Message From God

There is no threat from the exoplanets, so there is no need to unite as a planet and allocate resources into building spaceships with the intention of defeating forces from other solar systems. Thanks for asking.



New Iglesia

Kelly, my Filipina bride-to-be, has established a new church called "New Iglesia". "Iglesia" means "church" in Tagalog, the language of the Philippines. So the name of the church is a combination of both English and Tagalog, showing the union of two great and beautiful languages. The name "Iglesia" was used mainly because of the existence of "Iglesia ni Cristo", which showed that (some) Filipinos are open to the possibility of a modern-day messenger of God.

The church has a human rights focus, and gets a lot of its material from the Mu'tazilah, which is an extinct rationalist sect of Islam that I am trying to revive, as I think it is the best sect of Islam. Islam was at its greatest when the Mu'tazilah were in power. And unlike all other churches, this church does not ask for or accept donations. It instead provides free meryenda (snack). This is based on idea #60 here.

The first service had 69 attendees and the second (where it was raining) had 58, an excellent start. It is starting from humble beginnings, but expected to expand.



Fuck Andromeda

paul: to war!
paul: yes, you will definitely make me happy
paul: you agreed to all the things i wanted already
kelly: A big heart at war
paul: surprise me with the things i asked to be surprised with
kelly: Id like to organize your pattaya here
paul: yes please!
kelly: I know that will make you very very happy
paul: it will indeed
kelly: Yeah i know
paul: and blasting fucking aliens out of our solar system also makes me very happy
kelly: What a BIG smile!
kelly: I can feel the strong bond between us now
paul: we were here first. FUCK ALIENS
paul: although if they've got triple-breasted whores, we can negotiate
paul: although in all honesty, that doesn't really appeal to me
paul: but i'd like to make contact with friendly aliens
paul: exchange ideas
paul: advance the universe together
paul: or the galaxy, anyway
paul: the Milky Way. My home.
paul: Fuck those arseholes from Andromeda
kelly: Talking with aliens is interesting
paul: although a marriage between the Milky Way and Andromeda may be possible in time.
paul: If those pricks stop being suck arseholes
paul: such
paul: i've never seen such galaxyists as the Andromedans
paul: us Milky-Wayists are raised believing that God created all galaxies as equals
paul: the pricks from Andromeda are raised to believe that Andromedans are better that all other galaxies
paul: let's pre-emptively blast them before it's too late
paul: they've probably got a secret weapons development program that we don't know about, and plan to enslave us Milky-
paul: which is a fate worse than death
paul: so i say - fuck Andromeda now!
paul: do not hesitate, the freedom of the free galaxies is on the line
paul: we'll form an alliance with non-galaxists galaxies to FUCK ANDROMEDA
kelly: Why
paul: and we will do WHATEVER IT TAKES, including taking over smaller galaxies, to ensure that we defeat the Andromedans
paul: because when the Milky Way's freedom is at stake - all is fair
paul: wow
paul: my brain is changing
kelly: Tell me the changes
paul: a sense of relief
kelly: From what to what
paul: clarity of thought
paul: all is fair
paul: there was a reason for everything that happened
paul: your scars etc
kelly: What about my scars?
paul: it had to be done, kelly
paul: we needed these lessons from history
kelly: Yeah i really want it ti be treated
paul: we need to defeat pacifism
kelly: That would really make me very very happy
kelly: You've started changing my life go
kelly: To a better one
paul: we can't let women's nurturing, loving nature be the only force in the world
paul: we need men to fight and fight and fight
kelly: That is a huge difference
paul: otherwise our solar system may be enslaved by aliens
kelly: Women should remain as beautifull as they should be for men will be recharged from war after seeing them
paul: women need to be protected, but in turn need to defer to men to actually do that protection
paul: yes, that sounds good
kelly: Correct
kelly: Yeah that will allow men to exude their softer side
paul: perhaps i'm not God. I'm just a great scientist.
paul: theoretically people in power could have set most of this up
paul: i'm dependent on the internet
kelly: Whatever. And whoever you are for me you are great of all
paul: my body was physically manipulated in 2004
kelly: So our story is a good backup
paul: by an unseen force
kelly: That could not be so dependent on the internet
kelly: Your skills is undenyably powerfull
paul: yes, do you understand how i abstracted the problem of countries on earth and talked about galaxies instead?
kelly: I need more time to understand it
paul: can i post this conversation on my blog?
paul: this will hopefully get the chinese etc to change their ways
kelly: I hope not those with personal conversation
kelly: Which bit would you like to post?
paul: i need to make the bit about galaxies publicly available
paul: to fix earth
paul: how about you take this conversation, and censor whatever you want, and then give it to me, and i'll post that
kelly: Yes please
paul: i'll make a blog post called "fuck andromeda"
kelly: Thanks so much i feel so much respected
paul: i hope andromeda is an actual galaxy or i might look a bit stupid. let me check.
paul: yes, there is indeed a galaxy by that name. although there's also a constellation by that name. and i don't know what
the difference is
paul: ah, i see
paul: the andromeda galaxy is an individual
kelly: I think you can post starting from this message: to war!
paul: the andromeda constellation is a group of galaxies
paul: same as humans
paul: humans and countries
kelly: And then i replied: a big heart for war
kelly: Great to know that
paul: and we need to distinguish whether we're fighting all of the andromeda constellation, or whether we're fighting just
individual galaxies. who is our real enemy?
paul: and can we form alliances with individual galaxies within the andromeda constellation?
paul: i wonder why i couldn't see this earlier?
paul: anyway, back down on this planet, the japanese twins will do just fine
paul: and you of course. my beautiful filipina bride-to-be
kelly: You had so many toughts tonight
paul: yes, thanks to you
paul: i couldn't have done this on my own
paul: God was speaking via you, leading me in the right direction
paul: but letting me write the actual words
kelly: Great
paul: this may be how movies are created
paul: where creative ideas come from
paul: we have a wonderful romance story available now
paul: of how much God cared for humans
paul: and hopefully soon, humans will in turn start loving God
paul: with humility
paul: given the complete cockup they made of the world themselves
paul: although truth be told, it wasn't really their fault
paul: the cockup was probably a setup, probably from me




