusual for a democratic country to have a 100,000-strong militia under independent control. Again it is fortunate that the Americans are back in town to prevent them from staging a coup.

The Iraqi experiment has been a fascinating success story, and I am keen to watch how the rest of the drama plays out.




Kurdish Independence

Turkey has long been opposed to the Iraqi Kurds declaring independence from Iraq. And Turkey is an ally of the free world, for decades, and we don't wish to cross or betray them after all the assistance they have given (e.g. providing air bases to maintain the "no fly zone"). But for whatever reason, the Turks have had a change of heart. That is great. And now I think the time is right for Iraqi Kurds to declare independence. Thanks to ISIS, the Kurds have been able to take Kirkuk, so they hopefully now have all the territory from Iraq that they think belongs in greater Kurdistan.

This does have the unfortunate side-effect that the Kurds are no longer available to guide the Iraqis to decent government, but nevermind. The Iraqis are always going to vote for religious egg-heads, and I wouldn't want to live under egg-head rule myself.

Thanks Turkey!!!

P.S. Polls show that 79% of Kurds supported the 2003 Iraq war, versus 19% who opposed. That's a fantastic ally to have. Much better than Iraq as a whole. Imagine having an oil-rich ally of the free world. They would probably be eligible to join NATO too. :-)

P.P.S. Another figure of interest is that only 3.3% of all Iraqis liked Saddam. This shows how easy it is to control a population with modern weaponry.


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