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During the Iraq war, there was one important thing that I could provide to the debate, that was otherwise hard to come by. I wasn't a friggin Seppo!!! I wasn't even a Christian.

I was thus able to step through the logic of why liberating Iraq was a good action, nay, an extremely good action, a noble cause, without any opportunity for the left-wing to dismiss my opinion as "biassed American imperialist". The Americans themselves weren't imperialists either. They are good people. If you bother to talk to them, you will find out that they are nice people. They don't try to rip you off, or discriminate against you because you're not American. They will be the very best of friends with you if you connect at a personal level. Hell, I'd be willing to consider them as honorary Australians, since they seem to follow a good deal of the Australian (or at least, my) spirit.

Recently I stumbled across some hard-hitting blogs by black Americans. In the past if I wanted to read right-wing views I would go to some of the famous American blogs, which I think are mostly done by whites, except for Michelle Malkin, who is ethnic Filipino from memory.

But now that I have discovered these black blogs, I think I will stick with them. It's the same information, but since it's coming from a black person, it helps validate the logic by ensuring that race bias is taken out of the equation. Many of my pro-Iraq-war arguments were nothing that you couldn't get from an American too. Most of it was just damned obvious. ie is freeing 27 million people from a cruel dictatorship good or bad in your opinion? But man, I really liked to stick the knife into these left-wing scum. I would actually hound a left-wing Australian etc and after mentioning the 27 million recently-freed slaves, say that that was surely worthy of a simple "thanks America", so that some of the American participants could see how grateful this left-wing scumbag was. Of course none of them could ever muster a simple "thanks" (nevermind like this), but it was enjoyable just to watch the scum squirm as they were cornered by an Australian trying to get them to actually thank our American brothers for all their wonderful deeds.

Anyway, as you can expect from any right-wing political site, there's so much to quote that you may as well cut and paste the entire blog and/or abandon your own blog, because the cold hard logic that is required is there for all to see. So it is with great reluctance that I quote just a couple of gems.

Here we have:

"In fact, that you’re even reading this blog means that you are automatically racist (unless of course you aren’t /White/ Euro-American. in which case you are a sell-out, self loathing, Uncle Tom… unless you’re Asian or Latino in which case we don’t care what you think because you don’t matter in the racial politics of liberalism, except when we want to make a campaign poster or talk about illegal immigration and how Republicans hate you all… but I digress)."

Man, the utter contempt we share for the left. I really like that Euro-American. Never heard that before. Yeah, I don't want to be called white. It's offensive, man! Actually, I think "Euro" is a bit of a slang/slur/derogatory. A bit like calling Aborigines "abos". I want the full name typed. Euroweenie. I mean, European-American. Hang on. There are continental Europeans and off-continental Europeans (spent a lot of time fighting each other too), so I think it's probably best to tell it how it is - Continental-European-American (if you're a wog), or Off-Continental-European-American (if you're a Limey). Anything less than that would be offensive. Similar how it must be offensive to an African-American to be called a "black American", which would potentially associate him with all those Curry Munchers, sorry, Non-native-Indian-Well-Still-Native-But-Native-of-India-Indian-Indian-Americans. Anyway, it's rather that the left-wing has managed to get such tight control of the media that basically some opinions can't be aired. That's pretty tragic for a democracy. Fortunately the internet arrived in time.

And here's the other one:

"No mention of how when some white liberals find out that someone is a black conservative, they demand to know why you don't fit the sterotype."

Right. Basically the onus should be the other way around. Um, did you listen to the very clear logic laid out by McCain about why we need to stay in Iraq etc etc? Why do you think that black people would have trouble following that logic, when 50% of white people somehow manage to? Do you think we're all stupid and incapable of rational thought or something? You know all about Condaleeza Rice's intellect, right? So you can see that, but still think that all blacks are mindless morons that goose-step to the Democrat party line? Tell me more about why you think that. Next you'll be telling me that it's Arab "culture" to want a sadistic dictator like Saddam in power, and also part of Arab "culture" to be happy to have your daughter raped and your tongue cut out, right?

Uh-oh, I think I called someone black. I'd better dob myself in to the anti-anti-reverse-racism discrimination committee or whatever they're calling themselves these days.

Actually, before I leave, the conservative commenters correctly stated what a joke Obama's Nobel Peace Prize is when he didn't do anything in his less than 1 year in office to produce peace. Or did he? I would argue that getting the Russians to not be such nutcases is really and truly peace. Not merely non-combat either. That truly is peace between USA and Russia. Yes, I know it is Russia's fault, and I know that the USA can't be held hostage to Russian paranoia, but regardless, I consider this to be taking a second step. Also, it should be noted that Russia allowed ex-Soviet territory into NATO, and quite frankly, that's like 50 steps already and I really did expect more from NATO. I have argued before that NATO headquarters should move to Russia for joint planning. Or something along those lines. Hey, it'd be real cool if Obama picked up that theme.

I can't believe I'm still talking about Obama. However, I must continue. Sounds like Obama doesn't want to send more troops to Afghanistan. That's not a problem either. The Afghan National Army will win any war eventually, regardless of whether the US sends 200 special forces (like they started off with, and had dramatic success), or whether it sends 200,000. It really doesn't matter. The important thing to do was to switch the government and fund the ANA. That's it. Anything more than that is a bonus, or perhaps "playing around on the edges". If Obama wants to use troops somewhere else, that's fine by me. So long as they leave a footprint of 200, or be very sure they have reliable Afghans to replace those 200, that's perfectly fine.

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