Satan Vanquished

It turns out that Satan is not a physical being. It is the IDEOLOGY of pacifism.

Edwards, Paul 11:12 AM

oh, so did you read that link about gandhi thinking that hitler was a cool

gandhi 11:12 AM

I did read that

Edwards, Paul 11:13 AM

and what did you think?

gandhi 11:14 AM

Come on Paul. I do not take that seriously. That is just one off
incident, and again people may be quoting out off context

HNormally ladies (speaciily my wife) real expert on quoting the things
real "out of context"

I do not make my judgement based on just one incident

Edwards, Paul 11:16 AM

so in what context was hitler a cool guy? reducing germany's carbon
footprint by exterminating jews?

gandhi 11:18 AM

We do not know why Gandhi said that or under what
context/suituation he said that

Edwards, Paul 11:18 AM

i think he said it because he was an anti-british racist

like so many indians

who have been brainwashed by the indian education system

which is exactly why i'm marrying the philippines, not india

even though indian women are hotter

gandhi 11:19 AM

Come on Paul....

Edwards, Paul 11:20 AM

and it's no wonder india was a "neutral" in the battle between good and evil
during the Cold War

it's morally bankrupt

i would never marry such a nation

gandhi 11:21 AM

Being "neutral" is not bad at all

Edwards, Paul 11:21 AM

it is very very bad indeed, gandhi

i hope one day you realise that

haven't you heard the saying - all it takes for evil to prevail is for good
men to do nothing?

gandhi 11:22 AM

Absoultely you are rigth

Edwards, Paul 11:23 AM

when iraqi women were being raped by their own government, the indian
government did nothing at all

it will regret that choice

when history is properly written, it will show that india was evil too

gandhi 11:24 AM

Normally my view is only offer help when they have asked for

not to do it voluenterily

Edwards, Paul 11:25 AM

if you didn't hear the screams of the iraqi women as they were being raped
by their own government, asking for anyone, anyone at all, to come and help
them, you must be deaf

gandhi 11:25 AM

I do not really listern to that

Edwards, Paul 11:25 AM

well God does

and he noticed that you failed to listen or respond

so hinduism is a bankrupt religion too

join the Mu'tazilah instead

gandhi 11:27 AM

You may be right. I disaggree that hinduism is bankrupt religion

Edwards, Paul 11:27 AM

when millions of hindus failed to petition their government to respond to
the screams of the iraqi women, it is safe to say that hinduism is a morally
bankrupt religion

i will destroy it personally

gandhi 11:28 AM

What I believe(and most Indian believe) is "Mind your Own Busissness:

Edwards, Paul 11:28 AM

the rape of any woman, anywhere in the world, is most definitely my
business, and it should have been yours too

gandhi 11:28 AM

never intervene into other cuntry business

Edwards, Paul 11:28 AM

read my enlightenment document

i divide the world by ideology, not nation-state

gandhi 11:30 AM

I gave great respect for you beacuse you are "world citizen"

Edwards, Paul 11:30 AM

then it's time to start respecting yourself equally

it is completely arbitrary which chunk of land you were born on

what counts is a nation's heart/ideology

gandhi 11:32 AM

I respect borderless and free world but I can't go and do
something for people who can't appreciate that that you
voluentarily as you do

What hasppens in Afganistan

Edwards, Paul 11:33 AM

many iraqis appreciated being released from a holocaust. the ones that
didn't were as morally bankrupt as india

in afghanistan the battle between good and evil is also being waged. what
about it?

it's also being waged in every other country in the world

and it's being waged between you and me right noww

i strongly suggest you surrender

gandhi 11:34 AM

I absolutley surrender to you views.

Edwards, Paul 11:35 AM


gandhi 11:35 AM

You have a great sole

Edwards, Paul 11:35 AM

there is a saying - the best way to defeat an enemy is to turn him into a

i hope we can be friends and allies moving forward

and let bygones be bygones

and i'd love to see you at my wedding

gandhi 11:37 AM

[censored at gandhi's request]

  Anyway I will stop that now.

When are you getting merried? date has been finalised?

