They're Out!

The US troops have finally left Iraq. That is fantastic news and the screws can now finally be turned on the "war for oil" argument, with all troops gone and no evidence of a drop of oil being stolen. All that's been left is a democracy. Exactly as stated all along. The anti-war has always been completely morally and politically bankrupt. They just repeated the same lie again and again.

Now it's time for a short breather and then send them in again to some appropriate place like Iran or Syria. And from now on it's all hit and run. No more nation-building. Just the initial 3.5 week war or whatever it takes, then out. Let's see what we get from that. We should get something that looks like Libya today. I can explain and defend why nation-building was important in Afghanistan and Iraq, and that's what many blog posts in the past have been about. But from now on, it's wham, bam, thankyou ma'am. Let's do it boys!

The future is looking very bright when we know we can topple a country like Iraq in 3.5 weeks for the loss of about 100 allied lives. So long as we seize opportunities like Syria instead of squandering them, we should be able to turn the world to our ideology instead of the bankrupt challengers. We're so bloody close. All that's required is a bit more patience and a bit more violence.

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