Falun Gong Forever

I have previously posted on the importance of Friday prayers. These nominally allow a revolution to start whenever an unjust government is in power.

However, horses for courses. In China, the Falun Gong is more appropriate, which is why China is so keen to ban it.

What we probably need is some sort of guarantee that at least the people of Hong Kong can continue to enjoy the freedoms they had under British colonial rule. And this means that we must be prepared for nuclear war with China in order to protect the people of Hong Kong. I have heard that the Chinese already go around saying "watch what you say or we'll nuke you" to "foreigners". Well, perhaps its about time they got a dose of their own medicine. Stealth bombers and other technology may be able to render China's nukes inoperative and we can free the Chinese people. I reckon as soon as we have the technology/spies/viruses in place - go ahead.

As an aside, I would like to point to this forum chain, where I believe(d) that I found God. I have made contacct with Susan Sayler (who calls herself "Empress of the Global Universe"), but she denied that she is God. And indeed, there is plausible deniability of that. But that message, at that time, was pure gold to me. I was also in stitches at this sentence - "We can discuss with our pets how the cell phone uses microwaves, or show them where to plug in the cable to watch TV, but pets lack the brain capacity to follow a complex line of logical deduction.". Even though I now have a face for God, I haven't really spent any time reading her work. I've just read the one article that she posted, which is also available here. Her work will take ages to sift through, and with her in denial, I am going to concentrate on what can be done (to secure Libya e.g.) via my normal logic. Also, it's just so bizarre that the stupid self-help video "The Secret" would be held up as having any value whatsoever. Skeptics can and do thoroughly debunk that. Like I said - it'll take time to digest all this.

Also, one other comment - one of my contacts from the Philippines was surprised when (after she gave me some "lessons") I said I was wondering whether she was God or not. She asked how she could be God when I knew more than her (not surprising, being nearly twice her age). I explained to her that she could get her superpowers "back" in 10 minutes from now, and then she'll start judging me by how I have treated her when she was powerless. etc etc. In the case of Susan, she has outclassed me in the science department. I also have a working theory that God manifests himself (actually, these examples are both female - so maybe "herself" is more appropriate) through different actors at different times. I have a long story of such manifestations happening in the last days of February 2011. I'll blog about that another day.

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