Edwards, Paul 11:38 AM

not yet

we need to meet first

i've never been to the philippines

and she's never been to australia

gandhi 11:38 AM

Your nerver met her yet?

Edwards, Paul 11:38 AM


gandhi 11:39 AM

sounds like Indian organised marriage

I met my wife a few days before my wedding!

Edwards, Paul 11:39 AM

actually that's a very good thing from india

gandhi 11:39 AM

Good luck anyway

Edwards, Paul 11:40 AM

indian marriages are more successful

because people don't go into them with high expectations

from someone they've never met

maybe this internet dating thing really works?

fall in love on the internet first

gandhi 11:42 AM

Sounds good. At least you know he/she has same view

Edwards, Paul 11:42 AM

good point

gandhi 11:42 AM

Take care

Edwards, Paul 11:42 AM


gandhi 11:42 AM

we can contonue when you are back to work...

Edwards, Paul 11:42 AM

ok, look forward to that

gandhi 11:44 AM

Are your taking the medicine or you have to go to level of surgery ?

Edwards, Paul 11:44 AM

i'd like to see a marriage between ireland and the UK in particular

i take medication

gandhi 11:44 AM

that's better at least. i heard that it will never go away

anyway take care

Edwards, Paul 11:44 AM

and india and pakistan for that matter

ok, bye

gandhi 11:45 AM


Edwards, Paul 11:45 AM

and taiwan and china





Wedding Vows

Kelly will be representing the Philippines
Paul will be representing Australia

Kelly should wear a traditional Filipina dress. And also have a Philippines flag. I will wear a T-shirt with the real Australian flag on it (boxing kangaroo), and a hat with corks on it (thanks to my younger sister for telling me how to obtain these items). I also hold an Australian flag.

Then a ceremony (that starts in the woman's language, then has the man's language, and possibly if neither of those is English, then English as a third language) that goes something like this:

We are gathered here today to join together two great nations - the Philippines and Australia (always give the woman's nation priority). This union is done for God, and has no legal basis.

Today Kelly is representing the Philippines and Paul is representing Australia. Hopefully this ceremony will be repeated by others.

First we will play the national anthems. Note that if you are seeing the recording of this, we may have to dub out the sound due to copyright reasons. We encourage you to buy the CDs to get better quality and so that we don't get complaints about loss of revenue. We'll be claiming fair use regardless.

Philippines will probably play this song, somewhat regarding the 1986 People Power revolution.


I know what I want. I want "Men at Work" "Down Under" which you can see here:


Paul (doing "laban" for the oath-swearing): I recognize the beauty of the Philippines nation. The nation that gave birth to the People Power Revolution. The only nation on earth that is not full of anti-white racists. Because I am in love with this beautiful people, I hereby pledge to protect them with my life, using hard science as a weapon. I would rather die than allow a communist dictatorship that kills its own children in Tiananmen Square to spread its evil ideology to any part of the Philippines, including the Spratly Islands. I will never ask for more from the Philippines than it is able or willing to give. And I won't complain too often that the Philippines is the only Asian country with pretty crappy traditional food. This pledge will remain in force while ever both nations are secular capitalist liberal democracies.

Kelly (not sure if "laban" is appropriate for a woman, maybe hand on heart instead?): I recognize the beauty of the Australian people, who, when the free world is in danger, can always be counted on to sacrifice blood and treasure so that we are able to live in freedom today. I will not demand perfection from my protector, but instead I will find out what its innate limitations are and not complain about it being unwilling to go beyond those. In particular I won't complain too often about the ridiculous Australian accent. I will instead praise it regularly for his strengths. And I will love it for as long as it remains a secular capitalist liberal democracy that is protecting another secular capitalist liberal democracy.

Angel (prostitute): Please exchange flags. In the power invested in me as one of God's Angels, I hereby pronounce you great allies. You will both need to apply for NATO membership so that both of you can both protect and be protected by other secular capitalist liberal democracies in a more formal arrangement. You may now kiss the bride.

P.S. No wedding gifts will be allowed except to sign this petition on whitehouse.gov to start a Manhattan Project 2 to find out the root cause of anti-Americanism. I need 150 signatures. Please do not insult an ideological wedding by bringing material gifts.

P.P.S. Venue will be Manila, Philippines. Date hasn't been set yet, as I need to earn the money to afford Kelly's dream wedding first.

P.P.P.S. Please travel by Philippine Airlines to get there, if possible. Hopefully they won't crash the friggin plane.




Protests Galore

This week at Friday prayers the theory being promoted was that the US government was behind some anti-Islamic video. It is amazing what the Islamic world will react to. This is a video created by American citizens, in America, where their freedom of speech is protected by American law. Why does the Islamic world complain about America interfering in "Muslim lands" when Muslims seem to have no problem with Muslims interfering in American lands, such as the embassy? And it's altogether insane, as there are far worse things than that video out there. I've seen photos of a Koran shoved in a dead pig's mouth, Mohammed with a hard-on for a little girl etc. I watched the video too and it is TAME compared to what freedom-loving Americans (and others) will do to emphasize the point that they are free to say whatever they damn well please, and have spent an enormous amount of effort to ensure those rights are protected by the deadliest military alliance to have ever existed.

