Dealing with Terrorists

Take a look at this. It is the Road of a Nation forum that has been hacked. All the conversations have been replaced with a message of "Fuck Americans". This is essentially computer terrorism. In order to solve the problem of terrorism, we need to change every single individual on the planet who hates Americans to instead love Americans. This is the lesson that the Prophet Jesus gave us - love thy enemy. It seems that many people calling themselves Christians or Muslims are not following Jesus's teaching.

Basically at an individual level, the only thing that is going to stop a terrorist is his religion. That is why I have provided a religion designed to solve this problem. It, or something similar to it, needs to be spread over the world so that instead of hacking a site, the problem would instead be reported to the website owner for rectification.

Australia should put its arse on the line and take the flak that is currently being directed at Americans. Basically take the lead in the War on Terror. Basically the problem is that there are too many people who think that America is throwing its weight around instead of being a great contributor to the world. These people will not be mollified until such time as the whole world has been liberated and the US no longer has a need to invade other countries. The sooner we can get the liberations over and done with, the sooner we can take away one source of grievances that people have with America. So that is what I would ideally like to see. An Australian or Indian-led blitzkrieg across the globe, followed by a spread of Mu'tazilah across the globe.

I have decided to join the Australian Liberal Party to see if that enables me to have more influence on these events.

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