Evidence of God

As I have said before, I believe this whole universe is just a Virtual Reality computer simulation that is only 40 years old. Let's have a look at how many coincidences that have occurred. First of all, the universe is 13.7 billion years old. In that timeframe, 1 billion years either way is minor. And 1 million years is just a drop in the ocean. 1000 years is basically nothing. But a mere 1000 years either way would make a MASSIVE difference to this computer simulation. 1000 years in the past and the simulation is pretty boring. 1000 years into the future and we will have the technology to download our brains onto silicon so that we can run our own computer simulation and have eternal life.

Instead, we were born at exactly the time when TV, computers and nuclear bombs were invented. Exactly the time when the Soviet Union collapsed potentially ushering in complete world freedom. Also exactly when a millenium year came up. It is POSSIBLE that all these things are coincidences. But more likely it is all stage-managed. God has gone to a LOT of effort to hide his existence and give us the impression that this whole world is just some sort of freak of physics, no deity involved. Imagine if you were God running a Virtual Reality computer simulation. What would you have done to hide your existance so as to watch humans coming up with their own hair-brained ideas?




Finger Chopping

There is a horrible practice still occurring in the world, in which people's hands or fingers are chopped off as punishment for stealing. I wouldn't even allow that to be done to a naughty monkey, nevermind a naughty human. If you look at the "Iraqi Torture" on the left-hand side of my blog, you can see video of someone getting his fingers cut off. I'd rather see thieves get longer jail terms than be deliberately maimed. Part of the War on Terror should be to ensure human rights for all. Even thieves have rights.




Bush's Record

Open Letter to George W Bush, President of USA.

Dear Sir,
I'd like to applaud your virtually impeccable record since being in office. You have done everything almost exactly the way I would have done it too. And that includes pulling back in Fallujah the first time so that we could find out exactly what sort of government terrorists were planning on creating, and what the reaction of the local residents would be. But let me elaborate the things I think were done wrong.

First of all, before you got elected you said you didn't want to do "nation building". I think that is a horrid thought. Most of these countries that need nation-building are former colonies. Your country was keen to get rid of the colonial powers. As such, it also needs to take responsibility for the generally hopeless governments that replaced reasonable colonial rule.

Next thing that was done wrong was a halt in the bombing campaign against the Taliban. You offered them a deal where they could hand over Osama Bin Laden. That would have been a horrible result. Some tinpot terrorist in custody, while 25 million Afghans were condemned to live in state-slavery. The correct thing to do was to use the opportunity to fix Afghanistan. Thankfully the Taliban took a good attitude - refusal, so that your hand was forced.

Next problem was almost the exact same thing - you gave Saddam Hussein an opportunity to lay out the WMD or face war. This is another horrible thought. Iraq was the least radicalized of all the Arab countries. We needed to find out if there was some underlying reason why the Arabs didn't have democracies. Leaving the Iraqis under Saddam would have destroyed our ability to analyze them and garner the knowledge required to liberate the rest of the world.

I now urge you to take on Iran. There are up to 70 million allies in Iran just waiting for a chance to be liberated. The best indication that they are allies is the fact that the Iranian regime doesn't dare hold free and fair elections. Iran will complete the jigsaw puzzle. What you need to do is use planes from carriers to ground the enemy aircraft and then call on the people to rise up at a particular date and time. At the moment they don't have a rallying point and they don't have a way of defeating helicopters with automatic weapons. Note that the US Revolution only succeeded because of French heavy-lifting. Please do not put unrealistic expectations on unarmed civilians being able to overthrow modern military weapons. The US can make all the difference in the world in this fight. I hope you will take my points into consideration. Also, call on the Iranian military to defect. There is no need to disband the Iranian conscript army, meaning you don't need to spend time doing peacekeeping. It is imperative that we find out how little force can be used to topple a detested regime.

I understand that you have already gone out on a limb trying to spread freedom. I urge you to stay on that limb until the job is done. History, written by free nations, will reward you with the justice that America is not currently receiving. Please hang tough.

Yours sincerely,
Paul Edwards, Australia.




Worldwide Slavery

It appears that slavery has not yet been ended in the world. This is a horrible indictment on mankind. It is within our ability to put an end to this rot. In a geostrategic manner. History should condemn us if we fail to act soon.




Afghan Aftermath

President Karzai has requested that the US stop house searches. I think the US should respect Karzai's wishes. There's only a handful of Taliban remaining. The US is now in a position to simply train more Afghans and stick with securing the border with Pakistan. It's probably time to get out of the Afghans' faces. The US forces should unofficially do Karzai's bidding. Let him take responsibility for any ramifications of denying house searches. The same way that the Iraqi Governing Council was made responsible for Fallujah becoming an insurgent haven. I know that the US military doesn't want to officially report to a foreign government, but it should unofficially do so, and merely help implement the wishes of the civilian government.

