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I came across a timely article today regarding alleged racism from Australian soldiers in Afghanistan. That's right. Australian soldiers who freely volunteered to spill their blood so that Afghans could be free, are being accused of racism. I mean. If that isn't the "fuck me dead" article of the fucking year, then what is?

First a bit of background. As most of you probably know, most nations like to have their own identity. So sheep-fuckers like the Kiwis will tell Australian jokes like:

Q. Why wasn't Jesus Christ born in Australia?
A. Because God couldn't find three wise men and a virgin.

Just to let us know that they're an independent nation state, and are in no way related to Australians. Thank God for that too I might add. Have you ever heard their accents? Sux hundred and suxty-sux sheep and all? Even the American accent "I'm going to Mel-born today" has got to be better than that. But I digress.

You may be aware that the stupid Canucks hate being called American for the same reason. Yeah, that's understandable. So how do these fragile-egoed morons conduct themselves? By voting for the opposite of what America does, without question. Which means that 99.99999% of the time they have to adopt an immoral position just to prove that they are independent.

Australia does it a different way. We belittle the yanks, and swear at/call them a word they don't really like (yanks), to let them know that we don't consider ourselves to be under them in any way at all, and if we come to the exact same conclusion as them 99.99999% of the time it's because they're fucking right most of the fucking time. What else can we do? So we denigrade them in public, while in private we would quite literally take a nuke for them.

A Chinese guy asked me this question today (excuse the English - what else do you expect from a FUCKING CHICOM?):

O. I have never dab a vedio before, which must be interesting, and I have
one question for you.
How to address the white people here in Australia? I thought it would be
unpolite to call them white people.
But do you have an antonym of " aboriginal peoople", or some other academic
words to refer to this group of people?

Here is my reply ...

I call them "skips".

"skips" is nominally a derogatory word, which is why I love to use it. :-)

As in "this fucking skip ..."

Just like I would refer to you as a "fucking chicom". :-)

Comprende comrade? :-)

Anyway, if you bother to get to know any of those diggers who are up for summary execution, you will find that not one of them is a racist. My one aboriginal contact assures me he's never met one genuinely racist Australian in his life. I certainly haven't. Not a skip, anyway. Not unless you count anti-white whites. Every time I point this fact out to a skip, the skip often responds with "well I'm not racist but I know xyz who is". I've always been interested to meet "xyz" as I think as a white I'd be fucking scared of xyz myself, and I bet he's just a bastard in general, or far more likely the charge is false. I've been an endless victim at the hands of fucking skips, and it's not because I'm a skip myself.

Anyway, all these constant attacks on innocent skips means that real racism is never being addressed. And that hurts non-whites far more than whites, as it's the non-whites who inevitably end up in jail due to racist attacks.

Note that in the comments section of this blog, I often get charged (by anti-white whites) with racism, despite the fact that if you bother to read my blog I spend a ridiculous amount of time attempting to protect the human rights of rag-heads. In fact, just today I referred to (certain - racist) Libyans as rag-heads, to another rag-head. I was in a hurry so didn't notice if he understood it.

But there's an easy solution to this problem. I will contact a variety of wogs, rag-heads, coons, curry-munchers, yanks, poms etc that I have known me for several years, and get them to say in their own words whether they think I am a racist or not, after reading this post. I will ask them to read this post before commenting and they can answer in their own words whether I have treated them as wogs, rag-heads etc.

Meanwhile, Houston, we have a problem. Brave diggers who have sworn an oath to protect civilians physically, are running afoul of civilian laws that seek to prosecute them for their freedom of speech and NON-racism. I will be asking my Afghan (ie in Afghanistan) friend to defend their honour, since the sick nasty fascists who run this police state will not stand up for them by implementing a Bill of Rights or somesuch. So it falls on civilians like me to think of something to protect our diggers from civilians.

Let me think guys. Hey, you could help yourselves by helping me spread this message perhaps?

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