Anyway, I was wearing my "I love Syria" (in Arabic) headband again, but still no-one chose to contact me. They might be shy like me too, but my website is written on there as well, so they can quietly contact me online. But still no contact! Anyway, on the way back to work I saw a member of the Navy, and I thanked him for putting his life on the line for freedom.

Given the somewhat success of the Auburn protests (I clearly touched hearts even though they didn't contact me), I decided to try again elsewhere in Auburn. I was under the impression that there were meant to be lots of Arabs in Auburn, but on Saturday, where I stood, opposite the train station, it was mostly Chinese. So I switched my headband around so that the Chinese symbols for "democracy" were at the front. Regrettably it was only later that I had the idea to (have a friend) write "Tiananmen Square is in my heart" in Chinese on the sign too.

Anyway, on Saturday one guy came up and shook my hand and said that we need more people like me in the world, which was certainly nice, but he didn't provide contact details so that I actually have an ally in this fight. Another said he didn't understand, so I explained, and he said I had got the wrong message. Another guy told me that I would get bashed here (Auburn) for doing that. I said that I thought most people here would be against Assad, but regardless, I was willing to take that risk. I only managed to last a couple of hours, and also managed to get sunburnt.

On Sunday I had the idea of going to Lakemba. That's where the Lakemba mosque is, that people seem to complain about. I didn't go to the mosque though, I went to what looked like the main street. An advantage of it being Sunday was that there was a shop I could stand in front of, because it was closed. The place was pretty desolate though. The only negative comment I got was from an Egyptian who said he was neutral, because Syria would end up like Egypt with one dictator being replaced by another dictator. I wouldn't classify Egypt as a dictatorship though. He also said that he would defend my right to free speech to the death. When I was talking to the Egyptian another guy came up and apparently spoke to me in Arabic. I didn't realise that had even happened. How cool is that? :-) The Egyptian told him that I didn't speak Arabic so he switched to English, and complained why were the Australian forces in Afghanistan and Iraq where they weren't wanted, instead of Syria where they are? I didn't tell him that I disagreed they weren't wanted in Afghanistan and Iraq, but instead just said that I would indeed pull the troops out and send them to Syria instead. That's just a matter of free world strategy though. Australians are replacable by other members of the free world, so we should be in a place where we have no replacement (for whatever reason outside of our control).

One lady with kids saw what I expect was the only thing she understood - the Arabic - and apparently asked her kids whether I supported Assad or not. I pointed to the "rebels" on my sign, but he didn't seem to understand that, so I said "Free Syrian Army". I'm still not sure he understood that, but they moved on, and a few seconds later the kid came back offering me $3. I told him thank you very much, but I'm not after money. That's one thing I can control. If I ever become successful, the left-wing ratbags will likely be saying that I'm a puppet of and that I'm only doing it for money. To avoid the charge of being a puppet, I can say that I was out there first, protesting AGAINST the Australian government with a policy that the US *doesn't* have. And I am after hearts, not money, so if people wish to donate, they can channel it directly to the causes I support, instead of to me. More on the causes later.

I got some thumbs up from motorists. But the best contact I had was from someone who walked by, then turned around and came back, to ask me if I was wanting to bomb the rebels. I was horrified at that suggestion, and explained my position. He said that he was talking about his friends about what could be done too, so I explained that I was starting a political party to try to get hold of the RAAF, and that I was also going to be touching base with the Australian Syrian Association. He said he had lots of friends and would put my website on his facebook wall. I asked him to make contact with me, and that I had several other people contact me at a previous protest, but they didn't contact me online. He wouldn't give me his phone number so that I could assure contact, but he did write down mine and said he would make contact.

But that actually reminds me of a quote from someone who I met protesting outside the Chinese consulate. She said:

"Thank you for writing so soon usually people say they will-but never do."

Maybe this is part of human nature - part of the puzzle that needs to be cracked. People will say something in real life, but there is some innate barrier preventing them from continuing online. Or maybe they're just all being assassinated by Jews, who the hell knows.

I then got a call from my Filipino contact. I'm trying to reform Christianity. She is setting up a new denomination of Christianity based on science/secular humanism. I am leveraging the price difference of the 1st world versus the 3rd world, by funding a church there. She needed some money for a tent so I sent it over using Western Union. Unfortunately I left my protest sign at the newsagency, then the newsagency closed. I was waiting at a barber to get a haircut (I get number 2 all over so it's very quick) when I realized. At the Arabic barber a Chinese guy came in looking for $3 from the barbers, who refused (quite rightly - they have to work hard for their money). But I decided to call him over and give him the requested $3 and asked him to read my website. He said he didn't have a computer, so I left it at that and he left. Then he came back and asked for my contact details, which I gave him. I have my contact details on a printout for exactly this purpose.

I decided to try some "Lebanese pizza" before heading home. It was "interesting". And the guy in the shop liked the Arabic rap I played for him too.

