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As incredulous as I find it, it appears that Gaddafi has gone for an attack on Benghazi, which is the rebel stronghold. No idea how the guy thinks he can win that - his mobile forces in an urban setting. It's also very well possible that I'm being played - and this is a false flag "attack" by the rebels. I must err on the side of caution though, and I believe I have already done sufficient work to get Plan D activated. Gaddafi has missed his chance to be a western hero, and it is time for him to be shot down like a mad dog.

It appears that the western world is "on hold" waiting for the right meme/philosophy to be injected into the cosmos, so here it is.

War is unpredictable, and should be avoided if at all possible. Paying dictators off rather than persecuting a full war leaves a nasty taste in one's mouth, but there are worse things than that - like having your tongue cut out. Your children will never experience that nasty taste. The best way of defeating an enemy is to turn him into a friend, and that means just blame everything on Gaddafi and don't pursue his tribe.

I consider that (the assumed) Gaddafi's attack on Benghazi to be his Worst Idea Ever. The breaking of the ceasefire means the UN resolution is violated, and thus it's open slather for the allied aircraft. Even ignoring Benghazi, whereever there are tanks, it should be possible to shepherd them from one end of the country to the other. So e.g. the tanks in Misurati can be used to re-liberate Benghazi, and Tripoli - they have the advantage that they don't need to hold territory, and light arms can be airdropped in as a place is liberated.

While the western media is untrustworthy, it's the best we have available unfortunately. Better to just win this war that we have, rather than imagining getting Plan D implemented. The battle to fix the problems in the west will have to be waged another day. Also, the west's problems are a speck compared to the log in Gaddafi's eye.

Would France and Britain (and US if necessary) kindly smash anything that is moving in the wrong direction. This includes attacking into the city where Gaddafi's troops (and civilians) are located. That's just bad luck, and if Libya cares about the number of people martyred, it can ban cars for a few months and get its population back on track. The same thing that I suggested be done for British civilians trapped in Tripoli.

I like seeing things blow up, so please get on with it. There's no good Gaddafi tank besides a dead Gaddafi tank. Let's see the rebels shepherded all the way to Tripoli at their fastest operating speed. All civilian deaths for this or any other action can be laid at Gaddafi's feet, since he forced the issue thanks to his 42 years of dictatorship and lying.

God is on your side - take my word for it. God sometimes supports war - when it's a war of liberation and there is no immediate/likely alternative. War should be used as easily as brushing your teeth. War is not something that should be avoided for the sake of avoiding it. It is a tool. Like all tools, it is imperfect. But there is nothing morally wrong with using that tool, any more than it is morally wrong for police to have and use guns. That's life. Or death as the case may be. And freedom is precious. It is a gift that must be zealously guarded. If you worry about the 0.01% threat to your freedom, the 99.99% will take care of itself.

Godspeed gentleman.

If you want a meme - you got it.
If you need a meme - you got it.
I won't hide it. I won't turn the meme away.

Law of Attraction - do your thing.

P.S. to the Gaddafi spokesman who asked "who gave you the right to intervene in the internal affairs of another country" - God did. No God worth worshipping would stand idly by while state slavery existed. The only question that should be asked is "what restraint is God under that allowed the state slavery to go for 42 years?". And that's a subject for another blog I reckon.

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