Indian Leadership

Open letter to Dr Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India.

Dear Sir,
First of all I'd like to thank you for your country's contribution during World War II - something that is not often acknowledged.

But my reason for writing now is that the free world needs your help again. Instead of being a "neutral" country, I would like to see India allied with the rest of the free world. It pained me to see India, the world's most populous democracy, tacitly allying itself with the Soviet Union, one of the worst dictatorships ever, during the Cold War. Why weren't you allying with us instead? We had the hand of friendship extended to India all that time, but you basically spat on that extended hand, for no valid reason.

However, it is possible to make amends for this past flirtation with the USSR. Instead of remaining as an obstensibly non-aligned country, you can instead take the leadership of the free world. You can start by unilaterally declaring war on Iran, and then building a coalition to topple the Iranian dictatorship. Give as your reason for declaring war the fact that the Iranian people are being subjugated. At the moment the US is taking the lead because no-one else is stepping up to the plate. As an Australian, I don't like seeing such dependence on the US. Because maybe one day the US will stop caring about the rest of the world, which collectively lambasts the US for no valid reason. I would rather see the US as a member of the coalition instead of being the leader of the coalition. I hope you will rise to the occasion, and stand proudly as a member of the free world. The free world considers India to be our brothers, even though India itself curiously doesn't seem to want to be our brothers.

Yours sincerely,
Paul Edwards.

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