On the way home I got confused with the trains and complained to someone that the trains were confusing (two platforms going in the same direction). She asked me what I was doing here, and I said I was protesting, but I lost my protest sign. She said she wasn't aware of any protest, and I said it was a one-man protest. I asked her if she knew Arabic and she confirmed that she was Lebanese. I showed her my headband (I had taken off my headband before going into private enterprises, and not put it back on), and asked her if she knew what it said, and she got it right. I love to get independent confirmation like that. When I was protesting at the NSW state elections (for Libya), there were some terrible people there from another party, and they said that my headband said something very insulting in Arabic. I only put it back on when the Labor party representative (a Korean) asked an Arabic speaker in the Labor party to confirm the translation was what I had requested (ie "I love Libya"). Anyway, I gave the girl my website and asked her to contact me, and she said she would check it out.

I'm not sure if I will continue protesting. The loss of the sign looks like a sign from God. But more important than unverifiable religious speculation is the damning quote "usually people say they will-but never do". I'm an online guy. I made a decision a long time ago that anyone without a computer and modem wasn't worth knowing, to simplify my life. And indeed, that decision allowed me to make massive efficient progress. But given what I am trying to do now, I might need to revise that decision. Mainly this facet of human nature being enthusiastic in real life, but disappearing like a vampire when getting home, makes me think I need to adjust strategy. Maybe not pin people down and beat a phone number out of them, but something. Or perhaps I should stick with online people until I know enough to meet them in real life? The big problem I have is that I don't meet many Australians online, and when I do, they're normally left-wing ratbags, so I don't have any easy way to access the 50% of Australians who supported the Iraq war (according to polls). Perhaps the church is the right way forward. It seems that there is a different culture there that allows an audience to form. In Australia, the churches are virtually empty. Which is a good thing since they're just money-making ventures.

One thing I should note - I would never have gotten out of the house to explore these different suburbs if I didn't have protesting as a reason. I'm not very adventurous like that. Just getting on the train and going to Lakemba was a major outing for an online guy like me.




Auburn Protest

At Friday prayers, they were complaining about the Australian government making it illegal to assist the Free Syrian Army. I did a google search and found that here. You can get 10 years jail for doing that. I think they should be handing out Order of Australia medals for doing that! The Australian Federal Police said that if you want to help the Syrians you should:

Use constructive methods to voice your concerns, including through our democratic processes:
1. participate and engage in peaceful legal protest activities
2. write to a Senator or Representative of Federal Parliament
And it is true that we have access to funds and weapons via the democratic process. At least on paper. Pauline Hanson certainly managed to put the cat amongst the pigeons. But the 2 major parties colluded to do a reasonable job of excluding her, and the media did a hatchet job on her too. The situation may not be ideal, but it was technically within the Australian public's ability to call bullshit on that. Not that Pauline Hanson would have helped here. I don't trust any existing political parties to provide air support to the Syrian people.

I don't like this idea that we can ONLY fund the Syrian rebels via the democratic process. Australian law should allow the differentiation between good and bad, and that it is OK to aid the good. Obviously supporting terrorism should be illegal, but allowing individuals to assist freedom fighters shouldn't be.

Regardless, the fact is that Syrians have gone to the effort to write signs in English saying "HELP" and "SOS" and "NO FLY ZONE". That's a direct appeal to the English-speaking world, ie including me personally, to not just sit in front of TV watching them be slaughtered, but to take action.

The beautiful Australian Air Force is sitting there armed and trained and willing to go into action whenever called upon to do so. That's the assistance that will actually do the job. So close but yet so far. Regardless, I did my best to reach it.

I held a protest sign that said "AUSTRALIA SEND AIR SUPPORT TO THE SYRIAN REBELS NOW!" at Auburn Town Hall (where there were more likely to be people who understood my headband which said "I love Syria" in Arabic). I was there from 9am-6pm, with a brief stint at another Auburn location (a school) where I was kicked out by election officials. I was also kicked out of the actual Town Hall when I went inside to sit down for a while. But the end result was that I was indeed able to directly appeal to the Australian people with my message. I have faith in Australia's system of governance. The problem I face is getting the Australian people to take action, a probably insurmountable problem. But I wanted to at least say that I tried.

At the end of the day, when a Syrian looks me in the eye and says "When my brother was being shot and my sister raped, why did you do nothing?" to me, I can look him in the eye and say "I honestly did everything I could possibly think of" instead of being ashamed of myself.

Australia's democracy is quite beautiful to watch. Every single voter is basically treated as a rock star. The people handing out the "how to vote" leaflets know full well that these people's votes actually matter. Every single one of them. This is not like the Syrian dictator getting 99% of the vote in a foregone conclusion.

And the rival parties were not being nasty to each other. Everyone was given their opportunity to hand out their leaflets. And it was good to see that minority groups were out in force, far from feeling excluded from the political process. They can clearly see that they are just as important as anyone else in Australian society. A rejectionist attitude would have been very different.

While I didn't get a mass audience for my protest, I did touch the hearts of a handful of people. It's funny. No matter what someone like George Bush says or does, everything gets rejected. But when I'm out there basically doing exactly the same thing, no-one at all thinks I'm controlled by the xyz (insert conspiracy theory). They can tell from my words that I am sincere. I have to stress to them that it's not just me, go and ask any Australian what should be done about Syria, and probably 50% of them will support taking military action. Sure, they don't go and protest at local elections wearing an Arabic headband, but that just shows that 50% of Australians aren't batshit insane, even if they do care.

