Greetings Julie Bishop

Open Letter to Julie Bishop, Australian Foreign Minister

Hello Julie. I saw your comment here where you said:

‘‘Well, I supported the liberation of Iraq at that time. I thought Saddam Hussein was one of the worst dictators on the planet at that time. And his removal was a good thing.’’

A very obvious observation, a very accurate observation, yet an observation that more than 50% of Australians cannot grasp.

The fact that around (depends on poll) 50% of Australians do not subscribe to the basic principle that toppling cruel dictators is a just cause is very disturbing to me. I would like the Australian education system to explain why you (Julie) have the correct stance on this issue. Now that you are in power, what does the Liberal party intend to do to ensure Australian children learn that Vietnam and Iraq were just causes and that the Labor party betrayed our allies in both of those wars? If you don't change the education system, the left-wing narrative will continue to be propagated in our schools.

I have done enormous amount of analysis to find out why so many Australians aided and abetted a rapist like Saddam/Uday. The result of that analysis can be found here. I hope you can take the time to read it.

Paul Edwards,
Free World South.

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