Gaza is an interesting territory. It is effectively an independent state already. It could apply to join the UN, but for whatever reason it doesn't.

The end goal we have for the Gaza territory is that it be a secular capitalist liberal democracy, no different from Denmark.

Unfortunately Gaza is a long way off being like Denmark. The people of Gaza choose between two terrorist organizations instead of left/right economic splits. To move Gaza towards Denmark we need to get the people to support a new order. Unfortunately the people of Gaza are Nazified. So we need a de-nazification program. If we just set up two parties (left and right), there is a good chance that the current Nazified population will refuse to participate in the political process. We were very very lucky that this rejection did not happen in Iraq. But now that we have the Iraq example, there can be some confidence that the Gazans can get a similar government. I don't know how this can be set up though. Could the Israelis set it up, or would it require a US invasion, or would it happen naturally if the Israelis just killed Hamas and PLO personnel such that there is only non-terrorist organizations to choose from.

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