Here's a typical conversation, with an American, but it could just as easily have been an Australian:

Edwards, Paul 12:11 PM
hi akakak. do you care about the syrians being slaughtered by their government, and if you do, what do you think should be done about it?
akakak 12:11 PM
yes I do care
Edwards, Paul 12:12 PM
cool. someone told me on friday that the west doesn't care
you're my straw poll so that i can call him a liar
and ask him for an opinion poll that proves his point
akakak 12:12 PM
Not sure what do, probably the rest of teh Arab countries should step in but they jsut as bad
Edwards, Paul 12:13 PM
so if the other arabs are just as bad, do you think someone good should step in?
akakak 12:14 PM
Edwards, Paul 12:19 PM
someone good like who? the UN is split, so they won't be doing anything. Turkey could unilaterally do something. NATO could do something. There could be an Australian-led multinational force. Indian-led multinational force. US unilateral. etc. what would you suggest?
akakak 12:20 PM
Well, If waiting on Europe, you can forgetit about it, by they tiem they decide tehr e will be no people left in Syria
Edwards, Paul 12:21 PM
akakak 12:21 PM
Others never took actions on their own
but some of them did help US
US and Australia can do it, who needs anybody else
Edwards, Paul 12:22 PM
so your ideal action would be the ANZUS alliance to go in? Not even including the UK?
akakak 12:23 PM
O ya, they would probably join in, I forgot about them
Edwards, Paul 12:23 PM
and who should lead the action out of US, UK and Australia?
akakak 12:23 PM
Edwards, Paul 12:24 PM
ok, thanks for your thoughts. :)
akakak 12:24 PM

So that's at least one advantage I have. People don't think I'm some puppet. I wish that were all that was required. That's one common theme I encountered. Lots of conspiracy theories. I adopt a very simple non-conspiracy-theory model of earth, where people are taking actions because they personally think they are the right action, and they state their reasons right to your face. It's especially raw when you speak to the citizens who have no need to couch their language in diplomatic terms. I noticed that on the Iraqi blogs too. An Iraqi (Sarmad) was showing our comments to his friends, and he reported back that his friends/colleagues really believed us, because we (westerners) were saying things very directly to them, calling them nutcases etc.

Quite a few people wanted to have their picture taken with me as well. Two people only did that at closing time at 6pm, possibly because their professional obligations to remain aloof had ended. There was one colourful guy (Arabic speaker) who was giving me "advice" that I needed to make a scene to get noticed. He was the last person whose hand I shook before leaving. It was also interesting that he was talking on the phone to his friend about "the dogs" (the Bulldogs, a Rugby League team - something I don't follow myself - basically he was a more normal Australian than me - I don't follow crap like that when there's friggin wars on for much higher stakes). I hope the people whose heart I touched contact me. I'm glad I got a new URL - japan666.com - for my website to make it easy for people to remember. But I did have to explain that it doesn't mean anything, it's just that practically every domain name you can think of ending .com has been taken.

One person said he was going to put my photo in an Auburn newspaper, but not sure that will really happen or whether it will lead to anything.

Oh well, an interesting day, and this time I wasn't physically intimidated by anyone. I just had to deal with an irate Syrian woman who called the Syrian freedom fighters terrorists. But I'm glad she was able to express her opinion without any fear whatsoever. Man I love freedom. Quite literally everyone has this right to be free.

P.S. When I voted myself in the morning, I just crossed out all the parties and wrote "FREE SYRIA" on it and wrote www.mutazilah.org on it. That's the first time I've ever cast an invalid vote. I have previously voted Liberal, Labor, Independent and One Nation. None of them do what I want, but of course, that is to be expected, as I am only one person. But something as critical as the freedom of millions of people needs to be pushed through, even if it means changing the whole national conciousness. That's why I'm creating a single issue party. E.g. someone suggested to me that he wanted to see employers provide 4 day working weeks, with 10 hour working days. Officially I don't want to take a position on that. I don't want anything to interfere with getting people onto the "free Syria" train.

P.P.S. Someone asked me why I was still protesting when it was so cold (they were out in the cold themselves though) and I told them that all I had to do was put up with a bit of cold and sore legs. The real brave people were the Syrians who were risking their lives and getting shot. Interestingly, someone else said that he thought I was even braver than what the Syrians were doing, and in a way there is some truth to that - especially for a very shy person like me. I'm wearing my headband on the train and the fear of standing out and being ridiculed is indeed generally greater than the fear of physical harm. But that is my demon to fight, in a country where I have equal access to the RAAF as anyone else in Australia.

P.P.P.S. Someone suggested that I should protest at the Federal elections instead of local elections, to get media coverage on a federal issue. I explained to him (and he accepted) that at the federal elections the exact same voting booth would be open, the exact same people will come here, and I will get exactly the same amount of media coverage, ie none. The media is not interested in airing my opinion. Whether that is because of a conspiracy of media owners with agendas or just because there's a lot more interesting people than air time available, I have no way of knowing. Given that the Iraq protests of December 2003 were covered up (except for a few seconds on Fox News), I'm tending towards left-wing agendas and right-wing stupidity.

