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This is exactly what I say that no matter how nice the Americans are, and they normally are very wonderful, generous people, we always need to retain the ability to re-ally against them if they turn bad. Because one day we may be faced with people like "bruce" from the comments section. First of all, the idiot somehow got the impression that the left-wing scum in the comments were Australian, when none of them are. He's also obviously never read this, or if he as, he sees it as some sort of surrendering to American greatness. Hah. Bruce, it's YOU who knows nothing about the Anglophone spirit. You're nothing more than an armed bully who just coincidentally happens to be fighting for the right side. You would have been equally well at home as a member of the SS.

Let's see what "bruce" had to say...

"as an american i don't give a rats ass if other countries hate us ,that's their problem,just as long as they fear us.just as long as you know that we can destroy you with a push of a button."

While your grandfather was hiding under his bed while the Germans were bombing England to the ground, my forefathers were protecting the free world. Surrendering or abandoning a member of the free world was never on the cards. What you can learn from this is how true Anglophones react to someone who has your attitude of wanting others to live in fear. We become wary, that's for sure. And then we sit down, use our brains, and figure out how to get out of this mess. Figuring out which dictators we can ally with, which one is the most dangerous at the moment, and then striking. Been going on for centuries. Surrendering to thus like you and Hitler was never ever on the cards. Live free or die.

"to all you sissy boys and commie lovers you should do your home work before you mouth off about america."

Which homework didn't I do? First of all, I'm not sure which particular bit of mouthing off I was doing. I was in fact complaining about the anti-Americanism in Japan in the message you responded to, and figuring out how to eliminate that. But let's assume I said something offensive. Let's assume that you're some sort of brainless moron who thinks that America can do no wrong, and if America wants to recognize Kosovo, then eat shit and die rest of the world, you'll nuke us if we have a different opinion. Fine, prick. I'll ally with Russia before I ever surrender to the likes of petty tyrants like you.

"surppose we told you aussies your on your own,who do you think would be parked on your door step?"

No-one at all in fact. And that's the tragedy. We have spent an enormous amount of money building up forces that are able to sink any invading fleet. There is actually no-one in the world who can invade us except for America. They have no ability to cross our moat. We have the technology to sink whatever they choose to send our way. And even beyond that, we have a long list of allies to call on for help besides America, although we don't have any formal treaty with them. And actually that's tragic. We have wasted money on providing independent territorial defence when we should have restructured our forces to be totally projection and just relied on the above alliances (mainly America) to ensure no-one ever tries to cross our moat and actually do something useful overseas where the bottleneck is ground troops.

"i am sure buh would be on the beach greeting his new chicom pals."

buh is American. I don't know how many Australians you know. It sounds like none at all. But I don't know of any who would allow the Chicoms to invade us.

"i fought a war against our enemies and if you did what i did you would wet your pants and cry for mommy."

If you did what I did, you would be God.

"i have been to jihad land and seen mosloms for the racist scum that they are."

Religious bigots actually. The racists are the majority of the Arabs. It's all covered by message 666 if you wish to end the war early and save some of your comrade's lives. I don't expect you to care though.

"that's right they hate you because you are not a muzzie. they don't care what you do or do not do they will always hate non mosloms."

That's right. They've been brainwashed to divide the world into Muslims and non-Muslims instead of religious bigots, non-religious bigots and anti-religious bigots. The solution is not that complicated, and like so many things, it's so obvious after it's been written down. But it actually took decades to isolate and even after being explained it's beyond most people's intellectual ability.

"i have been to many countries and found all of them lack real freedom"

You wouldn't recognize real freedom if it bit you on the arse.

"even down under you lack liberty,no first or second amendment protections, and that makes you serfs to your govt."

Have you ever met any Australians and explained your "serf" theory to them? Like so many Americans, you have been brainwashed into believing that the only free country is America, and America is the best at everything. If you actually explain your whacky theory to an Australian, any Australian, he will (correctly) tell you that if the Australian people were concerned about the imaginary issue you raised, that they would simply vote for a party who wanted to adopt the American constitution. He would also correctly point out that in Australia with preferential voting, we can easily start 3rd parties without forcing people to waste their votes, unlike in the US.

As for the various "amendments", perhaps you can point out where in the constitution the protection from being burnt as a witch, hung by the KKK, having to breathe other people's cigarette smoke, right to have an abortion, watch uncensored TV, hire or be a prostitute, right to have sex with whoever you choose, male or female, regardless of your own sex, take drugs, have sex toys, eat vegemite? Given that most of these things are in fact violations of human rights, while the "right" to create a dangerous society isn't.

"if you are not willing to fight for what is yours some one will take it away from you."

We were fighting for freedom in WWI and WWII while you were hiding under your beds.

"you are all a bunch of free riders depending on some one else to protect your sorry asses."

