Rat Race

When Argentina invaded the Falklands, I was surprised that the UK didn't nuke Argentina off the map. I considered the Argentinians to be a rat race, that would spread their dictatorship to part of the UK. And I thought that the whole point of nuclear weapons was to ensure that your territory didn't get invaded. The bluff had been called, and the UK needed to pay the piper.

However, I have the same opinion of Australia. After 9/11 I found that the light-hearted anti-Americanism (and anti-UK for that matter) that Australians (including me) engaged in, was in fact real. This unjustified negativity is completely unacceptable to me, and if America chooses to wipe Australia off the map, as part of its self-defence, I completely understand and do not mind if I am an inadvertant casualty in such an attack. All good Australians should accept such friendly fire, and I couldn't give a shit about how many bad Australians die.

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