P.P.P.P.S. I was offered water by multiple people (but actually I had water in my bag), and one guy insisted I take a can of coke.

P.P.P.P.P.S. One white guy complained that at the medical centre in Auburn they had Arab doctors and Chinese doctors, and that each of these doctors gave priority to Arabs/Chinese respectively, so that when he asked how many people were in front of him, they wouldn't answer him. But I find that hard to believe.

P.P.P.P.P.P.S. When I turned up to the school, one guy made a snide remark that I was just standing around getting photo opportunities. What the fuck else am I supposed to do to get control of the RAAF? Storm a fucking air force base? One man against the entire fucking Australian military? Even standing in the fucking school grounds was a challenge, as the election officials kicked me out. When I was at Auburn Town Hall the police saw me and looked at me for half a minute, but walked away without comment. I'm not even sure if I'm allowed to do what I did - as I didn't get a permit for my protest. Even if it was technically illegal, the police won't necessarily enforce the law any more than they will enforce the law on jaywalking. I would expect the law on jaywalking to only be enforced if the person doing it interferes with the flow of traffic. My protest was silent which might have made a difference. At the NSW state elections I wasn't silent - I was asking people to help Libya. I did talk a little bit this time, asking people if they supported the Free Syrian Army when they took notice of my sign. (Update - apparently I don't need a permit to protest unless I want to block traffic).

P.P.P.P.P.P.P.S. One of the people who were overwhelmed called out to me before he left and said "don't give up". Which is funny, because I sometimes do want to give up. The trouble is that I can see no technical barrier between me and the RAAF. The Australian government is not an oppressive regime that has locked me up, or banned me from using the internet, or anything at all. As far as I can tell, there exists a technical path for me to get from A to B, but I'm probably missing the forest for the trees. I am operating on the basis that the Australian citizen is fundamentally a good person (which is why they donate to charity all the time, including overseas charities), so is thus liable to be persuaded if only I can think of the right way of framing the question.

P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.S. After the entire weekend, not one person contacted me. ie not even the people who were overwhelmed in real life would meet me online. Even after I made so much effort to give them the easy-to-remember japan666.com, and even though they said they would contact me. It's almost like there's a conspiracy. Such as every single person I make contact with in real life is subsequently contacted (or assassinated!) by the police/illuminati/freemasons/Jews/ASIO/Brittney Spears to not make contact with me, to keep my political party at 1 member (ie myself). Again, I'm not into conspiracy theories, so I assume there's some innocent explanation, such as when they got home they changed their mind and decided that I wasn't a nice guy after all, I was just batshit insane. But if it is a conspiracy, what could it possibly be? The illuminati are doing what? Forcing me to go back to the drawing board again and again to find newer strategies to liberate the world - why? What's wrong with simply bombing the crap out of all dictatorships until they morph into liberal democracies? Is it because that won't help with solving the Russia/China problem, and they want to force me to find a diplomatic path instead of deploying the RAAF? They need me to analyze Russia/China's frame of reference so that I can step these countries towards enlightenment? Why do I need to do every bloody thing myself? Don't we have a CSIRO that could employ people with degrees in political psychology to do this?

P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.S. Instead of jailing (for up to 10 years) people who support the FSA, they should give an Order of Australia medal to any dual-citizen Syrian Australian who returns to Syria to fight. Two OOA medals for any dual citizen of an Arabic country. And three OOA medals for anyone who is not a native Arabic speaker but has made the effort to learn Arabic in advance just so that they were ready to hop into Syria as soon as there is an opportunity. No OOA medals should be given to anyone who doesn't speak Arabic and goes to Syria, because not being able to speak the friggin language is likely to cause misunderstandings ending in friendly fire, which will harm the war effort instead of helping. But non-Arabic speakers can still get an OOA medal if they go to Syria to join Assad's forces, with the intention of doing deliberate friendly fire (ie killing Assad's troops, with or without an accompanying amusing language barrier incident such as "so sorry, when you said 'salaam' I thought you said 'cut me into salami'").

P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.S. Regarding the other option they gave - speak to your political representative - fat lot of good that would do. If they wanted to send in the RAAF, they would have done so already. They're interested in presenting their own opinion, not yours. I'm also interested in presenting my opinion, not yours, unless yours happens to be the same as mine. I am willing to negotiate a little bit around the sides, e.g. if you insist that the RAAF paint "Bulldogs are the greatest" on the side of the plane before they can go to Syria, fine, we'll do it your way. I actually voted for Ted Mack because I was impressed that he stated that he would represent the electorate's opinion, not his own. At the time, I believed in "direct democracy" where things were done according to what the majority wanted, regardless of the fact that the majority aren't actually experts on the topic in question. But he was yet another person who simply voted according to his own opinion, voting against Australia's involvement in the 1991 Gulf War, despite being the representative of what was probably the most right-wing electorate in Australia. I never voted for him again after that, and wrote a nastygram to him as well. Note that I no longer support direct democracy like that, as I don't believe letting ill-informed people vote directly for policies is going to produce the best result as measured by objective science. Australia's system may not be perfect, but I'm hard-pressed to figure out how to improve on it. In the exact case in question though, I believe the current Australian political parties are the ones who are either ill-informed or immoral, and in either case need to be replaced (all of them, since none of them at all are responding properly to the life-or-death situation being faced by Australia's Syrian allies).

