German Warfare

Open Letter to Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany.

Dear Madam,
Congratulations on your recent electoral success. I am hoping that in your new position you will reverse previous German policy of keeping out of Iraq.

It appears that after two world wars where Germany did extraordinarily well, that a message was drummed into the German people "war is bad". Unfortunately, that's an over-simplification. What the message SHOULD have been is that "war should not be glorified" and "a war of liberation is better than a holocaust or state-slavery". By this standard, Iraq was a cause that Germany should have joined. I was so much looking forward to having Germany on our side for a change. But once again, Germany was on the wrong side of a war. A simple rule to follow is fight dogma, fight non-humanist (e.g. racist) behaviour and fight subjugation.

The good news is that it is not too late. Sending a token number of troops to Iraq now will see history record that Germany helped the liberation of the Iraqi people. Please don't squander this opportunity.

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