Honesty in Religion

Around 1990 I was having a conversation with a German. The German said that he was ashamed to be German when he had to explain the Holocaust to his children. But I asked why the Germans supported Hitler's conquest of other countries, and he explained that that was natural - a great conqueror. I asked him whether other Germans would support a great conqueror now, and he said he thought so. Basically we have no choice but to keep Anglophone troops in Germany to ensure they don't become a rogue state again.

Anglophone pacifism as seen before WW2 was disastrous. It is very clear that Jesus's pacifism is a bankrupt ideology. Mohammad saw the need for perpetual warfare, and he was right. I wish Anglophone Christians would acknowledge that their (correct) ideology is closer to that of Mohammad than Jesus, and simply say that they are Muslims, and that Christian ideology is horrendous.

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