P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.S. One guy said that I didn't have Bahrain listed, so I was biassed. I told him that I agreed that the people of Bahrain had the right to be free, and left it at that. Actually my plan for the Australian military has us abandoning territorial defence and relying on the US to protect us if anything goes wrong. I don't think it is strategic for us to go around bombing US allies when we're relying on them for protection (from China or whoever).

P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.S. Check out the chick I met at Auburn when I decided to move from Town Hall to a school. I'm definitely moving to Auburn while there's a chance I'll meet her again! Actually I have decided to start protesting in the streets of Auburn on weekends while ever there are Syrians still actively fighting. That's only fair. Somewhat fair. Better than nothing, anyway.

P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.S. I was also asked what religion I was. I really hate to have to answer that. I said the shahada in July 2012, but I don't want people to think I am some nutcase westerner who has decided to drop western science in favour of some romantic idea of Islam. So I stressed that this had nothing to do with religion, and that I was protesting at the NSW state elections for intervention in Libya, long before I said the shahada. Actually I decided to become a Muslim because I don't want certain segments (ie not everyone!!!) of Syrian society refusing to accept my help because I'm a kuffar. It's easier to simply become a Muslim and do the various rituals rather than make an issue out of something that should not be an issue in the struggle for freedom.

P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.S. The "interesting" guy asked me who wrote my headband, and that I didn't write it myself. I agreed I didn't write it myself, and told him that it was written by someone at the Arabic Sufi prayer/chanting session (zikr) in Auburn that I sometimes attend. He couldn't think of a snide remark to say about that.

P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.S. One observation - if I walk on the streets, without doing anything in particular, I am basically a "neutral" and can seamlessly pass through crowds. But as soon as I advertise this political view, people suddenly split into pro-liberation, anti-liberation and neutral. The split exists in Australia, and I met people from both the pro and anti camp. This is basically the exact same split that exists in Syria. The Syrian civil war isn't just in Syria. It's also in Australia.

P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.S. I had one interesting reaction from a Lebanese - she misread my sign, or maybe thought that I was some government official or something, because she said "The Australian government is finally doing something?" and I had to explain to her that no, that was the problem!

P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.S. I had this conversation with a "friend" of mine from my teenage years. We had great respect for each other back then, but then she took a leftist path while I took a rightist path. She's now a watermelon (green (environmentalist) outside, red (communist) inside) and I had the following conversation with her today:

hi vvv. i did another one-man protest. this time for syria
i'm planning on protesting for as long as the syrians are fighting
i'll give up when they give up
check out the cool chick i met:
click on the photo for a larger version
yeah its outrageous how the media portray american takeover as resistance

i will meet you over the barrel of a gun one day. :-)smile
the syrian civil war exists globally, and in australia between whites too
just the weapons are different, as appropriate
Basically, I consider this callous cow to be directly responsible for 9/11. She has both attacked a completely innocent America who is NOT trying to take over Syria. Just like her more active colleagues did on 9/11. Also she gives no rights to the Syrian rebels to live in freedom, while she has enjoyed the full benefits of living in a free country her entire life. It's disgraceful and disgusting. Would I really kill her? No, of course not. She has the right to air her disgusting views, and I have a right to air what to her is a disgusting view. The battlefield we meet on is election day. Also, the victor at the ballot box gets to change the education system, so each of us tries to influence future voters. Although it should be noted from the Libyan example that even with 4 decades of complete control of the education system by Gaddafi, people still smell bullshit from a mile away. Even if I had a minority view, I do not believe she would suppress it. She would merely try social engineering of future generations to try to get them to think the same as her. If she picked up a gun and took away my human rights then I would kill her in an instant though. But she's not doing that. Her ally Assad is though. I don't know how the Australian education system manages to churn out such different points of view though.
She made a reasonable point though. She attacked the media for not presenting her point of view. And indeed, that is true. Even though I consider the media to be full of left-wing ratbags (who would never ever - none of them - let my right-wing opinions get airtime), at the end of the day, they do indeed show the rebels as glorious freedom fighters and the Assad dictatorship as the bad guy. The media just doesn't want us to actually take any action. It's almost like they need a long drawn-out war to continue so that they have material every night. Or maybe they just like the idea of revolutions, having been brought up on complete lies about the American "revolution". I don't know. The media (none of it - including Muslim media) is willing to let someone like me get anywhere near them so that I can question them about what their agenda is. As I once read - people in power love the status quo. If you think you know of a media outlet that is genuinely independent of the current power structures, see if they're willing to publish the photo below and be prepared to find out the truth. I need to organize at a grassroots level, one person at a time, because no media outlet will let me fast-track that. That's fine. Australia is a democracy, so no-one is holding me back, and as I said before - check out the chicks we have here!!!


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