Fiji Elections

I have been following the results of Fiji's elections. There is great news. The non-racist party led by an ethnic Fijian has got 60% of the vote. Unfortunately the racist ethnic Fijian party SODELPA has got 27% of the vote, which basically means that 27/60 (ethnic Fijians are 60% of the population) = 45% of Fijians are racists.

I think it would be good if SODELPA could be shut down the same way that Vlaams Blok was shut down. While I believe that individuals have freedom of speech to be racist, I don't believe that racism should be allowed at any political level. The government should in fact be helping to make racism in individuals extinct by making it socially unacceptable. Not giving them a party to vote for.

It's a really tough question. On one hand I want to protect people who are being beaten up because of their race. On the other hand I want people to have their human right of freedom of speech.

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