Abdullah Gul Please Take Action

Open letter to Abdullah Gul, Supreme Military Commander of the Turkish military

Dear Sir,

As you know, the Turkish military is one of the best in the world, perhaps even the very best, I'm not sure. Syria is not. Turkey can very easily liberate Syria, assisting the Syrian people to freedom in the same way that NATO assisted the Libyan rebels to freedom.

You now have a casus belli for war. A Turkish plane was shot down in international waters, in peacetime, by Syria. As NATO has already agreed, that was completely unacceptable. NATO is your independent reference point that lets you know that you are the good guy, and Assad is the bad guy.

Your Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has said that he does not want war with Syria. I say that Erdogan is holding a morally bankrupt position. Turkey should be straining at the bit to have a war with Syria. Because Erdogan is morally bankrupt, and you are hopefully not, I request that you stage an immediate coup d'etat. I would rather see an unelected moral actor as head of state, than an immoral democratically-elected one. Similar to Fiji in fact.

I then request that you immediately launch an all-out assault on the Syrian dictatorship. I want the war to be won as quickly as possible. I don't want to see a Libyan-style slugfest taking many months. I want you to see if you can do it in 3 days. That produces the minimum number of casualties, which is what I want. I realise this potentially means more of your brave Turkish troops will die, than if you relied solely on soldiers of the FSA. However, I would hope that that sacrifice is something that the noble Turkish soldiers would be proud to make on the battlefield for human freedom.

I'm not sure if you've ever watched this movie:


But it is a truly beautiful movie, that makes me cry whenever I watch it. Australian Lighthorsemen perform a cavalry charge against the machine guns of Beersheba, in order to advance the borders of the free world.

That movie represents the situation we have right now. Instead of Australian Lighthorsemen, we have Turkish troops. There's no Australian troops there, not because Australian troops are cowardly, but because the Australian Prime Minister is a slimy immoral creature from the bottom of the ocean. I certainly didn't vote for her, but millions of immoral Australians did, and the immoral Australians outnumber the moral Australians such as John Howard who sent troops to Iraq. And instead of Beersheba, the place is Syria.

So I request that you:

1. Seize control in a coup d'etat.
2. Liberate Syria.
3. Return control of the state to Erdogan, and accept whatever punishment he metes out, even if it is the death sentence. This is YOUR noble sacrifice for freedom.

Please note - the fact that Turkey used to be the colonial administrator of Syria does NOT matter. That was a long time ago, when things were done very differently, and quite frankly, I couldn't give a shit what happened back then. I'm only interested in the brave Syrian people who are currently being slaughtered by the cruel Assad criminal gang (not a legitimate government in my eyes).

Please do NOT hesitate even for one single minute. Every extra minute we wait to take action means more chance of an innocent Syrian being killed. Every single life is important. If hesitating for 1 minute causes 1 Syrian to die, then that is 1 death too many. Because the Syrians are the bravest and most beautiful people on the planet. In my eyes at least.

Yours sincerely,
Paul Edwards, Australia.

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