Nuking America

I was an atheist for decades, and as an atheist I sought to produce Heaven on Earth instead of waiting for some theoretical paradise only visible after death and without a shred of evidence.

My idea of Heaven is that everyone in the world knows English, we all use the ISO date format (YYYY-MM-DD) and we all use metric. That is in addition to every country being a liberal democracy like Taiwan and Australia.

I am happy to adopt American (ie not British) English as the standard language, since English is defined by common usage, and Americans dominate. But at the end of the day, the Americans are too intransigent to switch their date format and measurement system.

So at some point in human evolution we need to get rid of (or quarantine) intransigent Americans.

Note that I believe America has an absolute human right to stick to their ridiculous MM/DD/YY date format. And I also believe that America today is doing more for freedom than any other country in the world. But none of that alters the fact that at the end of the day, I will cross swords with the Americans to try to create Heaven on Earth. Also I am willing to nuke China to prevent them from changing the international language to Chinese (unless we decide that Esperanto is what is spoken in Heaven). But the Chinese are not as intransigent as the Americans.

Basically if I were in charge of the world there would be a shitload more dead people!

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