I was in a chat room yesterday with someone who was accusing Australians collectively of keeping the Aboriginals down. This is an interesting phenomena which I would like to discuss. Basically my whole life I have been raised with the MSM blaring that "whites are racist". This has led to white people being defensive and swearing blind that they're not racist. It has led to white people truly not being racist. But the media is still stuck on the opinion that the only reason blacks et al are not doing so well in society is because of racist whites. And it's not just our media, the foreign media does the same thing, and foreigners are taught how racist whites are and as an example, Hitler is used - as if Hitler were representative of modern-day whites. And once again, the whites are keeping the Arabs down.

So now we find ourselves in an Orwellian world, with the racists universally being acclaimed as non-racist while the non-racists are acclaimed as racists. It has led to super tolerance among the whites, as we are constantly reminded how wonderful the foreigners are, and if only we could achieve their level of non-racism, the world would be so much better.

This "Arabs are just the same as us" attitude has had the effect that when it came to the liberation of Iraq, we were expecting the Iraqis to be happy to be liberated, and we were happy to be liberating them. We got to see who the real racists were - the left wing. The left wing viewed the Arabs as a different culture and thus we shouldn't be interfering with their internal affairs. They presumably liked living under a dictator and being raped and killed.

So now we have a situation where we need to ensure that the Arabs are no longer raised with gross racism. And that they're not raised as religious bigots either. This is actually the solution to the War on Terror - eliminating racism and religious bigotry. Stop the Muslims from only praying for other Muslims as the non-Muslims are sub-humans on their way to Hell. The same as Christians are well-versed at praying for all humans. It's a tough job to make this cultural change. I think the internet will help though. We can all do our part via chat rooms. Because the truth is on our side.





Which charity should you donate your money to? What should you be doing with your free time? Difficult questions. I'll tell you what my attitude was. I wanted the most bang per buck of my limited resources. I wanted my money used in the most strategic manner possible. Most charities spend their money creating a temporary increase in standard of living. To me, that is pouring water into sand. And this is where most people choose to put their money and time. I instead chose to hold on to my money until such time as I would be able to donate it in a manner that would have a lasting effect. And because I was a good computer programmer, I chose to spend my time writing public domain code.

The first time I found a worthy cause to donate my money to was after the Romanians had their revolution against the communist dictatorship. I figured if people were willing to put their life on the line to usher in a democracy, then I was at least willing to pay for their bandages. I felt that the money spent on Romania was not wasted, as there was an INSTITUTIONAL EFFECT. Without a dictator sucking the resources away, the people of Romania were now going to be in a position to help themselves.

The next time I found somewhere to donate money to was after the liberation of Iraq. There were several blogs started up by pro-liberation Iraqis. I thought it was important that their message be heard in America. So I donated money to several of the Iraqi blogs. Once again, I was after an INSTITUTIONAL EFFECT, which was for the Americans to reelect Bush so that the US would remain in Iraq. Ohio was won with just a handful of votes. The Iraqi blogs may have made the difference. Also, the main Iraqi blog started a political party. I donated to that too, hoping that they would get elected and put Iraq on a good path. Unfortunately their party didn't take off.

The next and final time I found somewhere to donate my money to was an Afghan blogger, Waheed. Actually I met Waheed on IRC and encouraged him to start his own blog. He was a pro-liberation Afghan working as a translator for the US Army. Once again, I wanted an appreciative Afghan to get his message to the US, so that the US would remain engaged in Afghanistan instead of abandoning it. The maximum INSTITUTIONAL EFFECT possible. I also found out that Waheed was spending half his wage on taxi fares because he couldn't get a car loan. I forwarded the several thousand US dollars required for a car to Waheed, on the condition that he pay the money back - but not to me. I wanted him to use the money to buy pencils for impoverished Afghan schoolchildren. Once again I believe that Afghan children getting a modern education instead of a "hate America" education is going to cause an institutional effect in that Afghanistan will remain a member of the free world.

