Fuck Andromeda

paul: to war!
paul: yes, you will definitely make me happy
paul: you agreed to all the things i wanted already
kelly: A big heart at war
paul: surprise me with the things i asked to be surprised with
kelly: Id like to organize your pattaya here
paul: yes please!
kelly: I know that will make you very very happy
paul: it will indeed
kelly: Yeah i know
paul: and blasting fucking aliens out of our solar system also makes me very happy
kelly: What a BIG smile!
kelly: I can feel the strong bond between us now
paul: we were here first. FUCK ALIENS
paul: although if they've got triple-breasted whores, we can negotiate
paul: although in all honesty, that doesn't really appeal to me
paul: but i'd like to make contact with friendly aliens
paul: exchange ideas
paul: advance the universe together
paul: or the galaxy, anyway
paul: the Milky Way. My home.
paul: Fuck those arseholes from Andromeda
kelly: Talking with aliens is interesting
paul: although a marriage between the Milky Way and Andromeda may be possible in time.
paul: If those pricks stop being suck arseholes
paul: such
paul: i've never seen such galaxyists as the Andromedans
paul: us Milky-Wayists are raised believing that God created all galaxies as equals
paul: the pricks from Andromeda are raised to believe that Andromedans are better that all other galaxies
paul: let's pre-emptively blast them before it's too late
paul: they've probably got a secret weapons development program that we don't know about, and plan to enslave us Milky-
paul: which is a fate worse than death
paul: so i say - fuck Andromeda now!
paul: do not hesitate, the freedom of the free galaxies is on the line
paul: we'll form an alliance with non-galaxists galaxies to FUCK ANDROMEDA
kelly: Why
paul: and we will do WHATEVER IT TAKES, including taking over smaller galaxies, to ensure that we defeat the Andromedans
paul: because when the Milky Way's freedom is at stake - all is fair
paul: wow
paul: my brain is changing
kelly: Tell me the changes
paul: a sense of relief
kelly: From what to what
paul: clarity of thought
paul: all is fair
paul: there was a reason for everything that happened
paul: your scars etc
kelly: What about my scars?
paul: it had to be done, kelly
paul: we needed these lessons from history
kelly: Yeah i really want it ti be treated
paul: we need to defeat pacifism
kelly: That would really make me very very happy
kelly: You've started changing my life go
kelly: To a better one
paul: we can't let women's nurturing, loving nature be the only force in the world
paul: we need men to fight and fight and fight
kelly: That is a huge difference
paul: otherwise our solar system may be enslaved by aliens
kelly: Women should remain as beautifull as they should be for men will be recharged from war after seeing them
paul: women need to be protected, but in turn need to defer to men to actually do that protection
paul: yes, that sounds good
kelly: Correct
kelly: Yeah that will allow men to exude their softer side
paul: perhaps i'm not God. I'm just a great scientist.
paul: theoretically people in power could have set most of this up
paul: i'm dependent on the internet
kelly: Whatever. And whoever you are for me you are great of all
paul: my body was physically manipulated in 2004
kelly: So our story is a good backup
paul: by an unseen force
kelly: That could not be so dependent on the internet
kelly: Your skills is undenyably powerfull
paul: yes, do you understand how i abstracted the problem of countries on earth and talked about galaxies instead?
kelly: I need more time to understand it
paul: can i post this conversation on my blog?
paul: this will hopefully get the chinese etc to change their ways
kelly: I hope not those with personal conversation
kelly: Which bit would you like to post?
paul: i need to make the bit about galaxies publicly available
paul: to fix earth
paul: how about you take this conversation, and censor whatever you want, and then give it to me, and i'll post that
kelly: Yes please
paul: i'll make a blog post called "fuck andromeda"
kelly: Thanks so much i feel so much respected
paul: i hope andromeda is an actual galaxy or i might look a bit stupid. let me check.
paul: yes, there is indeed a galaxy by that name. although there's also a constellation by that name. and i don't know what
the difference is
paul: ah, i see
paul: the andromeda galaxy is an individual
kelly: I think you can post starting from this message: to war!
paul: the andromeda constellation is a group of galaxies
paul: same as humans
paul: humans and countries
kelly: And then i replied: a big heart for war
kelly: Great to know that
paul: and we need to distinguish whether we're fighting all of the andromeda constellation, or whether we're fighting just
individual galaxies. who is our real enemy?
paul: and can we form alliances with individual galaxies within the andromeda constellation?
paul: i wonder why i couldn't see this earlier?
paul: anyway, back down on this planet, the japanese twins will do just fine
paul: and you of course. my beautiful filipina bride-to-be
kelly: You had so many toughts tonight
paul: yes, thanks to you
paul: i couldn't have done this on my own
paul: God was speaking via you, leading me in the right direction
paul: but letting me write the actual words
kelly: Great
paul: this may be how movies are created
paul: where creative ideas come from
paul: we have a wonderful romance story available now
paul: of how much God cared for humans
paul: and hopefully soon, humans will in turn start loving God
paul: with humility
paul: given the complete cockup they made of the world themselves
paul: although truth be told, it wasn't really their fault
paul: the cockup was probably a setup, probably from me

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