Russia to the Rescue

Hello Russia. There is an emergency. You may be the ONLY free country in the ENTIRE WORLD. I can't tell for sure. Only you can tell me. Are you able to see this post? I sent this to Saif (Gaddafi's son) "expecting" him to have a field day making the West squirm. I suspect it never even reached him. I think that all the people I contacted may have been in on a huge conspiracy. There's no way to tell for sure. You can see from this that I already tried checking via Chinese channels. But much to my surprise, the Chinese turned out to be in collaboration with the fascist Australian government.

You're my last line of defence. Please ensure that Saif gets my message, as there is no need for Western air strikes on Libya (in fact, those air strikes will be unhelpful) depending on the level of conspiracy that exists. I will do my best to ensure this message gets to you. Note that I have previously written to Russia requesting your assistance with an alternative to twitter. I have a suspicion that even though I have a Russian translation of that, that the message hasn't reached you. Do not trust anyone in power. Trust your own nukes as a defence of the free world (which may only have you in it unfortunately). I may apply for political asylum in Russia soon depending on what happens. Last time I tried to get asylum the fucking Chicoms turned me in to the feds and I was incarcerated the same fucking day.

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