Being frank with Frank

Open letter to Frank Bainimarama, Prime Minister of Fiji

Congratulations sir on your stunning victory. There was a real risk that the racist party SODELPA would get elected. Fortunately only about half of the ethnic Fijians voted for this racist party and thus you were able to get elected with a large majority.

The next challenge is to ensure SODELPA or any other racist party never gets elected again. Can I suggest that in order to do this, you start by splitting FijiFirst into two parties - FF-left and FF-right. Split up your MPs as to who is more left-wing vs right-wing. SODELPA and NFP will then only be able to influence economic policy by supporting the left or right-wing parties.

Alternatively you might consider banning racist parties the same way that Belgium does. That's a really tough choice to make though.

Note that I believe everyone has a right to have a rational, humanist, non-subjugating government, and SODELPA fails on the "humanist" test, as being racist is non-humanist.

Thankyou sir and good luck with your administration. Note that I am Australian and unlike my government I supported your coup to end racist government in Fiji.

Yours faithfully,
Paul Edwards.

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