Edwards Freedom Prize

It is time that we recognized that the Nobel Peace Prize is controlled by the left-wing which explains why the prize goes to terrorists like Mandela and Arafat, or to people just doing their job like ElBaradei. Also, we should recognize that they don't value freedom, they only value non-combat. As such, I have decided to start my own "Freedom Prize". There's no money, just kudos. Any suggestions on who should get the title? It could be Bush for doing nation-building in Iraq even though he normally shies away from such things. Or it could be Jalal Talabani for compromising on an independent Kurdistan and accepting autonomy instead, so that the assurances given to Turkey on the territorial integrity of Iraq will stand. Or it could be Waheed from "Afghan Warrior" for bringing a much-needed message of hope from the Afghan theatre. I'll leave this open for a couple of days to see what votes come in the comments section then I'll post an update to this entry below with who gets the prize.

UPDATE: The winner is Waheed from "Afghan Warrior" who despite having received death threats continues to help strengthen the Afghan National Army in his role as interpreter.

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