This is a new style of warfare for the US. Instead of doing a tradition "conquest" of a country - sending in sufficient forces to force something down the throats of the population - the US is instead just required to produce a series of EFFECTS. The Afghan and Iraqi campaigns have both been effects-based wars rather than wars of conquest. It has been an attempt to find out what happens when a certain amount of military force is used in a particular situation. It has truly been a wonder to behold.




German Warfare

Open Letter to Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany.

Dear Madam,
Congratulations on your recent electoral success. I am hoping that in your new position you will reverse previous German policy of keeping out of Iraq.

It appears that after two world wars where Germany did extraordinarily well, that a message was drummed into the German people "war is bad". Unfortunately, that's an over-simplification. What the message SHOULD have been is that "war should not be glorified" and "a war of liberation is better than a holocaust or state-slavery". By this standard, Iraq was a cause that Germany should have joined. I was so much looking forward to having Germany on our side for a change. But once again, Germany was on the wrong side of a war. A simple rule to follow is fight dogma, fight non-humanist (e.g. racist) behaviour and fight subjugation.

The good news is that it is not too late. Sending a token number of troops to Iraq now will see history record that Germany helped the liberation of the Iraqi people. Please don't squander this opportunity.




Forced Marriage in Pakistan

When I read this I was infuriated that girls can still be forced into marriage in this day and age. I am also furious that the Pakistanis call their country "Islamic State" trying to show that they are more pious than others, yet they couldn't be further from God if they tried. And I liked this swipe at God himself:

"If only I could drag this somnolent inept God down from his throne and occupy his place for one day, I would make this world a paradise. I would end all these pains and sufferings. I would end all the injustices and cruelties by giving wisdom to all humans."

Hear, hear.

But these are the restrictions we live in. If only a handful of people will recognize me as God, then I can't put this right. As an alternative solution, I want the NWFP conquered and the rule of law spread there. A country should be geared to ensure this basic protection of children. Why do the Pakistanis want the other half of Kashmir incorporated into their horrible state when they can't even bring legal protection to the population they already have?

The world is in a BAD state. Military force can fix these problems in lieu of people recognizing me as God. It'll be too late to save this girl, but we can hopefully protect the next generation. This is so, so wrong. And we can't even get people to agree that protection of human rights in Iraq is a good thing. What a horrible world we live in.




Islamic Reform

The Religious Policeman hits the nail on the head with the following:

"1. A Council of Muslim scholars today produced the definitive "New Quran". Based on the original version, it omits all that Dark Age anachronistic stuff about stoning adultresses, beating wives, beheading Kuffars, amputations, lashing, lying to unbelievers and Jews, the so-called sin of Apostacy, and eternal Jihad, and instead concentrates on the good bits about worshipping God, loving all his creatures, respecting our fellow-men, and being charitable to one and all. It will henceforth be the definitive religious text for the Faith. The "Old Quran" will be retained merely for its historic and poetic interest."

This is exactly what is required. Or alternatively, the bad bits need to be explained away, as I do in Mu'tazilah. It is imperative that the Qu'ran not be treated as a dogma. This is the main cause of backwardness in the Muslim world. Can anyone remember when the Muslims last made a contribution to civilization?




South African Land Seizures

You've got to love this quote from the South African government:

"we may need the skills of Zimbabwe to help us".

This is what happens when you hand power over to racist Marxists. This is why South Africa supports Zimbabwe (and other Marxist thugs like Aristide of Haiti) instead of condemning it. The Commonwealth is a pretty lousy club, but let's kick out Zimbabwe and South Africa and anyone else who supports these horrible regimes.

Zimbabwe is ripe for regime change, but there's no good solution to South Africa. I think the whites need to be resettled into other countries. South Africa is on its way down the toilet. The blacks need to be taught to not be racist and respect private property. Jews are being ethnically cleansed out of Arab countries, Serbs are being ethnically cleansed out of Kosovo, and whites are being ethnically cleansed out of Africa. It's not right, but these people doing the ethnic cleansing all have sub-standard religions. They all need to change their religion to be humanist and rational. Where is God when you need him? Where indeed.




Edwards Freedom Prize

It is time that we recognized that the Nobel Peace Prize is controlled by the left-wing which explains why the prize goes to terrorists like Mandela and Arafat, or to people just doing their job like ElBaradei. Also, we should recognize that they don't value freedom, they only value non-combat. As such, I have decided to start my own "Freedom Prize". There's no money, just kudos. Any suggestions on who should get the title? It could be Bush for doing nation-building in Iraq even though he normally shies away from such things. Or it could be Jalal Talabani for compromising on an independent Kurdistan and accepting autonomy instead, so that the assurances given to Turkey on the territorial integrity of Iraq will stand. Or it could be Waheed from "Afghan Warrior" for bringing a much-needed message of hope from the Afghan theatre. I'll leave this open for a couple of days to see what votes come in the comments section then I'll post an update to this entry below with who gets the prize.

UPDATE: The winner is Waheed from "Afghan Warrior" who despite having received death threats continues to help strengthen the Afghan National Army in his role as interpreter.


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