South African Land Seizures

You've got to love this quote from the South African government:

"we may need the skills of Zimbabwe to help us".

This is what happens when you hand power over to racist Marxists. This is why South Africa supports Zimbabwe (and other Marxist thugs like Aristide of Haiti) instead of condemning it. The Commonwealth is a pretty lousy club, but let's kick out Zimbabwe and South Africa and anyone else who supports these horrible regimes.

Zimbabwe is ripe for regime change, but there's no good solution to South Africa. I think the whites need to be resettled into other countries. South Africa is on its way down the toilet. The blacks need to be taught to not be racist and respect private property. Jews are being ethnically cleansed out of Arab countries, Serbs are being ethnically cleansed out of Kosovo, and whites are being ethnically cleansed out of Africa. It's not right, but these people doing the ethnic cleansing all have sub-standard religions. They all need to change their religion to be humanist and rational. Where is God when you need him? Where indeed.

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