Exterminate Whites

In my judgement, the world is not a safe place for white people. The anti-white racism that blames completely innocent white babies for slavery from centuries ago, is also very likely to simply enslave whites when it gets power via democracy. I would never have children in a situation like this. I'd rather whites simply died out. My only hope is that I personally will die before the enslavement begins.

Some whites are stupid enough to think that by glorifying an anti-white racist terrorist like Mandela that they will be spared from enslavement. Good luck with that theory. Risk your own kids with that, I'm certainly not risking mine. My suggestion for whites is to manage their own extermination. It is possible to be exterminated without being enslaved. Set up a safe place for whites, in the same way that Israel was set up to be a safe place for Jews.

The UK is an obvious place, as it is an island, and it has nukes. The plan would be for whites to flee from each racist haven such as Zimbabwe and South Africa, to the UK, where they would occupy an increasingly small territory until London is all that exists. Then launch all of the UK's nukes at London to ensure that every single white is wiped out. It is crucial that anyone with any white in them at all is guaranteed to be exterminated, as a life of slavery is worse than no life at all.

Of course most whites will be too stupid to heed this advice, and prefer to take their chances with the grovelling to racist terrorists. Fine. I should be dead in 40 years so I don't have to watch the horror personally, as it shouldn't be possible for the demographics to change so much in 40 years. I hope technology doesn't increase to the point that life can be extended too far either, as my dream is to simply die peacefully in my sleep without having to think about the horrible world earth is destined to become due to racism. Not just racism against whites, but the unstated racism against blacks from other races, that would see them repeat (or ignore) the same failed policies in Africa. Or the failure to give a shit about Iraqi women being raped by their own government under Saddam.

Honestly, just get me out of this hellhole already. I've had enough.

Oh yeah, here is a great example of an anti-white comment that the world is full of:

"worst human rights violators in the world" coming from white Australians - that's rich

A white Australian, who most likely has zero history of violating anyone's human rights, made a comment that the tribal people killing defective children is considered barbaric. First of all, I don't even agree with him. I have no problem with people killing defective children before they become self-aware. The tribes do not have the luxury of having a social security system to take care of them either. Non-viable children should not be brought to self-awareness, in my opinion. But regardless, this other white Australian has a different opinion. And he has basically been told he is not allowed to express that opinion, because of his skin colour, and also because of his skin colour he is inherently a human rights abuser.

I repeat. Stop this planet, I'm out of this dump. I blame God for creating racists. So now I call on God to give me a quick painless death. I just want to die in my sleep. I leave behind my personal ideology, which will be ignored, but no genetic offspring (thankfully).

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