Egyptian House of Lords

As I have stated before, my loyalty is to rational, humanist, non-subjugating government - NOT democracy.

The Egyptians democratically-elected an Islamic government. Islamism and Communism are both dogmas, and thus the first rule of being rational is broken, meaning that the minority rationalists were denied their human rights.

It doesn't matter who brainwashed people into Islamism/Communism. It only matters that we can recognize that as such.

I see the Egyptian military as roughly rational, humanist and non-subjugating. Certainly moreso than the elected Muslim Brotherhood Morsi. I see the Egyptian military as a kind of "House of Lords" (in the UK). Power was transferred to a democracy over centuries. I don't think Egypt requires centuries, but it does require the military to keep close tabs on what democracy throws up for now.

What I would really suggest is that a new "Left" and "Right" party are artificially created along economic lines. With both parties staunchly secular. And both parties to be supported by the apolitical military/House of Lords.

I'm also in favour of military rule in Fiji. Instead of the racist civilian government that preceded that.

Anyway, I'm certainly happy to see what I consider to be progress in Egypt. I expected a democratic Syria to be a bit of a clusterfuck like Egypt, but this result in Egypt has reopened optimism for Syria. Syria is an enemy government which should be taken out, even if democracy leads to Islamic rule and there's no secular institution like the military to stand in the way.

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