We're not free riders. We pay a lot of money for our military. Not as much as America, that is true.

"any of you whinners from down under ever knew.an other thing you should check your own crime statistics as well as englands since you gave up your fire arm to the state."

Actually, you should go and get that silly site you got your information from, and do a google search for some text from that, and add "urban legend" to the end of it, and see how silly you look.

BTW, since you are or were in the military, you are probably smart enough to know that goons with guns are no match for a professional military with air cover. And that goons with guns are just target practice. You might also note that the American government doesn't give civilians the right to own RPGs, tanks, warplanes or nuclear bombs. You going to fight for your "right" to have USEFUL weapons? Or are you content knowing that goons with peashooters are cannon fodder for your thuggery and you're happy to sell them the lie that they can overthrow their government any time they want?

"where do you think Australia would be with out america?"

We'd hopefully be protecting the free world with or without America, as we did in WWI and WWII when you scumbag cowards were hiding under your beds. BTW, where would you be without Saudi oil?

"what about you please tell me any aussie of note?"

Yeah, the ones with the courage to send our forces (and those who volunteered) into WWI and WWII and Vietnam and Korea and Iraq and Afghanistan, when America, America, Canada & UK, no-one, Canada & New Zealand, no-one (respectively) were hiding under their beds. The fact that you aren't taught about these men at school says more about your narrow, biassed education system than anything else.

"like i said before you,canada,england and europe are just a bunch of free riders.you should quit your bithing and count your blessings"

Like I'm saying now, you are a thug and a bully and an ungrateful arsewipe who needs to be kept away from important weapons, and when you get home we'll probably end up jailing you when you subsequently break the law, but we'll let you go and kill some even worse thugs in Iraq before then. When you get out you can star in "Dirty Dozen 4" or whatever they're up to. You should count your blessings that there were better men than you defending freedom for reasons other than their very narrow "national interests". People like you will never know the spirit of the Digger. You'll only ever know the spirit of a tyrannical thug getting off at being able to harm those weaker than himself.

People sometimes say you should wait a while to cool off. But I actually got madder after waiting a while. Sir, you are my enemy. I will never live in fear of thugs like you. I will do my best to make sure you are countered and defeated. Just like the scumbag racists and religious bigots you fought in Iraq. You are all my enemy. You may or may not have the drop on me at the moment. It will be difficult for you to deploy nukes against me as it means that places like Russia will start providing other countries nukes to contain the American menace. You could potentially invade conventionally too, but once again, that would trigger off an international alliance against you. You lose all your bases and have to fight for every bit of territory. You lose your oil supplies too. You're going to be in a world of hurt. True Anglophones have spent centuries plotting against thugs like you. We know how to contain menaces, and we will contain you. It's only that the American people are not like you, and do not support thugs like you, and will eventually jail thugs like you, that you haven't seen such an international alliance spring up yet. Brainless thugs like you have their uses, but in the end, science will defeat you. You are outnumbered and outgunned by the decent people of the free world. And there are bigger and better and more numerous and better armed thugs than you who will ensure that you are locked up in jail when your thuggish tendencies get the better of you. Using one set of thugs against another set of thugs to make the world a better place? Priceless.

BTW, if thugs like you are actually the majority of America, and the American people are just doing a BLOODY good job of keeping a huge conspiracy going, then, moron, you've just shown your hand too early. Just like stupid Osama did. Osama wasn't in a position to do any real damage to America. He should have waited for a Pakistani nuke. And likewise, America is not in a position to enslave the world YET. We are able to protect against what I guess are now ex-Anglophones, since you don't have the Anglophone spirit of universal freedom. Thank God the Anglophones are not a single nation so that we can protect against those that go feral. Hopefully there will always be at least one good Anglophone nation that can explain reality to the rest of the world and protect freedom and human rights. And actually, at the moment that is America, and reality is that you simply don't represent America. You represent the ridiculously high prison population of America. You just haven't been caught yet. Right at the moment, Australia and New Zealand are the countries that have gone feral. UK and Canada are quivering a bit, but hopefully they will fall on the right side.

For the decent Americans out there - which I believe is a slight majority - thanks for hanging in there in Iraq when the cowardly treacherous pinko Australian government abandoned our Iraqi allies with its tail between its legs, disgracing our servicemen who have a very very long history of fighting for freedom in the world.

And for the Canadians out there - it is your turn to replace Australia as the independent reference for the confused Americans who aren't quite sure whether exporting freedom by force of arms is right or wrong. Be strong. Be Canadian. Speak English (not that Froggy crap I sometimes here from over there - what the hell is that about?!). I bless you. I love you to bits. You will be forgiven for your treachery in Vietnam and Iraq if you guide America into Iran. But hurry up about it please. The clock is ticking.

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