Kurdish Independence

Turkey has long been opposed to the Iraqi Kurds declaring independence from Iraq. And Turkey is an ally of the free world, for decades, and we don't wish to cross or betray them after all the assistance they have given (e.g. providing air bases to maintain the "no fly zone"). But for whatever reason, the Turks have had a change of heart. That is great. And now I think the time is right for Iraqi Kurds to declare independence. Thanks to ISIS, the Kurds have been able to take Kirkuk, so they hopefully now have all the territory from Iraq that they think belongs in greater Kurdistan.

This does have the unfortunate side-effect that the Kurds are no longer available to guide the Iraqis to decent government, but nevermind. The Iraqis are always going to vote for religious egg-heads, and I wouldn't want to live under egg-head rule myself.

Thanks Turkey!!!

P.S. Polls show that 79% of Kurds supported the 2003 Iraq war, versus 19% who opposed. That's a fantastic ally to have. Much better than Iraq as a whole. Imagine having an oil-rich ally of the free world. They would probably be eligible to join NATO too. :-)

P.P.S. Another figure of interest is that only 3.3% of all Iraqis liked Saddam. This shows how easy it is to control a population with modern weaponry.

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