Another thing I have done is spend a lot of time analyzing the Iraqi, American and Australian people to try to figure out why some people opposed the ending of the Iraqi holocaust, which included INSTITUTIONALIZED RAPE. I spent all my time analyzing this question via the Iraqi blogs. The conclusion I finally came to was that the pro-war people are in a TRIBE of ANTI-SUBJUGATORS, which is why I started this blog under that name. The challenge now is to get more people to join this tribe.

One other attitude that I have had in my life is to save up my money so that I could secure myself first, so that I would then be in a position to help secure others. It turned out to be exactly the case. I was in a strong position to be able to spend time analyzing the Iraqis et al.

I believe I have taken an optimal path as far as donating money to charities is concerned. All of it in an attempt to fix this earth instead of waiting for Utopia in the next.

Also, some people see Bill Gates's enormous wealth and think that it is unfair that an economic system produces such an effect, and want to install revolutionary socialism instead. However, I took the attitude that we needed PUBLIC DOMAIN competitors to Microsoft, and sought to put code into the public domain, leading by example. Unfortunately most people donating code don't make their code public domain, which restricts the ability of commercial enterprises from picking up the code and turning it into a commercial product. But I at least tried my best.




Indian Leadership

Open letter to Dr Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India.

Dear Sir,
First of all I'd like to thank you for your country's contribution during World War II - something that is not often acknowledged.

But my reason for writing now is that the free world needs your help again. Instead of being a "neutral" country, I would like to see India allied with the rest of the free world. It pained me to see India, the world's most populous democracy, tacitly allying itself with the Soviet Union, one of the worst dictatorships ever, during the Cold War. Why weren't you allying with us instead? We had the hand of friendship extended to India all that time, but you basically spat on that extended hand, for no valid reason.

However, it is possible to make amends for this past flirtation with the USSR. Instead of remaining as an obstensibly non-aligned country, you can instead take the leadership of the free world. You can start by unilaterally declaring war on Iran, and then building a coalition to topple the Iranian dictatorship. Give as your reason for declaring war the fact that the Iranian people are being subjugated. At the moment the US is taking the lead because no-one else is stepping up to the plate. As an Australian, I don't like seeing such dependence on the US. Because maybe one day the US will stop caring about the rest of the world, which collectively lambasts the US for no valid reason. I would rather see the US as a member of the coalition instead of being the leader of the coalition. I hope you will rise to the occasion, and stand proudly as a member of the free world. The free world considers India to be our brothers, even though India itself curiously doesn't seem to want to be our brothers.

Yours sincerely,
Paul Edwards.




Dealing with Terrorists

Take a look at this. It is the Road of a Nation forum that has been hacked. All the conversations have been replaced with a message of "Fuck Americans". This is essentially computer terrorism. In order to solve the problem of terrorism, we need to change every single individual on the planet who hates Americans to instead love Americans. This is the lesson that the Prophet Jesus gave us - love thy enemy. It seems that many people calling themselves Christians or Muslims are not following Jesus's teaching.

Basically at an individual level, the only thing that is going to stop a terrorist is his religion. That is why I have provided a religion designed to solve this problem. It, or something similar to it, needs to be spread over the world so that instead of hacking a site, the problem would instead be reported to the website owner for rectification.

Australia should put its arse on the line and take the flak that is currently being directed at Americans. Basically take the lead in the War on Terror. Basically the problem is that there are too many people who think that America is throwing its weight around instead of being a great contributor to the world. These people will not be mollified until such time as the whole world has been liberated and the US no longer has a need to invade other countries. The sooner we can get the liberations over and done with, the sooner we can take away one source of grievances that people have with America. So that is what I would ideally like to see. An Australian or Indian-led blitzkrieg across the globe, followed by a spread of Mu'tazilah across the globe.

I have decided to join the Australian Liberal Party to see if that enables me to have more influence on these events.


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