Fascist Australia Part 3

Here is the semi-raw diary of what I wrote while incarcerated. A continuation of Part 2

1/3 - Asked for a stereo to listen to the radio - could do so in the Activities room. Actually, earlier in the morning met a guy very difficult to understand who said he thought he was the reincarnation of Buddah. Quite difficult to understand. He wanted me to squeeze his hand as tight as I could. Also he asked for a hug (which I did). Not sure what that was about. Met a guy supposedly from Iraq. I thought he was an Aboriginal. Sam was screaming for a cigarette and I suggested a Nicorette Inhaler. The "Iraqi" (Christian/Chris) showed me what the real Australian flag should be - the Eureka flag from Ballarat. I took this drawing. An external contact finally came good and I was able to get my mobile phone back.

Met doctor. Can't remember what the conversation was about, but I do remember being scared that anything I said may be used against me and I had no lawyer. And these are pseudo-science quacks we're talking about too. How fucking dangerous is that? Australia part of the free world? Hah! Did you know they can electrocute you against your will too? Judge, jury and quite literally sometimes executioner. Hope it doesn't happen to one of your loved ones. These people don't even attempt to out-debate you with logic. Electrocution? Sure, man. That opinion is just too fucking whacky and I can't think of a way around it. They euphamistically call this dangerous environment with violent psychopaths (some with criminal records) a "treatment centre" instead of "incarceration centre" and they euphemistically call us patients instead of inmates. I actually have (semi-forced) health insurance, but it doesn't give me the right to solitary confinement with a fucking MP3 player (I hate ads so can't stand radio too much). And I'm a 185cm tall, 95kg male. If you can see how scared I was - and then realise they even put females into this dangerous environment!

I was being fed misinformation by the patients as to where my suburb was actually located. One said it was in the Blue Mountains. I asked for a street directory so that I could ensure reality was how I remembered it. The thing about computer simulations is that reality can change, and if you get it wrong, you can be electrocuted by the state.

I also asked for the white/yellow pages so that I could find the damned school. Good Samaritan college was not where I was expecting it to be. Had I been transported. Only later did I find out where I got "good samaritan" from. I kept insisting that I wouldn't have crossed the street if I hadn't seen that sign which at least allowed me to test the theory of benevolence if nothing else. Of course none of the doctors had any interest in assisting me to get this information I needed. All this "care" is all a farce. They're just after a paycheck basically. Which I wouldn't mind if the bastards had an incentive to release me rather than claiming overtime.

These people seriously jeapordized my continued employment too. They don't give a shit about my wellbeing.

Anyway, back to the cigarette, Brendan "informed" me that not all smokers were nicotine junkies. Funny though. I soon saw lots of people using the inhaler. Maybe there is a silver lining to this cloud after all - it's a forced introduction to the inhaler. I'm very sensitive to cigarette smoke.

Another inmate was an Aboriginal woman who came from Coorparoo, Brisbane, neare where my grandmother used to live. In fact, I was wondering whether she WAS my grandmother in disguise. With a computer simulation, anything is possible.

One "amusing" thing is that despite years of mulling over how I could survive in a hell-hole like this again, I ended up with no way of escaping into my musical or computing world, and even lost mobile phone access. Eventually an ipod gave me a chance of escape.

Another "amusing" thing is that a frustrated inmate was talking angrily to a nurse and turned to me and asked if he was being reasonable just "aggressively defending his position". I said "no, it is not appropriate". When there's a genuine threat of violence, and you're chewing out someone who has no say over what the rules are, it's very inappropriate.

2/3 - Met a new guy - Michael - who asked a lot of strange questions. But those questions teased out some useful info. E.g. what drives me? Human suffering! And Brendan came up with a theory - "Jews provided law, Christians forgiveness and Muslims discipline". He also berated me for calling myself a Muslim. No doctor came to see me today despite a printed form (which they hadn't given me - I had to ask for it) saying I was entitled to AT LEAST ONE visit every 24 hours, not "maximum of one". I started the process of getting someone arrested and jailed for breaking the very clear law in black and white. I started by reporting the problem to the nurse and ringing the Mental Health Advocacy Service.

3/3 - My human rights continued to be violated today. Australian law also continued to be violated as no doctor saw me so I wasn't even in with a chance to escape this prison. There should be some "failsafe" procedure where if the doctors are understaffed, prisoners should be set free, given that Australian law apparently isn't worth the paper it's written on when the Australian government refuses to obey their own fucking laws. This is a repeat of where it says that I have freedom of religion but in practice I don't. And the courts just laugh when I attempt to show them that I have every right to express a religious opinion (even if I express one as a test of the system more than anything else). It is for reasons such as this that I attempted to escape to China because I cannot tell just how corrupt the system is. Also there were some near-violent situations today.

P.S. I did end up seeing a doctor after all, but still no leave. Trumped-up charges appear to be:

1. Police at Rosebank College said I was confused/distracted or something (admittedly I had made up an obviously bullshit story about Libyan oil).

2. At initial interview I had disorganized thought and an elevated mood. Hell, if they had told me they were going to lock me up I would have dropped the elevated mood thing, and disorganized thought just needs me to shut up - I hadn't been read my Miranda rights after all - admittedly that is possibly because I don't live in America).

3. I admitted to having reduced hours of sleep (self-incriminating there - and it was only a vague statement anyway - shit, what fucking hell-hole did this fucking country fall out of?).

4/3 - A major win today as I got a working ipod, although not with my own music loaded. More interestingly, I was entitled to a lawyer. I was all set to present the 24 hr no-show as a violation of the law plus I saw the 3-day limit on incarceration. Then I found out the fine print! That was "mentally disordered". I have been diagnosed as "mentally ill" which apparently means they can lock me up and throw away the key. I'm sure there's a great way for Rowan Atkinson to turn this into a comdey, but the only thing I can think of is that I wish I had a book called "Dummies Guide to being Mentally Disordered". Also today I "smuggled" in some lollies having learnt that the fast track to popularity in cubs/scouts, and handed some of them out.

Ok, found out that "disordered" is for people who are drunk etc. They need the effects worn off so that they can be diagnosed as "ill". So all those rules go out the window and I don't need to see a doctor. But also this means I become a victim of another rule. I have been authorized to go to another ward where I am allowed leave (a precious commodity) but the other ward is full. It is grossly unfair that my freedom should be dependent on someone in the other ward dying. Damn, where's a sniper rifle when you need one?

4/3 - Nothing special today. There were some conflicts that went to physical violence in one case though. Everyone is extremely pissed off at being incarcerated. Now armed with an ipod so I can shut much of this out. They are real bastards exposing me to this danger though. It is a cruel joke that they like to claim they are helping me. These people are little Gaddafis.

5/3 - I hope to get let out soon so that I can make the 9/3 "appointment" some time betwen 8am - 12 noon at Sydney University. Ironically, at the previous meeting with the old guy, I wrote down that I was in danger. But there was never any danger from the Feds/ASIO - but there is the ever-present danger from other frustrated inmates here. I'm just hoping I can make the distance here so tht I can escape to relative security outside rather than having the government forcing me to live in a dangerous environment hoping that someone else will do their dirty work for them. At least now that I have a charger for my ipod I shold be able to keep my cocoon for that time. Someone brought some cards so I played one hand of "two-handed solitaire". News shows that the Libyan result is still uncertain. Need NATO air cover!

6/3 - A glimmer of hope as I got transferred to a different section of the ward (that allows leave). Unfortunately the violent confrontations continue. One incident where some guy gave me the middle finger because I didn't give him my ipod. Another one kicked a bin. I believe that both attackers are smaller than me and I can beat them if push comes to shove. However, I am not the sort of person who underestimates his enemy, and act as if he has as weapons resembling a nuclear bomb up his sleeve. I'll probably need to speak to the doctor/nurse about this in case I am blamed for fighting. Fortunately I can lock myself in my room to minimize possibility of violence from strangers. However, I ended up talking to others instead, about Iraq war etc. One guy - Hugh - even rang up his dad and asked him to read my blog.

I got leave and released soon after this so stopped trying to emulate Ann Franks. Speaking of sexy women, I guess the whole thing was worth it just to see the sexy nurse called Esther who I think was from the Philippines and I probably should have chatted her up with all my knowledge of "laban" etc. She gave me a printout that proved that no-one was reading my blog, and she confirmed that she was a non-reader, so this comment should be safe! I also know a smattering of Hindi that is enough to impress the Indian babes. I've got passing knowledge of English too, but I don't seem to get on well with white chicks. Not that I'm a racist or anything. Maybe they are?

P.S. Question posed by Michael:

Q. Would you commit yourself to a lifetime of slavery in exchange for world freedom?

A. No. Death yes. Unlimited torture - no. (Sorry guys, I'm not claiming to be perfect).

Reconcile why my life is more important than the entire world. Perhaps because of the need to ever have to make such a terrible choice in the first place is why I so desperately want to liberate everyone now, while we have the opportunity.

I consider torture to be far worse than death. If there was some agreement that I gave up my freedom termporarily and that the free world would soon arrive and rescue me, then that would be acceptable. I can't see any evidence of such a pact in the world.

I am willing to take a SMALL percentage RISK of ending up in slavery. E.g. an American soldier being captured by Iraqi insurgents.

But at some level I consider my own rights to be worth more than all the suffering in the world. I am willing to devote ALL of my spare time so that the rest of the world can be free AS WELL *not* INSTEAD OF me.

Also don't forget that that is a hypothetical question. No-one has explained by what mechanism that trade would be possible. What we actually have is westerners with the ability to get others freed for no personal risk, yet refusing to even make that non-trade. And THAT is the real problem we need to address.

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